by Lena Tancredi

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Testimonials 2018

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Dear Lena

thank you once again for all the lessons, the food and the fun we had. we had a
wonderful week!!!
we will recommend you to everybody who wants to have a nice yoga week for themselves
and we will certainly keep going on with our yoga practice!
we wish you a fine yoga summer and who knows we wilL meet again
lots of love from Malou and Marjan
Marjan and Malou de Mol


May 2018

The retreat was amazing. The yoga classes and meditation classes are
great. The theory lessons are very instructive and good tips that you can
use in daily life. Lena takes the time for you and knows what she is
talking about.
The location and food were fantastic. Everything is well organized. So do
not hesitate and book a retreat with Lena. You will not regret this.
Until next time dear Lena and thank you for everything.

Greetings Marion
Marion van der Laan


May 2018

Dear Lena,

I had again, a wonderful time at the retreat. And the place is magical… It is so
much (If possible) more beautiful than at the old house….Geralde also had a wonderful extra week in an even more beautiful room…
The lessons where so totally different than the last years, but they were just as powerful as we are used to!! I am (again) very inspired by you Lena, and i want to thank you for that.I am looking forward to the Yoga magazine of October!!
I see you again, Lena!
With lots of love, Chris
Chris van Raamsdonk


May 2018

Dear Lena

We arrived safely in Paris. And i Wanted to thank you for this wonderful week …
Which was absolutely perfect! I feel full of positive energy… And carried by all
these good vibes.
I loved every minutes of it … The location, the food, the pool and most
particularily your enthousiasme about sharing your passion for yoga.
Thank a lot for these yoga sessions and Thanks also to all the team working with you
! You all made this week perfect.

See you next year hopefully, take care
Segolene Morelet (France)

June 2018

I’ ve already been 3 times enjoying this amazing and fulfilling retreat,and I know it won’ t be the last! I recommend everybody to assist at least once a year.From the very first moment you walk in you know that you are going to feel at home. What a beautiful and peaceful place! And about Lena, what am I going to say…? She is the best Yoga Teacher ever! Oh and what about the food??? Delicious! See you soon.
Irene Feixa ( Barcelona)

June 2018

Just back from the most wonderful retreat with Lena at Sunset Mountain. Lena is a
the most warm and knowledgeable yoga teacher I have practiced with. Her compassion
and open approach is so wonderful.

The daily theory and yoga practice is very interesting and the yoga which is laid
out amongst the trees in the forest area is out of this world.

The finca is outstanding and the views across the mountains to the beach are
breathtaking. A place of tranquility.

The yoga with Lena is a great balance for mind and body and for me has opened up
some new postures and calmness for the mind – a challenging and mindful practice in

The food is to die for (and I mean this) I was looking forward each day to the
wonderful fresh foods – I don’t want to spoil the surprises.

The sound healing session at the end of the week is not to be missed.

I have visited many retreats and for me this has been the most beautiful one of all.
I am already looking to revisit.

You will be welcomed with open arms and leave with a feeling on calm but energised.

I also too advantage of the massages on offer and as a therapist myself I must say
also that these are really worth it.

Lots of love until I return

Patricia McClean (London)
June 2018

Hello Lena,

How are you doing? I hope very well.

I miss you guys and I think about my time at the retreat almost every day.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful experience I’ve

Everything was perfect. The house, the food, my room, the yoga lessons and of course
the yoga teacher 😉

Your love, positive attitude and enthusiasm are a great inspiration for me.

I will of course continue my yoga practice and I’ve decided to follow the course to
become a Kundalini yoga teacher myself.

When I’m a teacher I will come over to give a Kundalini yoga practice at the retreat
one time 😉

I can only recommend your retreat to everyone who wants to experience yoga in a
great atmosphere and with lovely people.

Please give my regards and love to Edgina, Rosa, Davos and the cooks.

Kees de Boer (Holland)
May 2018
I had a wonderful week at the Ibiza yoga retreat. Lena is an amazing yoga
teacher and the theory classes were also very informative and
inspirational. Lena has a unique way of making yoga philosophy and teaching
very easy to understand. Lena is very fun, engaging and went above and
beyond to ensure that everyone was well looked after and had an amazing
transformative experience during their week in Ibiza. I also loved the
sound bath on the final day. I would highly recommend the Ibiza yoga
retreat with Lena. Many people I met at the retreat have returned time and
time again :-) Namaste*

Lots of love

Julia Rodgers ( England)
June 2018

Dear Lena,

Thank you for your nice message full of positive vibes, just as you are!

I didn’t see the week goes through….and tomorrow we are already Friday.
This week was very busy, 2 days meeting for my work with all the european team ( we
even played a rugby game… so amazing!! I loved it), being and having fun with my
family and my kids, my birthday on June 20th ( so now I am 30 with 18 years
experience :) so , I didn’t have the time to meditate but I practice yoga during
lunch time last Monday ! So a great week… also thinking of you and singing « OOMMMM…
« every morning in my car just to produce some serotonine :)

What is sure is that you are now part of my day to day life with a lot of love and a
lot of good vibes, thinking that loving me more will help me love the other people
more also.Thanks for that.

Wishing you a wonderful week-end ( I will fly to Biarritz this week-end).

Lots of love

Céline Gravereaux ( France)
June 2018

The week with Lena was one of the most beautiful and impressive experiences I ever had. I did not only understand many things about the philosophy and practice of yoga but also learned a lot about the philosophy of life in general and how to takecare of your body and mind. The location is absolutely beautiful, the food is to die for and everyone I met was really cool and very special. But the absolute highlight is definitely Lena herself. Lena is awesome! Being a teacher myself, I really appreciated the way she’s capable of presenting and explaining things. She has a very comprehensive knowledge which she presents in a very graphic and humorous way.
Always in a good mood and always up for some joking around. In addition to her yoga classes, she also offers some very interesting and versatile forms of therapy
sessions with other highly qualified therapists, who also gave me some very
revealing experiences and are also highly recommendable. Thank you so much, Leila and Deva! I returned to Germany three weeks ago and I still feel so much more relaxed than before and I think now it’s also safe to say that I definitely changed a thing or two in my life according to Lena’s advice for everyday life. But there’s still so much more to learn from her. So I’ll definitely be back!

Sonja Hirsch (Germany)
June 2018

I spent a wonderful week there, I loved food, company, but above all, your way of being and doing yoga.
I have learned many things from you,….even though I still forget to recite the ohm on my food…, and I hope to still maintain the energy I have worked on there!
Thank you for teaching yoga with love….

Marina Canciani ( Italy)
June 2018

The week in the Lenas retreat was wonderful. The place is gorgeous and I met
incredibly nice people. Lena and her staff are very warm and I felt very comfortable
during my stay. I also never have eaten so good vegetarian food! The yoga sessions
and especially the sound bath were very emotional and made me grow a lot. I will
definitely come back.
Carmen Luckas (Germany)
June 2018

Dear Lena,

To say that I loved the retreat is a true understatement. It was the most precious
gift I could ever give myself. It has given me so much rest, peace and input for the
mind that I needed so much. Your lessons where amazing, so inspirational! The
balance between yoga and free time was perfect wich caused a really relaxed, open
and safe environment.

The villa is absolutely wonderful with a view that took my breath away. And than the
food…I felt spoiled every day when the food came on the table; nourishing, healthy
and so, so tasty!

I promised myself that I would give this gift to myself every year from now on; just
to love myself a little bit more.

The seed is definitely planted and I am motived to make it grow, every day a little
bit more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience and hope to see
you next year!
With love,

Caro Jansen (Holland)
July 2018

Dear Lena,

It was the third time I spent a week on Ibiza in your retreat and it was, again, a
wonderful experience. I have been to many retreats all over Europe but have not
encountered anybody who teaches yoga as you do. Because of you, I became interested
in what yoga actually is (not just the yoga class in the gym, twice a week;) I even
went to India for more insight in yoga because you inspired me so much. Your
knowledge of yoga (not just the asanas), your empathy for all your students, the
location of your retreat, all of it combined make a week with you a truly memorable
experience. Everybody, from beginner to advanced yoga student, feels comfortable
during your retreat. The spacious rooms, great food and beautiful surroundings make
the experience even better. And as I said before: it is you who makes the
difference. Your yoga combined with the sound bath/therapy from Deva made this week
a unforgettable one for me. Thank you for sharing your sparkling energy with all of
us and I hope to visit you again in the future


Monique Valstar ( Belgium)
July 2018

Dear Lena and Deva,
Thank you so much for a wonderful, special and unforgettable week. The yoga, the theory, the food, all the laughter, Lena your stories !!, the sound bath, the beautiful villa, the extra therapies , the island, the tree hugging, everything made the week all together so memorable and unique. Thank you for all of this!
Many regards,
Juliette Westerink ( Holland)
July 2018
The experience that I had has been absolutely amazing and unique.
I choose Lena Tancredi retreat because I wanted to go deeper with the knowledge of Yoga and her classes include also a theory part. The location of the retreat is absolutely stunning, the house, the people family staff that collaborate with Lena are truly careful and super Hospitality. The food, pure Vegan, was just the most delicious one. The atmosphere is so friendly.
Lena is one of the most beautiful, inspirational competent and professional yoga teacher I have practiced with. The Yoga with Lena is a great balance for mind and body. I come back home feeling my self floating and really relax.
Rosaria Brusaferro (Italy)
July 2018

Dear Lena,

The yogaretrait with you and your team
was again a beautiful experience.
Wish I could join it more often in a year!

It was a week full of friendship, emotions, learning, relaxation, varied
yoga lessons by a great teacher, fantastic food, sound bathing, swimming, ku
massage, loving yourself and so much more.

The heart openers did their job, 2 weeks after Ibiza I found my great

Can´t wait to be back.
Lots of love,
Yvonne Calf (HOLAND)
July 2018
dear Lena

I am back from France, i was there in the beautiful South/ Camargue.

This Yoga and Sound Healing Week in Ibiza, was for me a beautiful Gift to my
Soul…You and Deva were touching my Heart in so many Ways and this experience is
still very present in every cell of my Beeing…

Thank you so much, for your Presence and Touching Moments

Lots of Light, Love and Peace to You

Alexandra Oestreicher ( Switzerland)
July 2018

Dear Lena,

First I want to apologize to you because you haven’t heard from me earlier on.
When I got home, I felt disoriented.
It took me a while to get myself together, but now, thanks to that wonderful week, I
finally decided to live my life to the fullest, without fear to let others know who
I am and what I love.

The week with you on Ibiza was like coming home. I loved every aspect of it. And you
are definitely seeing me back next year.

You have been a great inspiration for me, thank you so much!

Lots of love and Namaste

Eva Troch (Belgium)
June 2018

Dear Lena,
I had such a great week at your amazing and quiet peaceful place.

For me it was a real energy boost and it felt like a luxurious week to pamper myself
surrounded by beautiful people, nature, and also the freedom to discover a bit of
the atmosphere of Ibiza Island.

I am still practicing Hatha Yoga here in Holland, and sometimes I imagine, I am in
between your beautiful trees on Ibiza and smell all the nature.

Thank you Lena for your fantastic energy and such a kind of humor and learning to
live life and to enjoy all the beauty of our earth.
My kindest regards and hopefully till a next time.
Hanneke Hylkema (Holland)
July 2018