Ibiza Yoga Retreat

‘yoga zen’



We have finally reached the top of the mountain. And after having spent a long time contemplating such a majestic landscape in amazement, we looked into each other’s eyes and it was as if we could read our thoughts.

What if we organize a yoga retreat here?

Leeza’s words echoed through the canyons and like seeds thrown in the wind, sown in fertile lands they have germinated after a very short time in this magnificent project that we have baptized as “Yogazen”.

With love, the best ideas are created and with passion and determination we materialize them in the three-dimensional world.

And so our first Yoga retreat arises in one of the most beautiful places in the world:

Zion National Park

A geological splendor where ancient people once inhabited in the beauty of the soaring sandstone cliffs colored in delicate swirls of pink, orange and muted white. It’s the perfect setting to host a yoga and meditation retreat to reconnect to nature, to oneself and to others with the same goal of finding peace & tranquility!

From November 4th to 10th

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