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aura reading

I’m Virginia Ardid, I’m a woman passionate about life.

I always remind me researching about the human being and its expression, about relationships and communication. For 15 years I used the theater for it, until 2006, when I discovered EIVIDA (School of intuition and life in Ibiza), which introduced me to the energy world.

Since then I’m living in Ibiza, where I began a new phase of deep process of transformation, growth and connection with myself.

I have been teaching at EIVIDA for 4 years, where I have the opportunity to continue learning and developing my internal knowledge.

And I feel happy to share it;)


  • Experience is an energy inner journey, an opportunity to bring consciousness about your life and reconnect with the center of your being.
  • In this COMMUNICATION from my essence with your essential wisdom, I will accompany you to put words to what you need to know about your growing process at the present time, to give expression to the concerns and deep desires of your soul.
  • This information is displayed through the reading of the ROSE (symbol of yourself) AURA, CHAKRAS.. and if you want, we can deepen read PAST LIFE, a SUBJECT that worries you, RELATIONSHIPS…
  • To stabilize the Reading we will finish with a HEALING, where you can RELEASE old energy, confusion, blocks, old patterns and FILL UP yourself with the bright colors of your unique way of being, recovering more space to live in HARMONY with your HEART.

conscious breathing therapy

My name is Laila, as the song of Eric Clapton.

I am passionate about discovering the true self in the human being, and about how we can truly express our beings in an spontaneous and truthful way. I studied Transpersonal Therapy and Rebirthing Therapy.

As a psychotherapist my aim is to accompany people to reconnect with who they really are beyond the ego – with their inner Love – and to awaken a sense of presence and self-observation.

When I found this breathing technique I was amazed about the capacity that breath has to awaken the life force within us and to expand our consciousness by releasing body, mental and emotional tensions that prevents us from connecting with our natural vitality, spontaneity and trust in life.


  • Rebirthing is a healing therapy based on the conscious breathing of vital energy, Prana or Qi. Breath is the cord that connects us to Life. When we breathe consciously, we live more consciously as well. When we allow breath to flow into our body, we allow life energy flow within ourselves.


  • During a session, I will observe your breathing patterns and, gently, accompany you to release breathing blocks that were created in your body throughout your life experience. By modifying breathing patterns you will release emotional, mental and physical tensions that prevents you to fully connect with the natural flow of life and your true being. At the end of the session you will experience a deep state of peace, serenity, lightness, and connection with yourself.


  • It increases vitality and concentration, releases toxins and harmful chemical substances from the body, oxygenates cells, opens diaphragm, restores nervous system, increases immunity, balances metabolic system, improves self-confidence, harmonizes mental and emotional bodies, realigns subtle energetic bodies, and enhances clarity and joy of life.


“I would love to say thank you again for such a great first rebirthing experience that you made possible. I still have the moment in mind from the end of the session where I felt connected, the first time, almost magical :)” (Johanna)
“Thank you SO MUCH! I still have a vivid memory of our session in Sunset Mountain and I think it will be in my heart forever :-)” (Caroline)
“I was very much impressed by the impact of the session with you, I am still thinking a lot about it!
Thank you for your kindness” (Mariska)

energetic massage & conscious touch

My name is Esther Triviño and i am a seeker.

I began this search to find myself: the authentic Self that lives within all of us, the purest and wiser, the inner Master.

Accompanying people in this search has become my purpose in life.

It happened when i started my own Gestalt therapy process, where my vocation to help people was realized.

I traveled to India to study Yoga and, since then, life showed me the way.

The massage and conscious touch appeared in my path.


  • I conceive the massage as a holistic therapy that embraces all that we are: body, mind and spirit. When we are open, more than a massage, it becomes a healing experience for both of us: the giver and receiver.

THAI OIL MASSAGE: Energizing , reduces muscle tension & pain. Deep tissue.

LOMI LOMI: Relaxing, it feels like the waves of the sea.

RELAXING MASSAGE: Balanced and delicious.

BAMBOO THERAPY: Percussions and pressures to shape, detox and relax.

We can combine all these techniques to adapt

holistic massage therapy

My name is Estela Díaz,

I’m passionate about the Human Mystery.

I studied Psychology to understand the deepness and then, I discovered the importance of the Unity between Body, Mind, Soul, and Emotions.

My own inner process through different activities and techniques, allowed me to go deeper into the Being.

As a Psychologist I work with Holistic Massage for giving a treatment that aims
to embrace and balance the person as a whole, including benefits for the body,
mental, emotional and spiritual balance.


  • Holistic Massage in my work combines different techniques Deep Tissue, Fascial Work, Cranio-sacral, Polarity, Energy Chakra Balance, Reflexology and Vibrational Sound Therapy.
  • It´s tailored to each client depending on the person and the time we have.
  • It´s an ideal session for someone looking to relax and feel more grounded… well-being.


  •  Time for deep body massage and focused relief of tension areas. Hearing your body to get a complete balance body and soul.

¨It was a great moment. Estela is simultaneously soft and strong meaning she is able to analyze your needs and adjust her movements.
I adore her treatments” (Eric)


  •  We go deeper and deeper, adding more time in each zone, polarity therapy , reflexology, cranio-sacral work, and vibrational tuning forks.

¨Dear Estela, your treatments are amazing. It’s like you’re talking with the bones, muscles and organs, the treatments of the diaphragms helped immediately to relax and get rid of the tensions¨ (Jeannette)

HEALING – Soul Touch

  • The healing we do are based on a communication one to one in the energy level, the healer just says HELLO to the other without expectations, stand by and gives facilities to the other to give himself what is needed in the energy, like release old emotions, invalidation, fulfill whit it’s own colors, feel it’s own space…

¨After the healing I feel a new person, more me, more authentic. It´s very helpful and It gives insight & clarity ¨ (Jacomine)


  • In Polarity Therapy bodywork we work together to a dress a variety of contacts used to stimulate and balance the body´s electromagnetic fields. You´ll become increasingly empowered in your own healing process. Feeling more space…


japanese therapies

My name is Sabina,

I consider myself as one more being who forms part of the world

and tries to recover the good of things that have remained along the way…

I feel grateful for discovering this ancient way of beauty

that allows me to connect with other beings

and accompanying them to upgrade their own beauty

and health.


Facial rejuvenation treatment, with various massage techniques, kneading, percussion, lymphatic drainage and shiatsu with the aim of activating blood circulation and regenerating cells to promote elastin and collagen naturally. The result: a brighter and more toned face, achieving a feeling maximum relaxation, balance and harmony. 


  • Improves hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Releases blocked tension in the facial and neck muscles.
  • Prevents and reduces dark circles, wrinkles and furrows of the expression.
  • Reduces spots of aging and sagging skin.
  • Stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins.
  • Reduces the pain of the jaw joint (bruxism).
  • Relieves headaches and migraines.


Therapeutic massage, which works on the entire body, is worked through pressure with thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows; with stretching, rocking, mobilization, rotation; all at the structural, emotional and mental state of the person. The goal is to allow vital energy (Ki or qi) to flow, and to help the body prevent disease through balance.

It is effective in back, cervical problems. Tendinitis, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, headaches and migraines, joint pain, gastrointestinal disorders, lymphatic system, hormonal treatment for pregnant women and postpartum. 


  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Eliminate toxins.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Relieves stress and tension.
  • Balances the nervous system.
  • Improves vitality and rejuvenates.
  • Balance body posture.

natural beauty treatments

I am Dea Tavares,

beauty therapist and my goal is help you to find the best version of yourself

offering natural beauty rituals.

The treatments are personalized to your skin type and specific needs.

I’ll also help you to plan your beauty routines at home, based on natural products.

Cosmetic manipulation, Bio & Eco ingredients,

Fito & Aromatherapy.

(sauna with herbs included in every session)

  • MICRODERMABRASION – Micro Peeling with Diamond Tip
    For Skin Aging, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Brown spots & pigmentation, Blackheads, Acne, Acne Scars, Congested Skin, Open Pores, Spotted Skin, Non-vitality Skin, Opaque and / or thick skin.
    The diamond tips will remove only the layers of deteriorated skin, dead cells and devitalized tissues, stimulating the cellular renewal, toning and giving a visible lifting effect to the skin. This is the perfect starter for the rituals described below.
    This exclusive treatment is indicated for deep regeneration of the tissues and it has also exfoliating and nutritive properties. I extract Mother Pearl powder by myself shell by shell and the process takes me several hours but the results completely worth it! This bio-mineral dust has also a tensor effect, and it helps to treat scars from cuts, burns, acne and pimples. Includes facial sauna with essential oils, C Vitamin & Collagen. Indicated for all skin types (for your face or body).
    Intensive cleaning removes dead cells and all impurities, activates blood circulation, reduces dark circles and eliminate toxins with special mugs & seaweed. Includes Rosmarin facial sauna, drainage massage & highly hydration with Aloe Vera & Green tea to make your skin looks awesome.
    The natural acids extracted from fruits will work in the lower layers of your skin performing a deep chemical exfoliation. The skin becomes super smooth and it helps to remove blemishes and soften smooth wrinkles. Includes facial sauna with essential oils and a Japanese lifting massage with Hyaluronic Acid.


  • ANTI CELULITIS & DRAINAGE MASSAGE (90 EUR) peeling ritual with orange peels, caffeine & olive oil from Ibiza + lymphatic drainage with Ibizan Sweet Orange Oil & essential oils.
  • ALL OVER SMOOTH & RELAX MASSAGE (90 EUR) body peeling to remove dead cells, emollient & nutritive properties + relaxing massage. With Omegas, oatmeal protein & honey. Perfect to renew your skin!
  • HANDS RENEW (40 EUR) Includes Micro Peeling with Diamond Tip + C Vitamin.


  • Manicure, Pedicure
    Eyebrows : Personalized design – Only cleaning – Natural tint
    Peach fuzz
  • MAKEUP Daytime, Nigh time, Party or Sophisticated

KAP ( kundalini activation process)

My name is Antonella.
I have done various spiritual practices for years, as a yoga teacher and founder of Ibiza Funky Yoga Retreat.

I have tried many practices such as kundalini yoga, reiki, rebirthing, etc.

I never had a real “awakening” until I tried KAP.

I had my first Kundalini Activation Process with the master @venantwong in August last year.

I found out immediately after the 1st session that I wanted to become a Kundalini Activation Process facilitator.

KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process

  • Founded by Venant Wong, who through touch could activate a person’s energy system. He also could pass on this ability to others. He has selected certain students who he has trained and asked them to facilitate this work. I am one of those students.
  • KAP is a direct energy transmission that activates the Kundalini awakening process.
  • KAP, or the Kundalini Activation Process, is a natural transmission process, and not a self-willed or self-generating process. This is the path of surrender, not the path of will. It is different to other self-generating willful practises or kundalini experiences (such as Tantra, Chi Gong or Kundalini Yoga in Hong Kong).
  • It is a natural process that won’t shock your system in any way, this Kundalini energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs at that very moment in time.
  • During a Kundalini Activation Process session, you will first lie down on a mat, close your eyes and relax your whole body. Some music will then be played, and the facilitator may touch or press your chakras or meridian points.
  • Surrender to the process without expectations. Whatever arises, let it arise and be expressed.

deep connection massage

 My name is Javi, in 2007 I started studying acupressure at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute, during that time I also joined at Oasis Massage School.

I kept taking class after class – committed and fascinated by what I was learning.

Other studies came across my path and I deepen my interest in Deep Bodywork, Esalen Massage technique, working with subtle energies and much more.

Years after that first massage course here I am having a massage practice that allowed me to work and live in amazing places like Rotorua (New Zealand), Ibiza (Spain), Rishikesh (India), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) doing what I love, learning more every day and helping people the way I like the most


  • The healing art of massage is, for me, in constant rediscovery and exploration.
    I invite you to go into a deeper connection with the heart while resting in stillness. Through all of the different trainings the highest values have always been the QUALITY OF CONTACT, and the PRESENCE with which another body is being touched.
    For me, it’s a moving meditation where you can reach deeper level of consciousness allowing a connection with your true ESSENCE.


  • An integrative approach combining Deep Tissue, Esalen Californian Massage, Deep Bodywork, acupressure, Lomi lomi, and other techniques to build a session that addresses the issues you want to work on.


  • DEEP CONNECTION MASSAGE: Relax into the table and allow yourself to connect with the elements (water, fire, air, earth and ether). At the end of this ‘dance’ you will feel and overall sense of relaxation, lightness, helping you to ease your mind and let go of your body.
  • DEEP BODY WORK: Allow yourself to dive into the depths of the unknown. This massage uses advanced techniques such as Deep Tissue, Trigger Points and Deep Bodywork (myofascial tissue) to pay attention on specific area.
    The low speed of the movements gives you time to surrender, allowing yourself to reach out the deeper layers of the body.

energy cleansing with María


Maria is well known and respected for her talents as a medicine woman.

She has her roots in Chile, in the Andes mountain range.

The Energy cleaning she offers at the retreat is a work that uses elements of shamanism and ancient inherited traditions to access the most subtle field of people to be able, from there, to observe those aspects that must be purified to improve individual welfare.

She works with components of nature, because the main foundation is that every cure can be found in the simplest and most splendid origin of the Earth itself and in all its manifestations: plants, minerals, feathers, aromas, the voice…

  • Through these tools (sacred chants, gem therapy, frictions prepared with plants, inhumanities, sweeps with feathers and wings of Holy birds, invocations and prayers…) it is possible to glimpse what, in the present or in the past, is hindering good flow in the different levels of Being, realigning and harmonizing it so, that the person served can continue on its path in a lighter and more resolute way and with a greater connection with the Universe and its gifts.
  • The whole experience is based on mystery and trust, firmness of purpose, devotion to the elements and, above all, love for Life and the Ancestors that come to visit during the cleanings to bring advice and memories of how to honor the existence and direct the personal path of each one towards a state of greater satisfaction.