by Lena Tancredi

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Testimonials 2012

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It has been a wonderful week.

I remember the first time I saw you: there was a pretty woman walking on the parking of “bar stop”. Wind goes through the hair and dress and I forget that I was looking for Lena. I woke up when you asked me: ‘Are you Brenda?’

As of the beginning you gave me a feeling of being home, sharing love and compassion and then I love the way you teach: not satisfied when it’s nearly good. Explaining all exercises, just to let me feel how yoga can help to release tension and give awareness.

What I always will remember “food with love”. Sometimes I took a few minutes just looking at the girls: laughing, making fun and giving love to the food they prepare. The colors were so bright. It was so tasteful!

One thing that will always stay in my mind was an exercise to open the heart  and therefor I have to trust both Lena and myself bending backwards, leaning on Lena and touching the hands on the ground.

Thank you Lena and Injoy for all you have given to me the last week

Brenda Radstake (Holland)

June 2012

What a magnificent week in a wonderful place!

But most importantly is the heart and the soul bringing all this joy!

Lena, Martha, the fantastic cooks…

I could go on and on, but the taxi is here. Thank you!

Lots of love

Danielle Dekker (Holland)

June 2012

The most wonderful place in the world is Lena’s yoga retreat in Ibiza!

I came with a mind full of sorrow and pain.

I go with the sun in my heart and wisdom in my mind.

You really took good care of me and there is not enough time to thank you for that. Everything fell in its place and made me a stronger woman.

Special thanks and admiration for Martha. You are in my heart for ever.

And the girls from the catering… super.

Lena, thanks for your time and wisdom and hope to see you again.

With lots of love in my heart and my soul I say: “Good bye and God bless you all”.


Elly Bijvoet (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha, “kitchen” girlsJ & Mo,

Thank you all so much! You’re all a big example for the rest of the world. The love that you’re all spreading just by being this loving being. Respectful to all and everybody. Amazing and so nice to experience. By having experienced it, spreading these into the world will be easier!! I’ve felt so much at home, from the first second that I arrived here. Feeling at home is really easy to say, so I would like to mention it again, I felt like home in myself.

Thank you also for mirroring all this for me. Like it is said: your inner world shown outside.

The care for all around this little paradise is also amazing, care for the food, the dishes, the house, the lessons, the well being of everyone. I feel more relaxed & close to myself, realized in a smoothing, sunny & loving way.


Lots of love,

Petra Bosman (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha, Suzanna, Mo and Co.

Thank you for a great week in this beautiful house with beautiful surroundings. The organization of the week was flawless which gave me a sense of complete relaxation, stress-free. The yoga classes were heavy (specially mentally) but I learned a lot.

Thank you Lena for making all of us feel comfortable and wanting to teach us many things without imposing anything.

Thank you Suzanna for your radiant presence, your smile and willingness to help warm my heart.

This is a place I see myself coming back to.

Thank you again!

Eline Schipper (Holland)

June 2012

P.S.  Special thank to Mo too for being kind every day!

Dear Lena, Martha, In Joy and Co

It was a week! Learned so many new things about yoga. Lena, I think you’re such a beautiful person and a great, inspiring teacher… wow! But actually you are all really beautiful people!

And the food… my god, enjoyed it so much!

Thank you for this inspiring, intensive, nice, funny, beautiful week!

‘I’ll spread the word’

Hope to see you in the future someday again!


Evelijn Hekker (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha, “kitchen-princesses”, and Dominique.

First of all, what an amazing place is this: the house, bungalow, veranda to eat, pose and yoga-deck. But the place alone is not enough; the people are the most important and you were all wonderful!

Lena, thanks for your great yoga-classes. I learned a lot from you and enjoyed your clear and funnyJ explanations! You are a super teacher and beautiful person.

Martha, thanks for your food-advises and always being there for all questions!

“Kitchen-princesses”, thanks for preparing magical lunches and dinners, and the open atmosphere you created in the kitchen!

And Dominique, you have amazing, loving (and painful…) hands, thank you so much, for everything, you are very special woman!

Everything together made me feel more open and grounded, exactly what I needed at this moment.

Lena, I will recommend you to all my students and wear your lovely shirt to promote you and Sunset Mountain!

Hope to meet you all again, maybe here, maybe in Amsterdam or in Brazil…(?)

Love and hug,

Saskia Jonkers (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and the rest of the amazing crew!

Your love, hospitality, devotion is an amazing experience that I would recommend to every one without a doubt.

Many thanks for all the kind words, patience, help, rest, lovely food and so on…

Lot’s of love,

Chantal Musquetier (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena and super girls from the kitchen

Thank you all for this lovely week! Lena, we hope you solve your problems you were dealing with this week. Thanks for the great explanations about the difficult poses, you are great at it, Lena!!

Girls from the kitchen: you are amazing!

Bye and good luck to you all.

Petra de Jong and Marrit Poortinga (Holland)

June 2012

Dear amazing women,

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your hospitality, inspiration and love. I had a week full of fun, awoke the ‘Hippie Women’ in me, enjoyed the long conversations deep into the night, solved emotional burden, gained insight into my eating habits and ideas for improvement and turned into a bronzed yogini!

This week has been super healing and I made new friends!

Very sad to be leaving tonight and at the same time very happy to know that I can return any time

A toast to you and your team!

Barbara Stoerlein (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena  and  dream team,

Thank you for this great experience.

This place is a treasure.

I hope to come back soon.

Renata Kellerova (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and the cooking girls,

Thank you for an amazing, beautiful, relaxing, inspiring, week!!

Gerda (Holland)

May 2012

Dear lovely ladies,

Lessons of life…

Lessons of love…

What a great week!! The people, the place, the GREAT food, the yoga of course… it was wonderful!!

I’ll be back…


Barbara Baars (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena and other ladies,

Thank you for this week, for your kindness, caring and warm hospitality, your passion in everything. The yoga was good, the food was delicious and the place looks like paradise.

You gave me a lot to think about and remember.


Josje Burghard (Holland)

May 2012

Dear beautiful women,

I came here with an open mind + heart, without expectations, and this last week I have received so many priceless gifts, I know now, thanks to you , how to treat my body as healthily as possible and give rest to my mind. I am so grateful, also to have shared this feeling with the group.

Lena, you are a strong woman, I feel your strength and  power all over. I hope to be so!

Martha, you are the sweetest person, I hope I could be as sweet as you (according to Dominique I must be sweeter in life).

Dominique, you are an angel, what you have done to my body + mind is magnificent. If I get pregnant, it will be thanks to you .

And last but not least, the beautiful woman in the kitchen, thank you for putting so much love in the food, you are wizards!

Love, kisses and hugs

Tirza Ameerali (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena & Martha

Thanks so much for the passionate yoga lessons. I have learned a lot from it!

The accommodation & the food were great. Now I can enter into the 2nd chapter of my life!

Refreshes, revives!

‘Till we meet again.

In Lakech,

Hilde Kok (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and Co.!

My aim was to be back in the ‘yoga world’ and you have definitively achieved that. I had a fantastic week and feel energized  and grounded J

Thank you so much for all your kindness.

Lena: your dedication and compassion to yoga and this retreat makes it really special and personal. I have been to many retreats but this was so far the best.

Many  thanks, abrazos y besos to all of you.

Anke Mackensen (Germany)

May 2012

P.S.  I will be back!

Dear Lena, Martha and all other lovely people

Thanks a lot for this great week.

Lena, Martha, food, bungalow, atmosphere, CLASSES! I enjoyed I enjoyed all even the wind and cold in the beginning.  It made me realize again how important it is to be kind to yourself and it opened up my heart a little bit more. Step for step I will get there…

I wish you all, all the best and hope to meet you again.


Anja van Harskamp (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and all other persons,

Thank you for creating this beautiful place!

This is the one of the most peaceful and amazing place that I have ever seen1

I have learned a lot about yoga, food and myself.

I hope I can come back one day!

I wish you all the best,

Astrid Kowalski (Germany)

May 2012

Dear Lena and CO,

Thank you for a lovely week and for giving me a great introduction to anew lifestyle in which I feel certain I shall pursue in Denmark too!

I leave this place wanting to know more about Yoga, Ayurveda, etc.

I see this week as an appetizer for the things I am looking forward now to learn more and more about. There will be for sure some new books on my shelves at home!

Thanks also for the way you are. All people here are so kind and welcoming and I really appreciated that The only thing that leaves room for improvement would be the bed, which did not work for me.

I will definitely recommend your retreat to my family and friends.

Charlotte Ib (Denmark)

May 2012

Dear Lena and Martha and the lovely girls in the kitchen.

I feel very grateful to be able to come here and to have a wonderful week with you all.

I feel also blessed to have this experience.

I think you area great team together and there for you can make the world become more beautiful for people who had choose to have that experience with you.

I hope you will all be blessed to continue this retreat to make more people happy and spread more awareness around.

You will be in my heart forever!

Thank you very much for everything I received from you all.

Henny Deckers (Holland)

May 2012

Thank you Lena for creating this very beautiful Yoga retreat. It is PERFECT!

You and your team are all amazing.

Martha, you are a beautiful person.

Dana, your creations were delicious. I have never been so excited to eat vegetarian food before.

Lena, you are beautiful, funny and very inspiring.

And a big mark to you, Dominika, for the best massage I have ever had.

This has been a very special time in my life, and that I will never forget.

This is really the most amazing place with the most amazing team people.

I am truly and deeply grateful for all your hard work.

Much love to you all

It’s been quite a journey!

Jacqui Phipps (U.K.)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and kitchen crew

We truly learned a lot this week, while singing “ This must be just like living in paradise”.

Our spiritual minds are wide opened again.

Thank you for teaching, inspiring, laughing, and for the delicious food.

And most of all, thanks for your passion and love.

Hans Adelaar and Carolien van Well (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and everybody,

What a honor to write the first testimonial from 2012!

It is a shame that I have to keep it short.

I really, really loved it here! The food, the place, the Yoga, and specially you and all the people who made it a very special week for me!

Thanks a lot, I will be back


Marije Suur (Holland)

May 2012