by Lena Tancredi




Dear Lena, Esther, Estella, Ali & Naná

It was again a wonderfull week. I enjoyed really everything and of course specially the YOGA and the food!
I remembered this week a few times PIPI LANGKOUS, you know: the hero of many childs (Astrid Lindgren) and what shea said:
I never did this so I think I can!

With love,

Lidy Hilversum (The Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Esther, Estella, Ali, Naná, Sven, Edina

Thank you so much – for everything and more.
Please stay as positive as you are.
You’re all making this place a special island on this magical island.
I love you!

Kerstin (Netherlands)
PD: We’re going to see us again.

Dear Lena, Esther, Estella & staff

Had such an incredible time at Sunset Mountain <3
The retreat come just at the right moment.
Now I am ready to start over with lots of energy!!
Love the food, love the Yoga, love the masage, love the rebirth but most of all love the people.
Laughted but also cried….
Feel light & happy and had the best time!
Will come back and tell friends.
Gonna use the Kundalini mudra a lot now.
I’m single again. Thanks for that :)
Love you guys a lot and loved the group.
Hope we’ll meet again!

Patricia Tang (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

To Lena, Estella & all the Sunset Mountain Retreat

Thank you for providing such a wonderful retreat, location, Yoga classes, food and opportunity tomeet fantastic people!
Wishing you a lots of joy, good karma, fun, laughter, sunshine, and whatever the Universe has to offer you.
Lots of love! Namaste.

Mafalda Pereira (Portugal)

To Lena, Estella & the rest of the lovely crew

“Namaste at home”, is what we might have said if someone asked us to go to a share Yoga class. But after this retreat our manipura’s open and our Ananata’s starts to shine at the beginning of a new class.
We really loved our time here. The classes were educative, insightfull and a lot of fun. The way of teaching was super appealing and original!
The food was amazing (of course) and we absolutely loved the house.
We wish you all the luck in the world and hope you’ll teach, inspire and connect with many people to come!

Floortje & Roxanne (Netherlands)

Hi Estella, Esther and Lena,

Thanks for a lovely week.
We enjoyed the Yoga very much, specially the last lesson. It was great!
It made me (us) erotional, great feeling.
The butterflies stays in our wallet to remind us.
We hope and wish you the best in life.
You’ll be in our heart.

Magchiel + Lique (Netherlands)

Dear Lena,
Thank you very much for the retreat and the extra night.
I loved the peace and quiet of this mornings and practicing Yoga outside.
This time I did with my eyes losed. It’s very powerful and I am grateful to you for introducing this to me.
Thank you for being an excellent teacher and sharing your gift and knowledge.

Yvonne Mc Croy (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Esther, Estella & the wonderful cooks and household: THANK YOU!!!

You gave us an amazing week at the amazing place with amazing weather.
We will remember you for a very long time, we made pictures of every corner of the house and garden. It’s great to see your enthusiasm when you’re teaching Yoga, the joy you have when doing so very good teacher and we learned a lot.
Again, thank you for this beautiful week, lots os love and peace and “now” and “you” :)

Mariska Brinkers & Minka Smits (Netherlands)

Dear Lena,

Thanks for a beautiful week.
First of all, I had a wonderful, relaxing holiday. The minute I arrived and saw the house + pool, I relaxed.
Home seemed so far away….
And besides that, you are a great teacher. I learned a lot, laughed and also cried a lot..but in a good way.
Now, it’s time to go back home.
I feel relaxed, intense happy and thankfull. Obrigada!

Lianne Bijleveld (Netherlands)
PS: The pain in my back is gone! Completely gone!!! :)

Dear ladies,

My sincere compliments for this holistic week! Thanks for receiving inner peace, contact and elasticity, for your smiles and kindness, and perfect level and interesting knowledge, feeling and humor.
Lena, please write a book, your heneric view, multidiscipinary, of Yoga and what moves the body and the mind is unique and exemplary.
I have real your thoughts spread over many books, just to find them here summarized in the most natural way.
Hasta pronto!

Mirella Mistroni (Italy)

Lieve Lena, Estela & Esther

Thank you so much for all the love, great food and Yoga .
You’ve approached Yoga in a new way for me, with so much attention for all the details.
Singing mantras was such a wonderfull experience for me and very emotional as well.
This retreat and the wonderful group have opened my heart and it created the space I needed to start with my next IVF treatment.
Hopefully I will see you again in the future (with my son or daughter ;))
Lots of love & Namastñe

Elle Vissers (Germany)

To come here without really knowing what to expect…
I have learned soooo much about my self, life, balance, friendship, not to judge…and finally find more balance into my life.
You all sweet girls, have learned me to open my heart, show my self more love and Im also scared of what the real life back home gonna be.
Although, I know I have graved really much and I’m totally gonna look on the world though different eyes.
So…Thank you, Namasté, I will always be very very grateful for this week with you all.

Lots of love,

Michaella Treslow Kinberg (Norway)

Lena, Estela & Esther

Thank you so much for a lovely week in your house filled with love!
I have daydreamed abour this place for 3 years and I finally got here.
It was a better experience that I ever could imagine.
The three of you are sooooo adorable!
All my best, with love

Andrea Berglof (Stockholm)

Lovely Lena & all the girls (and boys)

Thanks again for a wonderfull week!
Being back felt like coming home again. How nice!
This time I saw more of the island and enjoyed that a lot. What a nice feel does it have.
You made me feel relaxed and in peace again.
Just what I needed.
Keep up all that you are doing and especially keep on doing it with your heart (ot thymus :)
Love you all!

Big hug and kiss

Amber van Tilburg (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela & Esther and all the others

Words cannot describe how blesse I feel to have met you and all the other girls.
How gratefull I am for this wonderfull experience.
I feel like I have been in the “bubble” for a week with lots of love, Yoga, understanding, positive energy, laughs ans so much more.
I was touched by the good vibe in our group and the special and emotional moments we shared.
Thank you for everything and not to forget the wonderfull food! And I have learned a lot more about Yoga really means. I now know that I did the “fitness Yoga” at home.
Now I even feel more balanced… I really don’t want to go… I will miss this place and this vibes.
Bit scared to confront everything back home… but I trust myself to be able to handle it.
Thank you do this wonderfull experience I memory!!!

With love,

Margje Milder (Netherlands)

Dearest Lena, Estela & Esther,

Thank you all, from the bottom of my Thymus, for this wonderfull journey:

“Accepting means you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel at the moment. It is part of the ISNISS of NOW: You can’t argue with that. Well, you can – but if you do, you suffer.” (Eckhart Tolle)

With kindness,

Jenny Nittmann (Berlin, Germany)

So much love in this house, from the people that work here and from all the participants.
I’ve learned so much about myself and from the others and I am vey thankfull for that.
I’ve been pushing myself to come to this retreat sinve over a year and I am so happy I did it and finally allow myself for treating my person with good things.
I am leaving the house today with a lot of belives that the future will be brighter after this experience.
It is hard to put word in the feeling but I feel “Feliz” , like the cat :)
My heart is filled with love today and I am not forgetting the amazing Yoga classes and theory classes but most of all the humor experience is unforgettable.
Thank you Lena, Ester, Estela, Naná, Sven, Edina y Héctor!

Lila Attal (England)

528mHz, the frequence of Love.

Thank you Estela, Esther and Lena for this week full of good energy…
I will never forget you.

Amandine Perraudin (France)

What should I say….
Third time, perfect again!!
xxx Love,

Pascalle Dautzenberg (Netherlands)

Dear Lena and lovely crew,

Back again after being in the retreat in 2011.
I came here with a few questions and I got clarity on all.
Everything felt in place…again.
This is such a nice place, a diamond.
I hope to come back here again…
Thank you so much!
Kisses and hugs,

Josephina Francisca (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Dear Lena + Estela (+ team)

Thank you for your teaching. My body is a stubborn creative but in such a short time I’ve done better Yoga than in 3 years trying.
I will really try to take on board everything you have tought – the food, the Yoga, the breathing!
Please pars on my thanks to everyone, the Chefs, Sven and if you get chance to Laila and Judit (rebirthing and aura)
I feel a new woman!
Thank you. Namasté!

Katharine Walters (England)

Dear Lena and Estella,

I am not good in expressing myself in words but the only thing I want to say is:
I had a magnific week and it felt many times like being in a fairy tale.

Liesbeth van den Berg (Netherlands)

Dear Lena and Estela and the others here!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love I’ve received from you and all others at Sunset Mountain!
It was overwhelming and I take it deep into my heart back to Holland.
My experience here was more than I had hoped for.
Gracias por todo!
Namasté, will your hearts shine till eternity.
Lots of love,

Natasha van der Werf (Netherlands)

Lena, Estela and all the crazy latinas

Latino crew, you guys are incredible!
It’s hard for me to put in words what happened in the past few days – in a way I think I can’t describe it really because words will be like a cage, too limited to convey how much love, harmony, compassion and beauty I felt in this magical place.
I will take a lot of me – that time that I heard the biggest laughter in the world and I thought 1000 people were laughing at the same time but really it was just you 4 and it just made me feel happy knowing how loud that can be.
But lots of other things too – like to be very careful during tantric sex cause you never know what happens to your lower back!
Thanks for everythingI know you habe done for me and everything I will find out during my journey.
Keep on shinning ladies!

Martha Rossi (Italy)

PS: Oh! And the food! The food!!! Adum! Xxx

Dear Lena, Estela & Edina and team,

Thank you so much for your beautiful radiant presence, for all the love, joy and laughing.
You have created something so special here and I am so grateful I feel trully transformed and I am going back to a new life!
I think this will stay with me forever and I look forward to coming back.
Love and light,

Dawn Griffiths (England)

Dearest Lena, Estela, Edina and crew,

Thanks for everything!
I had a lovely time and learn to let go.
Maybe see you again.
Thanks so much.
Lots of love,

Sylvia Middelbos (Netherlands)

“ How do you delicious, delectable, divine..
How do you say ..gorgeous… delight…”.

Some words from this groovy funky 90’s song to say it was such a wonderfull moment here in Ibiza Sunset Mountain.
I came to have some Yoga and relaxing moment with my sweet Magali. I found so much collective yogis energy and so many sensations.
But above all you Lena brought me during this week and at the end of this week to another dimension full of clear thoughts, brightness and love.
Big kisses to you, Estela and every nice people I’ve lived here.
Many thanks for this.
Obrigada! See you!


Dear Lena,

Thousands of thanks for this week!
I’ve just founded here what I needed. New energy, new breath. I’ve been waiting for months for this new breath.
Everything was perfect – the place, you, all the people you’ve choosen to work with you, from the cleaning lady to the massage guy, the dancer, the Cooks..
I met here only positive people – Estella has so good vibes, she really shines!
Well, the last day at dinner I was wondering if you weren’t a witch???
Thank you and see you next year!

Magali Debrandere (France)

Dear smiling sweat people,

Thank you for the great Yoga week…again.
I experienced the same welcome home feeling when I arrived here.
Thanks again.

Sandra Langelaar (Holland)

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your wise lessons regarding the wonderfull savasana’s and meditation. Beautiful chakra music and theathre today, lovely.
I enjoyed your energy and have gotten energized and relaxed during the week.
Love, also to Estela

Gabi Eotvos (Belgium)

Dear Lena & Estela

Thank you for learning to try again.
Thank you for giving me the feeling of home and love. You made us feel very secure.
I wish you all the best and a lot os power, energy and love for all the upcoming students.

Anouk Lehmann (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela and everyone of the crew,

After a week with you all I will back home feeling more renewed than ever. First of all with excellent meals, everytime, and eating in this beautiful surroundings. Food for thought, very good lessons, inspiracy and warm.
But most of all for take care, feed my heart and soul. I’m trully touched and will remember this week filled with joy.
Lots of love,

Linda Vullers (Netherlands)

Dear Sunset Woman,
Thank you all, you are all love.
I could feel that and like to thank you for this.
Life changing experience.
Lots of love back to you all,

Nicole Hopmans (Netherlands)

Lena, Estela, Esther +all the other staff

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom + helping me believe in myself.
What you tought us sounds like real life magic, can’t believe we have this power + energy within us. You’ve tought me that we are stronger than we think.
Please keep in touch, come to London!

Sophia del Pizzo (Italy)

Dear Lena, Estela and all the wonderfull team at Sunset Mountain
Thank you so much for all the good care of this week, the food, the Yoga, the warm and the positive energy.
I hope to bring some of this home with me and find a bit of Sunset Mountain on my Yoga matt everytime I practice Yoga.
Thank you for getting me exactly where I needed to be at this time.
Namasté, gracias.

Susanne Einother (Netherlands)

Dear All,

Thanks for giving me the oportunity to find myself in this wonderfull place.

Veronique Bakos (France)

Dear Lena,

Thank you again for this wonderfull week. All the love and attention.
Hope to see you again in Amsterdam for another inspiring day.

Muriel Nieborg (Netherlands)

Thank you so much for a wonderfull time at your perfect place.
Lena , thank you for all the things that you learned me and Estela thank you for sharing your warm heart.
I’m going to remember your wise words and cook a lot of the delicious meals.

Rosanne Bobeldijk (Netherlands)

To the beautiful Lena, Estela, Esther and all the team,

Thank you so much for an unforgettable week! Amazing place, delicious food, lovely people, and the mos importantly the very powerful Yoga.
Lena you are so an inspiring teacher, I’ve learned so much, your passion and energy is contagious. You look us on a journey this week to prepare us for the final session. I loved it so much, when I opened my eyes my heart was open and everything was so beautiful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love and happiness,

Taryn Moss (Leeds, England)

Dear Lena, Estela and the rest of the team,

Thank you for a very relaxing and healing and fun experience and your hospitality at the retreat.
I hope to take a piece of the tranquility I found here with me every day wherever I go and wherever life takes me.
I will definitely try some of the recipes at home”
Wish you all the best,

Charlotte Kroll (Netherlands)

Dear Lena,

You are a real teacher with a beautiful charisma.
I liked your eyes which shines like brown stones and your laugh is very catching :)
Thank you for the lessons of Yoga and life.
I had a wonderfull time over here in this beautiful mansion!

Eline Donders (Netherlands)

Dear Lena,
I feel very honored to stay this week at your amazing Yoga retreat.
I absolutely loved every minute over here and feel more energized.
Keep your amazing enthusiasm and energy. Believe you are very pure and this is really special.
And most important: keep on singing!
Because this made everything even more special.
Big hogs and lots of kisses

Iris Ackerman (Netherlands)

Dear Esther, Estela, Lena & the lovely Cooks,

Thank you for this great week with so much love, happiness and great Yoga.
You opened my heart.

Carmen Henri Marie (France)

Thank you for the wonderfulltime!
It felt like being home!
I got a chance to reset and learn a lot.
The food is great, thanks!
Thank you so much!

Mirelle Huijskens (Netherlands)

Dear Lena and everybody at Sunset Mountain in Ibiza,

I had the best time here this intense but very happy week.
I learnt a lot about Yoga and about myself.
I really felt the love here and opened my heart.
I’m taking this home with me and will never forget it.
With love,

Marielle van den Berg (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther, Ali, Naná, Edina & Sven,

Thank you so much for this amazing week!
Muchos besos para todos!
Lena & Estella thank you so much for the Yoga classes.
Thank you. Gracias!
You are beautiful from the inside & outside.

Loren Joersen (England)

Dear Lena & Estella and all the members of your great hearted staff,

Thank you! You’re doing such a good job!
It’s a real pleasure to be here with you and to learn from you.
Finally we see the colours now :)
We can do correct sun salutations, and after brushing the teeth we’re able to start the stomach pump, we continue at home and spread the love.
Wishing you all the best.

Regan Knockaert & Vanessa Heytens (England)

Dear Lena, Estella & crew,

You made me see wonderfull colours and gave me a deeper insight to Yoga.
Thank you for the sunshine inside and outside.
I will remember the view and Lena’s voice when I’m practicing Yoga at home and the sunshine will shine between my eyebrows.
Have a wonderfull summer

Andrea Erdmann (Germany)

Dear Lena & Estella and the rest,

I want to thank you for a wonderfull week. I’ll never forget! It was very special , you made me feel home at Sunset Mountain.
The food was great, the group was special, the Yoga lessons were super, and Lena – if you’re tired of Yoga you can always be a stand-up comedian :) You made me laugh so many times!
And Estella you are so sweet! We will keep in touch!
Again, thank you so much! For this great experience on this fantastic island.

Carola Morsman (Netherlands)

Dear Lena & Estella, the lovely Chefs and the others,

Thank you for this lovely week.
Amazing energy of all the people here includind yourselfs.
Taking this home will change myself and the people around me!
See you!
Much love,

Quirine van Osch (Netherlands)

Dear Lena and Estella,

Thank you for this beautiful experience. You are a good teacher and wonderfull person.
I han an amazing week: super good food, Yoga, nice people, beautiful view and sunset…
The way you deal with this group is very special.
At home, I will think of you every day as you remind me to do the sun salutations.
Have a nice life and a lot of success with the retreats.
Wish you the very best!
Lots of love,

Ellen van der Beek(Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estella and everyone…

I came with a lot of emotions to your Yoga retreat.
During the week I learned wonderfull new poses and the deeper connection with my breath and my prana.
This is a new connection I will take with me and will spread among my students.
But, most important to me, I found my calm.
I discovered how strong I really am.
And above all I found my path for my further, through the amazing Yoga, meditation and aura reading.
All this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for all of you and the amazing group of people during this week.
Also not forgetting the mouth water food!
You’re all forever in my heart.

Lizet de Roo (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther, and the whole team at Sunset Mountain,
I arrived here without big expectations (just doing some Yoga, discover Ibiza, relax) and will leave with an open heart full of love, spirit and energy.
This place here is simply a little piece of heaven, brough me back to my inned center and taught me so many sensations that I would have necer guessed they even existed.
It was an incredible experience and I will come back next year.
For me it felt like home with a big family around the table.


Beata Bakos (Munich, Germany)

To the whole Sunset Mountain team,

I came here for the second time thinking that this would not go be the same as the first time, but this retreat week was even more intense than the first one and I am very grateful for being able to do this for myself and to share this wonderfull experience with my girls.
This is something everyone should do for himself once a year to recharge the batteries and to find out about yourself.
The tarot session was an eye-opened.
I will take a lot of new impulses home.
See you very soon!
Lots of love, kisses & happiness

Franziska Johne (Germany)

Dear Lena, dear Estela,

Thank you for the really great time here, it was a new experience in my life.
I never done before Yoga, it totally calmed me down and mentally I found myself.
I promisse I’ll come next year again!

Thanks a lot for all!

Olivia Ederer (Germany)

Dear Lena, Estela, Ester, Ali and the wonderfull kitchen team,

Thanks a lot!
It was really fantastic for body & our souls!
This place makeme feel so peaceful… like to being in a big family brazilianargentinianspanish finca!
I hope that we will see us soon again
Big hugs,

Yvonne (Munich, Germany)

Dear Lena, Estela, Ester, Ali and everyone,

I came here for the second time and is was as good & even better!
Thank you very much for all this new physical and mental experiences I made here. It really gave me a lot.
Hope this was not the last time!

Big hugs & love to everyone, bye bye,

Jeannete Schulze (Germany)

Dear Lena, Estela and all the Sunset Mountain team,

I had a wonderfull experience here!
I loved the Yoga classes and the theory classes, the food and this lovely place!
This week has been really great. I am recconnected to Yoga and myself.
I am now more peaceful and found something here beyond any expectations.
I also met wonderfull and inspiring people!
Many thanks and lots of love!

Joanna Leslie (England)

To the beautiful souls of Lena, Estela and all the family at Sunset Mountain,

This has been an incredible week. I have learned so much about the true meaning of Yoga, I laughted a lot, I danced a lot, I had too much of the wonderfull food.
But most of all, I found so much love and compassion that I now want to take with me to ressonate at a higher frequency.
You are really truly special and I can’t wait to be back already.

Oriana Colombo (Italy)

Dear all,

First thing: I WILL BE BACK!
Then: Thank you for the amazing week, great relaxing, lovely food and wonderfull treatments.
A big hug to Edina & Sven.
Thanks agains and this is the beggining of a new friendship!

Carla Travagnin (Italy)

Dear Lena,

You are a great Yoga teacher and a great entertainer.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and exper and all the laughs we had.
I hope to see you all again.

Marianne Wyss (Switzerland)

Dear all,

Thank you for such a wonderfull and blissful time in your paradise retreat.
Thank you for your kindness, your warmth, your skills on Yoga and your beautiful sense of humor”
My week here recharged my heart, nourished my soul and made me feel happy again and hopeful.
I will come back!
Lots of love,

Orianne Humphreys (Paris, France)

Dear all,

The first thing I want to say is thanks for the love, the delicious food, the Yoga, the cleaning, the massage, the Tarot and everything I didn’t mentioned.
I will take all the very special moments back home.
I came wiht a broken wing and now it feels I can fly through all the things in life.
I have found the best part of myself.
When you see a white butterfly maybe you will remember also the beautiful moments we shared.

Thanks. Namasté

Dear Lena, staff and friends,

What a wonderfull place is Sunset Mountain!
What a wonderfull personal journey I’ve made this week.
What a great group of people I’ve met this week.
What a beautiful conversations, tears and laughter we all have experienced.
What a nice time it has been.
I’m feeling very grateful that we’ve crossed paths in this life.
Much love,

Jennifer Alspeer (Holland)

Lovely Lena, Estela, Esther, Edina, Sven, Nana & all the other staff,

Your place is very spiritual, beautiful with the flowers, the swimming pool, my lovely bench under the tree… I love every corner in the place which is filled with so much love.
But most of all I feel really welcome here with the love and attention you all give to us.
I really love the Yoga classes it inspires me togo on and it was so nice that the massage, the Tarot, the beautiful conver with you and especially with Estela helps me to nourish my consciousness & soul and to really feel connected to my true self.
I love a lot your humor Lena and you are really and actress and it is so nice to do the Yoga, meditations and lots of laugh together!
That’s how lofe is. To really enjoy every part of it with tears & laughs!
I also love it that we have an international group with a lot of people from different countries and really feel connected.
I’m so grateful that it was possible for me to stay here.
Now I’m going to explore more of the islands of Ibiza & Formentera for some days!
And for sure I will come back!

Big kisses, hugs,

Margreet van Tilbulg (Holland)

Dear Lena, Estela and all the Sunset Mountain staff,

Thank you for an amazing week!
I arrived stressed out and tired and tomorrow I will leave relaxed, refreshed, a different person.
Thank you for all your love, attention, wisdom and wonderfull sense of humor!
I will think of you everyday.
We will meet again Soon!

Bridget Simpkins (England)

Sometimes you only can be grateful to have the chance of taking part of this special experience.
I give this week a special place in my heart.
Big kisses to all of you!

Greta Waegeman (England)

This trip taught me:
Honour my body
Let go on things thar no longer serve
Eat healthy
Thanks for all and everyone
With love,

Femke Konijnenbelt (Netherlands)

I am thankful that I got to spend such an amazing time with truly inspirational people.
I will never forget this experience.
With love,

Rajvinder Kaur & Lisa Roan (England)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther, Edina, kitchen staff & Laila & Encarna,

I feel so blessed that I was able to come to this retreat.
There is so much love & positive energy here, that ir “heals”!
It helped me on my path to myslef.
This magical place I will treasure the rest of my life.
Thank you so much!
See you again.

Chantal Mendels (Netherlands)

Sweet Lena, Estela, Esther and staff,

Everytime I come back I lean more about myself.
This really is my favorite place in the world.
Thank you so much again for a week to never forget.
I feel really charged, happy and thankfull!
This place with all the people will forever have a place in my Thymus.
Lots of love,

Nadine Krijnen (Netherlands)

Dearest Lena, Estela and the rest of the amazing staff,

Wow what can I say! My tome with you has been AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception.
I’ve traveled a very long road to get to this point.
Thanks to you all there are no more obstacules in my path.
I leave here riched with friendships. A different understanding of myself. One happy enriched experience.
I couldn’t have asked for more. Will definitely be back next year.
Sunset Mountain Ibiza can oly be described as heaven on Earth. A magical journey of all your senses.
I’m truly grateful to you all. Estela you’re the hottest mama ever! Lena, beautiful, funny, warm and cheeky!
Love you all.
Thank you.

Rachel Aylett (England)

Dearest beautiful Lena,
You have opened my heart and send me in a new journey and for that I’m truly grateful.
All my love,

Peter Thorogate (England)

Love, love, love your energy.
Love, love, love your humour.
I had a great time and I learned a lot!
I will bring waht I learned with me home and use in my daily life.

Miriam Friedman (Germany)

Dear Lena,

Sometimes you just know where you have to go, even through your website, I just could feel this would be the right place for me… and it was!
Your knowledge, your personality, your teachings, your team of people working with you, it’s just one beautiful authentic energy that you can feel in everything, everyday…
In one week I learned, felt and experienced everything I needed to see and I can bring it home abd in my practice, everyday, until the next retreat I hope I can join soon.
I’ll definitely come back.
If all Yoga teachers could bring what you do in their practice, the world would become a better place.
Namasté. Love,

Sandrine van Weyenberg (Netherlands)

I expected nothing and was like an empty cup of tea. Curious to experience how this retreat could fill me.
If people could buy the taste of this energy.. I put here in the shop. There would be a new Pokemon hype!
Feeling blessed with this Yoga flavour, this energy of unity, this feeling of fullfillment.
Thank to you all and see you next time!

Sara Friedman (Belgium)

Thank you to you, I’ve learned to see all this colours.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you again in Paris.

Christine Guinebretiere (Paris, France)

I really thank all the group for this incredible experience, for beyond my best expectations.
I’m a different person now.

Giancarlo Cernic (France)

Dear Lena,

You are doing a very and fantastic job.
Keep on inspiring and evoluting people.
Much love,

Anne Bethencourt (France)

Expecting nothing and finding everything!
Thank you Lena for the beautiful experience you created here with your team to make us discovering new way of living!


Dear Lena, Estela and the staff,

I want to thank you for my first Yoga retreat.
Also my first vacation on my own.
It was an amazing experience, I learned a lot about myself, the other people who stayed here and I appreciate even more the things I have back at my home.
You are all really nice and warm people, I’ve wouldn’t wanted to miss this love.
I hope thar we will meet again.
I wish you all the best in life.
Lots of love from,

Mehnass Bakridi (Holland)

Dear Lena, Estela, Ali & other lovely Cooks.
Dear Massage girls, Esther, Estella.
Dear breathing-girl..
Thank you sooooo much for all your love & understanding.
Your kindness, everyday again…
This place and you people are just heaven on earth, I hope to take some of your spirit with me and I cherish it for the rest of my life.
Big kiss, love.

Hilde de Meyts (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela, Cooking team,

From the bottom of my Anahala Cabras!

Emily Chaudiere (France)

Dear Lena, Estela, Sana Seeds family,

Thank you for sharing the light, the softness & the beauty – I am forever grateful to these unique moments and for making us recconnect to our love selves.

Maria Shulz (Germany)

Dearest Lena, Estela, Edina & absolutely wonderfull staff of this magical place,

Thank you so much for an incredible, warm, and vey inspiring week with beautiful Yoga, smiles, love and amazing people.
You are doing something very special and I am so happy we came here.
Until we meet again, somewhere in the world, but until then, our hearts will be connected.

Ralien Bekkers & Josée van der Veer (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther and the wonderfull staff,

The place is magic, the classes could not have been better balanced, the food, the times of relax, the way how you made us feel the connection between our mind, our body and ourselves was just incredible.
But most incredible was how you received and treated us everyday, every moment of this magical week.
Thank you for your energy, your compassion and your love.
Thank you! I will take a lot with me what you gave me so generously.
I truly hope ýou continue the path you have chosen. And I will treasure what you gave and taught me.

Sandra Hummel (Germany)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther, Virginia and the whole staff of Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat,

Thank you so much for all the love you gave us and to experience this amazing week.
It will always be in my memory and I really needed this week.
It was a big present for myself and I will for sure do it again in the future.
Maybe in another place but I doubt it can be a better place and experience than this…
Thank you so much !!

Ilse Verdries (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther, Cooking staff & all other staff of Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat,

This week was an amazing experience:
Experience the Yoga to the fullest from theory, our lifestyle to exercices (one more challenging than the other) and this is a great setting with sun, peace, love and so many nice people.

Annelies Borgers (Netherlands)

Dear lovely people,

Thank you for learning me to balance more, that I will take with me and try to use in my daily structure.
I am looking back at an amazing week!
I realize that I will appreciate your love and compassion even more when I am back at work :)
See you next time!!
With love, Namasté.

Renée Veldhuis (Netherlands)


Ellen Huypens (Netherlands)

Dear “People”: Lena, Estela, Sven y toda la cocina,

Se subito non mi trair non scoraggiarti
Se non mi trari in un pasto cercami en in altro/ In qualque pasto mei sono fermato e t’attendo
This is what I emission the flame within see of us is kindly everyday of our existance and after…

Mirko Massignan & Larissa Ude (Italy)

Tak! Thanks! Danke!
We are all butterflies!
Stay the way you are.

Lali – Liu

Lena, Estela and to the Dream team,

Thank you so much for this magical and healing week.
Now going back to London with a lighter heart.

Nadia Rezgui (Belgium)

Dear Lena, Estela, Esther,
I love it all
Namasté, loves.

Edith Herman (Netherlands)

We had a marvelous week.
Thank you ALL dor your hard work, care and kindness.
Come and see us in London.
Love and good karma

Julia & Olivia Page (England)

You made my holiday!
Hope to see you in Costa Rica.
Love you!

Daniela Capuano (Costa Rica)

Dear Estela, Lena, lovely señoras de la cocina,

This palce does have the perfect name “Sunset Mountain”!
It is so beautiful here. Just this already put you in the relax mood and blissful state of mind.
So grateful, so much gratitude for this week.
New experiences: discovering ckakras, seeing new lights within me, tahking the Yoga practice to another level.
Ner tips for inspiring food.
I love the rebirthing / healing session. Thanks Laila!
I also loved the massage with Esther. Thank you so much.
Accepting injuries and body changes.

Aude Thomasset (France)

Lena & Estela,

This trip has been very special to me.
I have loved every minute of it.
You are magical.
Feel truly blessed to have had this experience with you.
Gracias. Namasté.

Ashley Harrison (EUA)

Thank you soooo much for everything.
You are truly amazing people that attract and vibrate fantastic positive vibrations.
I think nobody can leave this retreat without a great gift, that whatever he/she needs in that moment. Truly magical.
It was just what I needed in this difficult moment.
My light is shinning bright again and I really wish that I’ll manage to channge some patterns…
A warm loving hug to you all.

Anke Gerkens (Netherlands)

Lena & Estela and the whole crew,

Thank you for your hospitality, good food, excellent Yoga lessons, the company of a group of very nice and beautiful people.
We enjoyed it very much and we think and hope when we stay healthy to come back again.

Marianne and Piet van Heesch (Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Estela, Sven, Esther, Ali, Monica and the rest of the lovely staff,

Once again I know why this place is my happy place.
Even after 4 times I go home with new energy and so much love in my heart.
See you next year!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gracias!

Chantal Musquetier (France)

Dear Lena and Estela,

Thank you for helping me grow!!!

Debora Delgado (Italy-Spain)

Dear Lena, Estela, Sven & the lovely rest,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I came with a “bag” of restlessness, anger and a Chiwawa.
I’m leaving with a bag of love, light and inner peace.
It’s been wonderful. Magic. Fantastic!
Will come back next year!

Linda Lai (England)

Dear Lena, Estela,

I could never be enough grateful for the week I had.
It opened my heart to many new things.
My life will be better.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my Thymus!

Julie Vogler (Belgium)
Lovely Lena & Estela,

This is what I needed without knowing it!
It was amazing, all of it!
Muchas gracias!!!
Much love,

Mariska Fortes (Italy)

Dear Lena, Estela & everyone else,

Thank you so much for this week!
It was the reset-button I desperately needed.
Thank you so much, you cannot imagine how much you and this week meant for me!
Thanks and love,

Antonia Waelzholz (Switzerland)

Thank you!
For an amazing Yoga week at this magical place with wonderfull people!!!

Jeannette Oppliger (Switzerland)

Beautiful ladies if Sunset Mountain (and of course, Sven!),

I thank you for your love, generosity of spirit and for helping me to continue my journey.
I have had a magical week and return to the worls re-energized.

Catharine Ecob (Belgium)

Lovely womans,

Thank you all for this wonderfull week!
I am grateful for all the knowledge you have shared and the love and attention you all put in everything you do.
It is contagious. Keep up doing what you are doing.
See you next time.

Olga Harmsen (Germany)

Love is.
Thank you all, I am very inspired!

Rosemary Slagmolen (Netherlands)

Life lessons
Beautiful people
Thank you for everything.
Great experience: Yoga, food, teachers
Beautiful island
Nice views & beaches
I loved everything!
Namasté. Love,

Margrietha Fröling-Wielemaet (Netherlands)

Dearest women,

Thank you so much for this great retreat.
I enjoyed every part of it.
Lovely Yoga teachers that have given me so much.
Fantastic food and amazing people.
Location is brilliant.
I’m feeling blissful. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.
Namasté, love.

Lina Holmberg (Germany)

We really enjoyed this week.
We learned a lot. Thank you for that.
We loved it!

Regina Gerlofama & Nathalie Wesseling (Netherlands)

Thank you for all the beautiful, emotional and just blissful moments!
A beautiful house in a wonderfull surroundings…you feel at home in an instant, you feel the love with fills the rooms, the Yoga deck, the food!
Thank you for giving enough time and space to have a good cry!
It’s great to be able to connect to so many beautiful souls!
Thank you.
Love & Namasté.

Sabrina & Heléne Brechtle

To all the staff at Sunset Mountain,

Í had a beautiful time with beautiful people.
I have clearly been taught by the best and will take this experience with me in my heart to the next adventure.
Lots of love,

Dean Hisch (England)

Dear Lena, Estela, Sana Seeds and Edina,

Thank you for being who you are.
My way at the Sunset Mountain retreat brought me everything I hoped for and more.
I take home a smile from deeply within.
Lots of love,

Jorinde (Netherlands)

Dear Lena,

I am totally in love with all of you!

Lana (Italy)

Dear Lena & Estela,

Thank you for everything. I came here a broken man, and I am leaving with some solid Yoga foundations to use in my life moving forward and for even more.
Starting my Yoga journey!


Dear Lena & Estela,

Thank you so much for bring me back to my way.
I learned a lot of me, of life.
Keep on smiling, laughing and shining!

Kerstin Kubal (Netherlands)

A magic week with magic people in a magic space!
I feel so honored that I had the possibility to be part of this magical week!


Daphne Besseling (Norway)

Dear all,

No expectations and then this enrichment.
I feel enlightened.
Hope to shine my light into family & friends.
So what you do and who you are is like the effect of a stone throw in the water.
I’m very grateful and hope that we’ll meet again.

Hedwig Thelen (Netherlands)

Dear all,

It was so nice to be here with you to find the way back to Yoga. I feel that this is a good way for me and my life.
All the people, the place, the classes and the emotions here were perfect.
Thank you so much for all these nice experience.

Kirsten Würminghaus (Germany)

Dear Lena and Estela,

It was a special week with lots of tears, joy, good talkings, wonderfull food, lovely people and the best Yoga ever.
Thank you very much for the great teaching and for you passion for Yoga.
A special thank to the whole staff of the retreat of making it such a special place.

Iris van Hull (Netherlands)

Querida Lena, Estela y las chicas alegres de Sana Seeds,

La semana pasada que he vivido con vosotras ha sido n placer verdadero.
He experimentado tantas cosas que no puedo explicar… experiencias nuevas fisicamente, mentalmente y espiritualmente.
Se nota de verdad que lo que estáis haciendo lo hacéis con todo el corazón (no con todo el Thymus:). La última sesión de Yoga ha sido increíble…también la presentación del hombre de las mariposas… todo salió del fondo del corazón.
Seguid exactamente así…Intento llevar lo más posible conmigo e integrarlo en mi vida allá en Alemania.

Mil besos de Sabrina
PS: A Edina: Querida tía que me enseñaste a sonreír. Te admiro de verdad! Tu alegría, tu gracia…tan equilibrada te veo.
Muchísimas gracias por haber cuidado de mí. Sigo pensando en ti…sonriendo!

Sabrina Bechtle(Germany)

Dear all of you!

Thank you so much for everything you’ve given me this week.
I have enjoyed it all. The Yoga, the meditation, the people, the food, the conversations, the laugher and also the tears.
This is a wonderfull place in every aspect, and today I leave with a lot more joy in my Thymus :)
than what I had when I came.
Thank you!
Lots of love from

Kjersti O’Callaghan (Norway)

Dear Lena, Estela and all the others,

Thank you. Thank you so much for this magnificant experience.
It’s been a long time since I felt happy so many days.
I felt loved by everyone.
All this wonderfull people in this paradise place.
The Yoga was very good. The expertise of Lena her teaching is impressive.
Together with her humor made me wanna listen to her all day. I’d like to enter some of your teaching skills in my ballet classes.
There is so much to learn from you all. That makes me wanna come back.
All the love,positive energy, nice food, it made me cry from happiness.
I enjoyed everything and reached my goal for this week.
Lots of love,

Iris Oosterhof (Netherlands)

Lieve (Dear) Lena, Estela and all of you,

Thank you for opening my heart even more.
You given me so much love that I will share with the loved ones that surround me.
Lena, thank you for your jokes, I have so much laughed this week.
Love you, love you, love you.
Nos encontramos de novo.

Daphne Besseling (Edam, The Netherlands)

Beautiful home, wonderfull experience.
I shall never forget!
Thank you for sharing your home and your heart.
You are all so very special.
Many blessings to you,

Lainda McKeogh (UK)

A thousand times thank you to Lena, Estela and everyone at Sunset Mountain Yoga Retreat.
Traveling alone from the UK was a first for me but as sonn as I arrived I was welcomed and invited in to the Yoga family that I would be a part of for one week.
I have learnt a lot and enjoyed every minute.
The food is delicious as is the setting and I got to meet a group of amazing inspiring woman from all over the world also on their journeys.
Rebirthing, aura reading and massage – perfect!
I feel rested, empowered, revitalised and happy.
It’s exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Have a good Winter.
Big love,

Kerry Birminghan (UK)

The Yoga-sessions and the food were really great, thank you Lena, Estela and all the ladies in the kitchen!!!
All is all I had a very good week full of awereness, presence, laughts and sunshine…maybe see you again…

Karin Dekker (Austria)

Lovely ladies,

Thank you so much for this amazing week.
My first experience with Yoga, Ibiza and really great Vegan food.
All by myself I came here for the first time and I’m so glad that I did it.
At home I want definitely go further with Yoga.
You are such an inspiration to me.
Have a nice Winter!
Namasté. Spread love!

Sarah Kager (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Dear Ladies,

Thank you very much for the amazing week.
I’m going to miss the lovely and so tasty “veggie” food. I’m going to try this at home :)
Lena and Estela thank you so much for the Yoga classes. You ladies are such an inpiration.
Going home with a happy feeling.
I love this place with all my “Thymus”.
Lots of love,

Sofie van Even (Belgium)

I arrived happy and I leave happy, than you all!
And take care, much love.

Rita Armitage (Germany)

Thank you Lena and Estela and all the team, for everybody you’ve done to make this such an unforgettable opportunity to learn more about Yoga from an inspirational teachers – I’ve learned so much!
Ans it has been wonderfull to be in suh a beautiful surroundings- it’s been truly restorative, and a bast dose os warmth and sunshine before the British winter.
Thank you all for a hugely positive experience.
I hope everyine has a happy and relaxing few months to restore yourselves – you’ve given so much to us!
With love,

Peninah Thomson (England)

What can I say?
Everything was perfect – the food , the location, the Yoga , the theory.
Lena, you have created a very special retreat that works in so many levels.
Estela, your spirit and guidance with my postures has been wonderfull.
I’m leaving with my physical body, my mental body and my emotional body in excellent shape.
It has been inspirational. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I’m so pleased to have done my first handstand and I will keep working on it.
I loved the blind Yoga and the Detox was sensational. I feel cleansed.
I have learned so much and will try to put it in to practice.
Namasté! And a galaxy of love.

Lorraine Heggessey (London, UK)

Dear Lena, Estela, Rosa, Edina, Ali, Naná & Esther,

Muchas gracias! Obrigado for the beautiful special retreat.
It was beyond my expectations.
I have learned so much and I am grateful for that.
You are a great teacher Lena (and stoy-teller!).
Opening of the heart
Loving yourself
Vegetarian food
Meeting new people
Loving Ibiza

Big hug,

Yvonne Hendricks (Netherlands)

Querida Lena & Estela,

Muchas GRACIAS por todo!
I enjoyed a lot. I learned a lot of new things about Yoga and meditation, and also about myself.
I’m on the way to find my inner peace.
Thanks a lot Ali and Naná for cooking a delicious food!
Thanks Rosa for driving!
Thanks Estela (massage), Virginia (aura reading), Laila (rebirthing) and amazing Dancer (last evening)!
I felt a lot of love. I had a feeling as you are my family :)
Thank you all!
With love,

Mirjana Asanin (Netherlands)

Dear staff and friends,

Thank you so much for letting us stay in this beautiful place, for the hospitality and the trust.
Hope we will meet someday.

Renée Veldhuis & Ellen Huypens (Netherlands)

Dear Lena,

Thank you for everything.
It was my best time!
Warm hugs,

Olivia Page (England)

Dear People,
I’ve had a very good time and I wanna thank you for that and for all good caring.
You help me to let go a lot of tension in my body.
I feel a big lighter now.
When I think back of this journey, I smile.
A big hug.

Janneke van Straalen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther ,

You both are wonderful people.
Lena with your kindness, serenity, humor and professionalism.
Esther: helpfully, kindness, good teacher.
It felt like paradise on earth. Such a lovely place!
We would like to thank you with a warm heart for everything.
Simone Kasteleijn & Teuntje Werweij (The Netherlands)



Dear Lena & Esther,

Thank you for sharing your love, happiness and knowledge.
It has been really inspiring.
I have found a little bit of me again. Thanks!
Warm regards & love
See you next year!

Natalie Kabalt (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Nana, Ali and Sven,

Thank you for another incredible time in your house and your warm atmosphere.
I found peace and got many, many gifts.
I will remember the warm is between you’re in cold and dare times in Germany.

I’ll come back.

Gabriele Wüchner-Schmidt (Germany)


Dear Lena & Esther & Nana & Ali & Sven,

For me it was my second retreat with you AND I loved it!
What I found here with you was pure life, the present moment and pure love!
See you next year!

Nicole Rosenkranz (Germany)


Dear Lena and the whole staff,

Thank you so much for this inspiring week.
We enjoyed the Yoga session, the food (!!!) and the most beautiful
location of Ibiza!
We hope you’ll be successful in everything you do.

Lots of love,

Nadine Breure & Eveline Dirks (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther & Crew,

Thank you very much for this amazing week.
I’ve been doing yoga for quite sometime, but you surprised me with your
humorous, spiritual and thorough approach, loved it!
Same goes for the lovely place.
Tasty food and easy-going atmosphere.
Thank you!

Lotte  Huijsman (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther & the rest of the wonderful staff,

Thank you so much for a lovely & special week.
I didn’t have any specific expectations upon arrival but the week proved
above and beyond anything I could imagine.
Everything was inf great harmony: the yoga, theory & relax.
I felt very pampered and relaxed.
This week provided inspiration for my daily life and brought out the best
of me.
Except during dinner time.. I suppose, but the food was just too good!
Obrigada e até a vista!
Com muito amor

Astrid Van Wurmond (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Nana, Ali and Sven

Thank you for a truly inspiring and uplifting week.
You are special people and this is a special place.
Also a huge thank you to everyone else here, it was a fantastic, warm and
wonderful pump of people.
I can’t even remember feel so relaxed!!!
Lots of love,

Ian Haworth (England, London)


Dear Lena, Dear Esther and all the rest of wonderful crew,

I truly want to say thank you for creating such an amazing place full of
love, joy, happiness, brightness, relaxation and energy.
It has been a very special week which I’m sure never forget.
All the energy will stay in my heart for a very long time.
Lots of love,

Anne Ruehl (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and the rest of the amazing crew,

This was my second time here and I thank you again for this joyful,
inspiring yet ”funful” week like lost time, the feeling is that you
plant some seeds and now I will grow them will care and gratitude.
This is a really life changing (for the better) experience and I’m sure
this is not a goodbye, but a ”see you soon”!
From my grateful heart,

Chiara Colombo (Italy)


Dear Lena and Esther,

– Perfect start into Yoga for me
– A week with only positive things
– I will try to love myself

See you soon or maybe in our next life

Sandra Zistler (Germany)


Dear Lena & Esther,

Thank you so much for this amazing and cordially time here!
It was very inspiring and touching to me and brought me way deeps into the
philosophy of Yoga than expected.
I could really feel that you support the passion to us.
All the best for both of you!

Cornelia Bachmaier (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and the entire crew,

I really had a good time with all the chickens.
It was a magical journey from the beginning to the end.
Hope to meet you again once
Loads of love

Boa (Arie Welle – The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Edina, Sven & all other staff supporting (like the
lovely diets)

Many thanks for a great experience.
It has been a beautiful week with just the perfect mix of pranayama,
meditation, asanas, laughter, relaxation, and delicious food.
This is a beautiful location which you fill with your passion and care for
Yoga and we hope to see you again.

Camilla Udd & Peter Vorholt (Sweden)


Dear Lena and Esther

Thank you for this wonderful retreat in this relaxing place.
I really learned a lot more about Yoga.
Hope to see you sometime again.
With love,

Sabine Boellaard (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the rest of the staff,

It was a real eye-opener to realize I’m a short-armed, chicken girl
totally not sited as a crane. It enlightens my life !
Seriously. I really loved this week. It was my first real Yoga experience
and I left very very good.
I feel relaxed, light, rested and a lot more flexible. So good to not take
care for anyone else but me for a week.
Thanks for this great journey, full of laughter, exercise, breathing,
chanting and the food!
Lots of Love,

Esther Mende (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

I loved the classes.
I loved the food.
I loved the scenery.
Wow! it´s an amazing experience.
I´m sure I will be back again.
And yes ! I relaxed my egg ! Yeah!
Thank you!

Sacha Kramer (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

Thank you so much for the hospitality, your patience and all the good work
you are doing in this amazing place.
Would love to come back and sleep in one of the cabins

Simone van Hees & Marjolein Hormes(The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for the headstand.
I did it! But most of all,
thank you for everything!

Monique Kitzen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

Many thanks for a fantastic introduction into Yoga.
All the best,

Kika Kaldenbach (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

It was a wonderful time with you at your peaceful, beautiful place.
Thank you for everything.
I keep you in my heart.

Karin Aquilino (Switzerland)


Dear Lena and Esther and Co.

I loved it all, and learn much about myself
Thanks for everything and we´ll come back to much more.
See you,

Cindy Claus (The Netherlands)


Lovely Lena, Esther & all the staff,

What a stay! My first “real” Yoga experience and first week from home alone.
But what a warm and welcoming place you have here.
I really needed a place to feel warm, loved and relaxed to think some
things over but especially to be in contact with my inner self.
And you together with Virginia and Sebastian helped me enormously to allow
me to do so. It was all so right for me.
I sled some tears but had a lot of laughter as well!!
Love you, this place and the island!
I´ll be back!


Amber van Tilburg (The Netherlands)


What an amazing place you´v created here!
It´s a real paradise.
For me everything felt in place this week.
All the Yoga experiences and the Ayurveda, the chakra´s, the pranayama´s
exercise makes more sense now!
I lost myself a bit in the Rat Race of daily life with a new business and
2 small children but here I found myself back!
What a lovely people you selected around you! Esther, Edina, Ali,
Sebastian, Virginia..they all have their unique talent and all of them
helped me to find myself again in complete relaxation.
Muchas gracias!


PS: (the coffee girl)

I will take this place and the love with me in my heart and I hope to come
back soon!

Laura Ten Bruggencate(The Netherlands)


Lena , Esther and all,

Thank you once again to help me things more clearly again.
When my vision becomes cloudy again I shall return to have another amazing
week that gives more than I thought could be given.
Love you always,

Emma Simpkins (Great Britain)


Lena , Esther, Sven, Ali, Naná and love Sebastian and other woman with the

Thank you for this wonderful week! I enjoyed working with my body the Yoga
And the massage of Sebastian…wow!
All of you know deep and well what you are teaching, thank you for that!
And what an amazing ending of the class yesterday
Thanks for everything!!!
I might be back!
The non Yoga girl

Aida Grims (The Netherlands)


Dear all,

Thank you so much for everything.
For me it was the first time to travel alone but from the first moments I
felt myself so welcome.
I hope that I have the opportunity to come here for a second time.
It was such a paradise here.
Thank you all!

Petra van der Horst (The Netherlands)


A big Yogi breath full of thanks to all the staff of Sunset Mountain for a
wonderful week!

Jacqueline Overduin (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the rest of the crew!

Thank you so much for all the good things that happen to me this week!
The Yoga practice was for me the best ever.
The food was delicious, unbelievable great!
Hope to see you soon again!
For me it was 10 points if I have to give a number.

Kitty Harmsen (The Netherlands)


To all the sweet people in this home,

I have learned Yoga here with a smile and a cry so special.
You are so special.
Words are just not there to explain.
Thanks for everything.
I will come back.
Lots of love,

Sandra Langelaar  (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Ali, Sven, Virginia and everyone else of the crew,

I am so happy to be here for a second week! This probably says it all…
Thanks to Esther I´m finally able to do the Sun Salutation and thanks to
the magic hands of Sebastian my neck is feeling much better.
I will be here til June 11th and I´m looking forward to it.
Loving you all, big hug.

Ayen  Veldhuijsen (The Netherlands)


I would like to stay all Summer…
even want to work for it, sweeping floors or something.
That says it all…

Second week of  Ayen Veldhuijsen (The Netherlands)

Dear Lena and Esther,

Thanks for opening my heart!

Anne Roberts (UK)


Dear Lena, Esther and Crew,

Many thanks for being so inspiring, you are all fabulous people.
I feel I have learnt a lot from this week, the Yoga and the theory classes
were insightful and I will take away a lot from them.
I leave this wonderful place feeling very peaceful and I hope to see you
again in the future!
Lots of Love,

Charlotte May (UK)


Dear Lena, dear Esther, dear everyone!

Our first time here, I felt so much at home already.
This week has been great , yesterday you told us to wake up grateful, with
grateful thoughts, so here I am practicing it, hell yeah!
Grateful for the Yoga lessons.
And that I now know how to contract my gluteos and how to attack people
who want to touch my buttock in the Blue Marlin
Feel like we´ll meet again.

Hanneke Last (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I loved it!

Linda Goodschalk (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I enjoyed everything very much!!

Wilma  van de Wetering (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for this wonderful week with you.
It was a real present and I go home with lots of inspiration!
I´ll definitely come back!


Simone Groenendijk (The Netherlands)


Inhale life
Exhale love
Thanks for this moments.
The best wishes,

Janina Schenke (Germany)


Dearest Lena and Esther  (2 diamonds) and great team

Thank you very much!

Anna Permilovskaia (Russia)


Before 1 week Yoga I was a  seed
After 1 week Yoga I am a beautiful flower

It was lovely, thank you!

Susie Zai (Switzerland)


Lena + Esther,

Thank you very much for what you taught me, although if I think, which
nice things in my life are on the  don’t you dare list, I will do just
It´s been a fantastic week.

Katja  Imboden (Switzerland)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for the beautiful time!
See you next year!

Maria  Pizzorusso (Switzerland)


Lena & Esther & all the Team,

Thank you for a wonderful week in Ibiza.
Was a fabulous setting  & much generous hospitality.
The Yoga practice and theory were spot in and I´m taking too much a way
into my own life and practice.
You are inspirational & fantastic teachers.
Om shanti

Fiona Shepherd (UK)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I would like to say thank you for much love and sunny days with you

In love

Isabelle Naef (France)


Dear all,

Without words…
Thank you all for everything

Ellen & Patricia Dekens (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Ali, Sven and Edina,

Thank you for the wonderful time.
My stay is fantastic from the beggining until the end.
Yoga class 10
Atmosphere 10
Food 10
Staff 10
Location 10
Massage Sebastian 10

I´ll be back!

Esther Syberden (The Netherlands)


Inspiring Lena & Esther,

Thank you both for your caring & humorist approach.
I learned a lot about doing and being.
Thank you from the bottom of my thymus

Vanessa Heytens (Belgium)


Beautiful Lena and Esther,

Your fabulous body and happiness has inspired me to take my Yoga more
Thank you for a fabulous week and helping me to reach zen like enlightenment!
If you ever decide to visit me again call me so I can give you some of my
famous gipsy macarons!
Lots of love, Namaste

Angela Yip (UK)


Ibiza, July 2015

Thank you for the cool Yoga lesson of relaxed me so strong.
I felt like new!



Incredible good to be back at this fantastic retreat.
After my week in 2014, I knew I had to come back  and I did.
Grateful for all the love, the food and the harmony.
Love you all,

Gina Wahlund (Norway)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I really loved to be here, thank you!
I learned a lot and get really relaxed and load my batteries.
If you are in Munich phone me!
I would be happy to be in contact with you , see you again!
I loved your stories with your cats

Yvonne Mascheradu (Germany)


My Dears,

It was wonderful and really inspiring to get you to know!
I enjoyed every minute of Yoga with you and the fantastic meals cooked
with love.
I would love coming back one day.
Aa Ohhm Shanti Shanti


Daniela Dremmel (Austria)


Dear Lena and Esther

Wauw! Best holiday / experience ever!
Learned a lot, laughed, cried, relaxed, enjoyed the lovely prepared meals
who surprised me every day.
Loved the way Lena brought Yoga the way she did, with humor and very clear
and easy to follow.
My compliments to you all!
You can be proud of yourself! Good job.

Barbara Sterherburg (The Netherlands)


Lena and Esther,

Thank you so much it´s been an amazing experience. It has all worked so
new, the Yoga was fab, your knowledge, teaching methods , love ,
compassion has been this wonderful.
You are both very strong, inspiring ladies and it is an amazing gift you
share with us.
This week has had been such a positive effect on me personally.
I feel ready to face my life with a new perspective & gratitude.
Love & Thanks to you all

Louise Fulcher (UK)


Dear Lena and Esther,

What a beautiful woman are you!
Thank you for all your love,

Dear greetings,

Annemiek Gefen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for this fantastic first week in Ibiza. Also my first real
experience with Yoga. I really enjoyed all the theory and lessons. I
really feel enriched with so much beautiful information and I can´t wait
to tell other people at home about it .
Thank you both special and lovely women (all the people at this retreat)
Maybe see you next year <3


Nerissa Schansman (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Team,

Thank you for a colorful week.

Iris & Willermien Westrik (The Netherlands)


Just saw your book at the last minute… driver´s waiting…
Thank you so much you made me feel at home!
Loved how was going, yet always “available” you were.
May the light shine on your girls!

Rahel Mbassi (UK)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the beautiful people around you,

I really enjoyed my stay here. The lessons were very good and you and
Esther are fine teachers.
You teach with joy, humor and you are very clear in your instructions.
The whole stay was like a warm bath (there is a lot of warmth and love in
this place!).
And the food was great!
I wish you all lots of love.
Warm regards,

Monique Schreuder (The Netherlands)


If someone could put a light on you, than it sure is you Lena & Esther <3
It´s not just the Yoga, but the whole atmosphere is vibrating with your
beautiful energy.
You let the love flow in & I´m sure I will lock my heart & keep this
moment forever.
I treasure the beautiful moments & the revelations you brought me.
Let there be light
Let there be love

Leni Goossens (The Netherlands)


My thanks & love to all at Sunset Mountain.
All is love and I thanks you for lighting the day for me to expand my love
from within me, to encompass the Universe.
I will carry you in my heart.

Catherine Ecob (UK)


In between history and future attacks is a little paradise where all falls
in place.
Thank you for all inspiration, lovely kindness, knowledge and humor.
This was a wonderful week that exceeded all my expectations!
I hope to come back again.

Sandra (Alexandra Veenstra – The Netherlands)


I am very grateful I could be here and experience this wonderful Yoga
Learned a lot, and take this with me in my daily life. Inspiration come to
Food was also amazing even as the garden with view and swimming pool.
Total relaxation of body and mind.
With love to Lena & Esther.

Nelleke van der Linde (The Netherlands)


To Lena and Esher,

Thank you “to the moon and back infinity, a billion” , as my (6 year old)
son would say. I had hoped to improve my downward dog here in Ibiza, and
calm my monkey mind – little did I know that you wonderful women would
unlock my lamp, not to mention my dodgy right hip!
Joking aside, your generous, kind & calm warmth and humor were like a
precious gift. This is a good place, and you do good things.
Bless you.

Belinda Stevens (UK)


Dear Lena, Esther & Team,

Thank you for my personalized teaching.
Sunset Mountain is  really beautiful !
You are amazing teachers! I really want to thank you for new positive
energy and vitality! And serene atmosphere! Good food and anything!
I would heartily recommend your place to anyone!
With a lot of respect & love
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry train or usher
storm, but to add color to my sunset sky!” Thank you ,

Danusia Glowicka (The Netherlands/ Poland)


Blue moon
Open heart
Breath in Breathe out
Food orgasm
Beauty in everything

Words tail me really, I leave with a feeling, an experience that is hard
to put in words.
Thank you for your loving care, your toughness, your friendliness, your
It was the best holiday week I ever had in my life and the best present I
could give myself.


Ikram Choho (UK)


Dear Esther, Lena, Andrea, Susana & everybody

Second time at this amazing place!!
I am so grateful I found a place where I can recharge and clear my mind.
You all inspired me to pass on the positive vibes in Yoga and in life.
Some people go travel months to find happiness and I went to Sunset
Mountain one week…
I will start my teacher training in September , passing on the light and
wisdom which I found here.
Hopefully we will se each other again in Amsterdam this winter.
Definitely coming back next summer!! (future attack )

Andrea: thank you so much for picking me up at 4AM after a 18 hour flight
Kitchen: thank you so much for the amazing food! Going to miss it for sure!!

Lots of love,

Nadine Krijnen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Dear Esther and the whole Sunset Mountain team,

We totally fell in love with the place and all the amazing people around!
Thank you for making this experience so special and heart-opening for us
with all the warmth, positive energy and happiness you gave us.
We enjoyed every single minute of our 2 weeks stay!! All the wonderful
memories we will keep in our hearts and will take the great feeling and
spirit back home with us.
Hasta la proxima!

Andrea, Tekla & Anna- Sophie Schmidt (The Netherlands)


Dearest Esther, Lena & Staff,

Thank you for letting me come here with my daughter, I loved it here and
even she has no friends of her age, I´m sure all this positive energy also
radiated to her, even without practicing Yoga
We´ll be back in 2016


Victoria Levi & Veronique Delli Zotti (Luxembourg)


Dear Lena & Esther,

You created such a beautiful place on earth here & it has been a wonderful
The Yoga was amazing – thanks for all the laughs!
Esther – you have been a real gift to all of us this week
Sana Seeds – thank you for the lovely food, it was great day after day!

Lots of love,

Sandra Rouagha (Germany)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you so much for a wonderful week of Yoga.
Great food. Laughter and fun.
I have enjoyed so much being here and learning more about myself and my
Yoga practice.
I will miss waking up every day in the woods and the beautiful view from
the pool.
You have a very special place here!

Lots of love,

Andria Hooper (UK)
P.S.: Thank you to Sana Seeds for all the Gluten free care!


Dear Lena, Esther and the whole Sunset Mountain team,

It was a great week of Yoga, funny jokes during the classes, special new
aspects for me, harmony, love and freedom.
I think I´m a bit light than before  and thank you to the Universe for the
amazing sunset every evening!!


P.S. Great food

Sandra Stoll (Colonia/ Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and all Sunset Mountain team,

Thank you so much for your great positive energy, laughter, jokes,
meditation, detox, great food, fantastic place and help in releasing these
trapped emotions in the heart chakra.
I will surely come back to practice Yoga with you again.
Lena, you are indeed an amazing woman and Yoga teacher!
This week has been amazing and I feel I have grow up much by bringing out
a better version of myself.
With friendship, light, respect and love

Valentina Santoro (Italy, Roma)


Lena, Esther y todo el equipo,

Muchisimas gracias por abrir las puertas de esta casa y sus corazones para
permitirnos recordar como lo esencial no es lo que dia a dia creemos
Gracias por la alegria que irradiais a diario y que transmitis a traves de
cada enzeñanza.
Me voy llena de energía, muy equilibrada y espero que pronto haya un
reencuentro para recordar nuestra esencia.
Besos y abrazos,

Maria del Pilar Olloqui (España/ Colombia)


Dear Lena, Esther,

Thanks for all the inspiration, good vibrations, tears and pleasure.
I didn´t expect anything …and it is unbelievable what happen to me in
your classes, this beautiful place. Going a step further!
Thank you for that

Sandra  Gschwendtner (Stuttgart)


Dear Lena & Esther ,

Thanks for all the love, peace and joy.
I think this is a really magic villa!
Everyone should come and stay here to recover itself.
Really thank you to everyone of the team to SHARE THE LOVE !

Rosella (Rome, Italy)
P.S. : The cat is something so special…who was she before?


Ha sido un retiro muy especial!
Siempre os tendremos en nuestro corazón.
Muchisimas gracias
Besos desde Madrid

Bea Valdes y Luis Soriano (España)


Dear Lena, Esther and all Sunset Mountain team,

Thank you for all your warmth, sunshine, happiness and laughter.
It has been a very special week, to which words cannot do justice.
You have a magical place here and I look forward to my next visit!


Paola Fudakowska (UK)


Dear Lena, lovely Esther & whole crew,

Thank you so much for giving me experience in what Yoga is really about…
and your love!
Found me coming here spitted up in pieces and make me leave this magic
place as a whole again.
Not yet unlighted, but on a really good way 😛

Big hugs,

Anja Leiszlig (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the Sunset Mountain crew,

This second time, again, I had a wonderful stay at this lovely place!
I loved the food, the Yoga classes, the people and this place.
Thanks a lot for everything
Lots of love,

Brenda van den Broek (The Netherlands)


Thank you for the wonderful week with lots of love and laughter.
I really enjoyed your classes and Sunset Mountain.
Big hug,

Ivanka Eijman (The Netherlands)


Thank you my dearest Lena.
Wish you all the best concerning the things happening in your life.
I had a great time and restored quite some.
Thank you & Esther for that.
Bye, bye
All the love,

Renate Lukassen-van der Weide (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and Sunset Mountain crew,

Thank you for a fantastic holiday! Thank you for bringing depth to Yoga.
At the same time, thank you for demystifying Yoga with your humor and down
to earth approach.
We loved everything!
Warm hug for everybody
We’ll see you again

Marjo van Ekelenburg & Jeroen Theunissen (The Netherlands)


… We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a

Thank you for this special & wonderful week!
I really enjoyed it!

Hugs & kisses

Nina Kotar (Austria)


Thank you Lena, for the enthusiast
& Esther, for carefulness

Katrin Leys & Leen Lagae (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and crew,

We want to give our gratitude for all we have learned, experienced,
laughed, loved…
I found the best vacation ever here at Sunset Mountain!

Sweet Lena: stay as you are
Sweet Esther: live, laugh, love, learn as you are perfect!

Till we meet again

Carolien Feyaerts – van Gorcom & Frank van Gorcom (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the Sunset Mountain team that made my Yoga week
a truly, re-laxness, inspiring & precious.
I’ll remember a lot of the tips & taught that you gave me and use the
tips/ practice when back home!
Make sure that the laughter & good vibrations are always around in Sunset
Mountain & in your hearts.
I really enjoyed the retreat & the people & the food & the view & the

Big thank you!
All the best to you!
Big hug,

Alex (Alexandra Vassileva – Bulgaria)


Lena, Esther & all the beautiful souls in this home,

Thank you for making this little planet a more beautiful place.

All my love,

Aditi Ghiya (Italy)


Querida Lena, Esther y a todo el equipo de Sunset Mountain,

Mil gracias por hacer esta semana única y compartir vuestra alegría y amor.
Me voy llena de buena energía, felicidad y grandes recuerdos en mi corazón.

Con todo mi amor…
Hasta pronto!

Mayca Hernandez (España)


Dear Lena, Esther and the team,

It was the best decision I made this year to come back to your retreat.
I loved the lessons even more and learned a lot more.
The weather was great, the food was very good.
I hope to see you again in Amsterdam or on this adorable island.


Esther Smit (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the others,
It was lovely to be here again, surrounded by love, joy and happiness.
The lessons were wonderful and I learned a lot more.
I enjoyed the food, it tasted delicious every day!
Hope to see you soon in Amsterdam!
Thank you for everything!



Geralde den Akker (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Grateful to experience another week of love with you.
Your love and devotion is like a warm bath.
You are my home away from home!
Every time I leave this place I am a better version of myself.

Thank you!
With love,

Chantal Musquetier (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, dear Esther,

Thank you very much for this week.
You have a wonderful place here. This week was my entrance in the world of
Yoga. It couldn’t be better.
Thank you for the lessons, the laugh, the love, the lovely meals, etc.
Hope to see you again!

With love,

Nelleke Zuiderent (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & dear Esther,

Muchas gracias once again for a wonderful week!
I feel totally re-energized and relaxed after this special retreat.
There is something magical in the way you lead us through the asana´s &
the meditation.
The flow is natural like a warm bath. Plus the explanation & the good
humor completes the experience!

And to the rest of the crew:
Edina, Sven, Naná & Andrea
Also a super big thank you for your help, service, kindness & very
delicious meals that are a pleasure for the body!!!

With love,

Brenda Smith (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and Staff,

As a beginner I felt in love with Yoga: thank you for your lessons, your
humor, your dynamic way of teaching.
I will come back! I wish you all the best in life, love and health.
With love,

Astrid Schipper (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and everybody,

We wish to see you in the cold winter in Amsterdam this year!
Thanks for everything

Cati Langedijk (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and the rest,

Thank you very much for this wonderful week!

Susan Knippenbergh (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, staff (especially the cooking staff)

It was good to feel that I was at the right time at the right place!
You irritated me, but therefore I recognized my blockages.
You were able to open my heart, to feel space and to start to continue my
new path.
A special thanks to all staff and especially to the kitchen staff.
It was a real added value to be surprised daily by beautiful plates!
With love, namaste (and I will remember you when I sing my 2 new mantra´s)

Yvone de Bree (The Netherlands)
P.S.: Good luck with your new enterprise to write a book!


Dear Lena, Esher and the cooking ladies,

Thank you for the wisdom, warm attention, laughs, professionalism and luxury!
Now I really know what Yoga is all about!

Yosta Vos (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and the “support team”,

I came to this retreat to find peace, to be alone and to study a book,
which should help me to become clear about some important decisions for my
I found a wonderful place with wonderful people and so many advices that I
could make my decision on the way to find my way of life – without needing
the book…
I am so thankful for this experience and all this energy I gained here to
get back and take over the real life again…
Muchisimas gracias por todo,

Janine Altmann (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and fabulous “support team”,

What a great week I had at Sunset Mountain.
Never thought that Yoga would be so much fun.
I laughed and cried, ate & drank 10 liters of herbal tea and learned so
much about the Yoga lifestyle. Loved it all!
Thank you so much & see you in Amsterdam, I hope.


Heidi van der Zande (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and team!

I had amazing time here, thank you for all – Yoga, meditation, food,
facilities, tears and smile, and much more.
Sometimes words are not enough to describe all happiness and feelings, but
believe me I have great holidays!
Kisses and see you in Amsterdam.

Anonymous (The Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Esther, Ali, Naná, Edina, Sven,

What can I say that the whole week was so great like I said: fantastic
Yoga, amazing food, great help of everyone….and even better company!
Muchas gracias y hasta la proxima!  Besos para todos!
Thank you for the butterfly man!

Lukina van der Werf (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and Crew,

Thank you all for the amazing time I had at Sunset Mountain!
You really give me inspiration and energy to take home and practice more!
Looking forward to the advanced repeater class!

Lots of love

Jessica Bijsteveld (Austria / Netherlands)


Dearest Lena,

How can I thank you for the beauty and love that I experience every time
when I study Yoga with you.
It is amazing to have a teacher where I can lock up to.
You put too much effort , emotion and care to the retreats.
Thank you from the centre of my heart.
Much love,

P.S.: I loved the Gayatri mantra, Yoga philosophy sessions and the

Sunset Mountain:  Esther, Ali, Naná:
Much love , thank you for the lovely classes and for the BEST MEALS IN THE
WORLD! Clearly made with love.

To Edina:
Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and care

Martina Swart (USA)


I am a butterfly now!
Muchas gracias y hasta luego


Gianna Recavallo (Switzerland)


Thank you for the amazing week!

Rahel Inauen (Switzerland)


Dear Lena, Esther and others,

Thank you for a wonderful week.
I hope to come back one day.
Big hug,

Desirée van den Heuvel (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and everybody else:

It was a wonderful week.
Lots of love,

Tanya Hautermans (The Netherlands)


Lena, Esther, Edina, Sven & Sebastian,

Thank you so much 4 everything!
I was able to reach my goal in this 2 weeks.
Become supple & strong, find my serenity &  put my mind in its rightful
You have no idea how much you all helped me.
Kind regards, love & all the best to you!

P.S.: Please come to Zurich sometime!!

Joelle Meyer Rioux (Switzerland)


One of the best mother/ daughter moments ever thanks to Lena and Esther
two devoted Yoga teachers with an open heart, understanding and empathy.
Thank you for this week.

Monique Wylock (The Netherlands)



You tell such a nice stories with a lot of mimics and visual images!
I really laughed a lot and liked listening to you!
Esther, thank you for the help and beautiful smiles every day!
It was a SUPER experience…
Enjoy your time off the coming months!

Big hug,

Helena Nilmet (The Netherlands)



It was lovely to be able to spend another week with you!
I feel at home here and really love the way that you all are with all of us.
Thank you for all your kindness, teachings, wonderful food and beautiful
Un abrazo muy fuerte para vosotros y disfruta las vacaciones!!

Suzanne Peters (The Netherlands)


Dear Esther & Lena,

Thank you for everything!
You both so much fun, but also very knowledgeable and very skilled Yoga
Food was awesome as well !
Keep up the good work :)


P.S.: I missed you to say good bye to you in person! Thank you for
everything it was a very fun and inspiring week! You girls rock :)

Kerstin Drabek (Austria)





Dear Lena, Martha, Andrea, Esther, Kitchen girls and Guruji

Thank you for the wonderful stay. It was a good experience and I I had a super time.

Although it was my first time to do Yoga I enjoyed it very much. The theory lessons were nice and pleasant to listen to, I learned a lot. To all of you lots of love and good luck!
Lots of love,

Francine van den Brom (Holland)


Hi Chicas & Guruji

What a beautiful place you are working and living in…

Thank you for your hospitality and feeling me at home the first minute I arrived.

I came for warmth, rest and pleasure and Yoga; I found it all here.

All the best to you all!


Francesca Apeldoorn (Amsterdam)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Martha, Esther, Andrea and the whole Kitchen staff! And Guruji of course…

This is a perfect place for Yoga on this magical island, and you, Lena are very inspiring and giving abundantly your energy. Your teaching is clear, strong, precise and heart warming with devotion. And, very important, with humor!

I loved your classes with eyes closed, could feel the Chakras. And I never understood Ayurveda in confusing books, now I get it! Came here quite closed up, but I got my Vata strongly back, so glad!

The partner Yoga with Marta was very special, she is so sweet!

Thanks for the fantastic massage too.

It was great and moving experience, thanks to all of you… love and blessings.

Ieneke van Bergen (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, dear all,

Thank you for this fantastic week! What a wonderful place! I really enjoyed the Yoga classes and the warmth of all. I could recover energy and confidence… a real gift! I hope that I will come back soon!

All the best, love

Anne-Carole Dawance (Switzerland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Marta and all the wonderful women around,

This retreat was wonderful. It was my present for my 50th. Birthday.

All the women on a top of a mountain at Ibiza gives me power, strength, courage, tenderness, beauty and good vibes.

Thanks and see you again!


Josselin de Haan (Holland)


Dear Lena, Marta, Susana, Barbara, Xavi and Daniela,

When I left Holland I was really looking forward to this retreat.

Every day was very special for me and when I thought it could not get any better…it just did!

You all knowhow to make people feel at home and be one family.

Thank you so much for every thing and I bring warm feelings home.

I will not forget you all and this experience. Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hella Vroegop (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, dear Marta and all of the team which made my stay an unforgettable one.

It is beyond words and description, what I would like to say to you after this unique week.

Only I can say: Thank God, that I was allowed to meet you! Thank God for all the gifts that I found here!

May HE always guide and protect you!!

The small Guruji touched my heart as well as you did! Take care of him, please!

Love, light and peace to all of you.
Gabriele Wüchner-Schmidt (Germany)

May 2014


Dear Lena, dear Marta and the whole lovely team!

I never felt you do business. What I felt here and with you was real impression of giving hard light.

Lovely, softly, kindly and sweet atmosphere. I hope you will find someone and find also a place where you can relax in a similar way like we when I was here.

All the best! Lots of love,

Nicolle Rosenkranz (Germany)


I met this amazing woman called Lena.

She is a real latina.

She taught me about Chakras, sex and puppies.

And now I am her groupie!!!


Dear Lena, Marta & Team

I came here with an open mind and no suitcase.

You gave me clothes, wisdom, energy, beauty and so much more.

I am forever grateful.


Kathleen Lambrecht




GRATEFULL con mucho amor

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in your life. Tip if you must – but take the step.

Everything comes to you in the right moment.

Once again I found the confirmation for this…here on Ibiza with this incredible energy on the island.

Thank you… it is difficult to find words what intense and beautiful gift you gave to us, to me. I felt the sensation with all my senses – it was WHOLE LOVE

Thank you for sharing and teaching your wisdom with us, Lena. You are wonderful, funny and real. That place you created SUNSET MOUNTAIN is magic. I`m so happy I found the way to you. I felt like collecting pearls and I want to integrate Yoga in my life.

Thank you kitchen team for the unique food <3 everyday just tasteful…

Thank you for being there for all  needs Marta, Lena…

Thank you Marta for your lessons – your are like a fairy. Thank you Guru G for being here.

Thank you for this unforgettable energy experience. For me it´s life changing.

Anja Tschudi (Switzerland)

May 2014


Dear Lena,

The trip was a present to my 50th Birthday.

I feel a lot of gratitude, that I could enjoy this lovely week in your retreat. I feel like if I have won million dollar in my life! I had the feeling this was the pure, clear fortune. The best a woman in my age could do to myself her soul and her body!

Lots of love

Keep your paradise like it is.

Catharina v. Consbruch

Best regards to Marta and the rest of the team.

Send me an invitation when you come to Zurich.

May 2014


Dear Lena, Esther and the rest of the lovely team

Thank you so much for the incredible week!

You guys were impressive in every way!

An unforgettable experience!!!

Big hug,

Veerle and Annelies (Holland)



We are grateful, balanced, inspired, feeling blessed, happy and content.

Thank you for the amazing retreat, food (even for allergy), Yoga classes, clean apartment, view, positive atmosphere and energy and the love .

Astrid Koehli & Angela John (Swiss)


Querida Lena, Esther, Sue, Xavi!

Mil gracias de corazon por vuestros cuidados, vuestra hospitalidad, viesestra onda…

Me encanta este lugar, la energia, las risas y la buena compañía.

Volveré!!! Y no tardaré mucho…

Enjoy the ride

Teresa Arias (España)



Dear Lena, Esther and the other beautiful people,

Thank you for helping me to understand, experience, accept what “love yourself” truly means

Big kiss and hug

Vesna Jutte (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Esther and the others of the team

Thank you so much for this beautiful experience, the lovely care, the beautiful food, the fantastic massage (Esther you are so special!!!) and the wonderful Yoga classes, I understand so much better now! You are all very beautiful people

I will miss this special place!

All the love,

Caroline Westdijk (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Esther,

Thank you very much.

Thank you for open your house.

I learn really very much and I am grateful for everything.

Thank you

Lilyan van de Beek (Holland)

June 2014


Dear Lena, Esther, Xavi and Sue

Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

I will never forget this week and all of you positive people of the Sunset Mountain.

Lots of love,

Wendy Pooters (Holland)

May 2014


Dear all,

The way I started to follow last year after being at Sunset Mountain is getting more and more satisfying. Thank to you all.

With love,

Thea Bloom (Holland)



Dear Lena and the crew

Thank you for giving me my body back.


Martha Nor Hansen (Danish)

June 2014


Dear All.

Thank you for being.

With love from

Merete Nor (Danish)

June 2014


Querida Lena,

Antes de cualquier cosa, Feliz Aniversario.

Gostaria de dizer a diferença que me proporcionou com este tempo passado em Ibiza retreat. Na minha vida pessoal e em todos os sentidos. Me sinto mais eu mesma, de volta a mim. Tenho que trabalhar muito, continuar o que aprendi.

Muito obrigada por tudo, sua maneira de comunicar, sua pessoal maneira me admira. Amar a mim mesma é a melhor liçao.


Cristiane Vasconcelos (Brasil)

June 2014


Dear all,

What a wonderful, amazing experience again!!! When you think it can´t get better the second time, it did.

It was so lovely being here and we take home a lot of new energy and experiences and love.

Thank you so much!hank you!!

Anne Marie Dowes (Holland)

June 2014


Dear (lovely) everybody,

1 Universe

9 Planets

204 Countries

809 Islands

7 Seas

And I had the privilege of meeting you.

Namasté! Thank you!!!

Fem van Zuylen (Holland)

June 2014


We follow our heart

we free ourselves of labels

We lose control willingly

We trade o role for reality

We love the unfamiliar

We trust strangers

We own only what we can carry

We for for better questions, not answers

We thruelly graduate

Yoga is rebellion in its purest form

Thank you!

Darja Brouwers (Holland)

June 2014


Thank you for your love, warmth and very special time in your paradise.

I will never forget this beautiful week.

It´s in my heart an I will take it with me during my journey in this life.

I am sure the memories will comfort me in difficult times.

With love,

Sabine Parent (Holland)

June 2014


What an amazing week!!

Thank you for everything.

Lots of love,

Amy Bloemendaal (Holland)

June 2014


Dear Lena and team,

“ A good teacher is this who shows you where to look, but don´t tell you what to see”.

Thank you very much for the great week in paradise, for your love, the amazing food.

I will take a bit sun with me in my heart.

Namaste with love,

Catrin Grossman ((Germany)


Restored, re–energized, full of love and warmth, all to take home!

Thank you for this wonderful week and the unforgettable moments.Lots of love, luck and happiness,

Marie-Claire Krayenhoff (Holland)

June 2014


“ If you are depressed, you live in the past

if you are anxious, you live in the future

if you are peace, you are living in the present.”

With Lena and her team, here at Sunset Mountain villa you are living in the present and leave with love, happiness and peace.

Thank you for helping me transforming my life.

Lots of love, hugs & warm thoughts.

Kasia Gebala (France)

June 2014



Dear Lena,

This holiday the retreat was the best gift I could give myself!
Thank you for initiating me in Yoga and learn to love myself.
Gran beso,

Katleen Straetmans (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena,
Thank you for all the things you have given us.
They are all gifts to me!
Thanks to all your lovely staff too, they are very special.
I have enjoyed every minute of m stay, finding a little bit more of me also.
I´d wish I could stay longer to find even more peace and quiet.
I will miss the good food, the quite and the ambience, this stay here will always have a special plce in my heart.
Stay as you are, all of you :)

Leonie Slond (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena,

Thanks for the beautiful week!
I very muh enjoyed your classes.
The classes brought me to myself.
The Nidra Yoga was also very wonderful!
And the food! Never eat so good in my life <3


Paulien (Holland)
October 2013

Thank you for the wonderful week, beautiful moments will give me beautiful memories!
Thank you for being you, allowing me to more being me!


Danielle Bus
October 2013

Dear Lena,
Thank you for the nice holiday!
Good food, Yoga,people… I have learn a lot!

Karin Bertels (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena and Crew,

This was the second time for me, and my experience was deeper on the whole system, I felt the benefits every day!
The combination of everything was good to relaxing and enjoy my week.
Lots of love for Lena and Marta and the cooks. See you on,

Dani Bus
October 2013

Love you all!

Margriet van der Goot (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for the wonderful experience again.
My baby likes the Yoga and the food here.
It has grown a lot which is a sign that had a lot of rest.
Hopefully we´ll meet again next year.

Lonekke Arntz (Holland)
October 2013

Marta and Lena,

First Yoga retreat in Ibiza. Which an amazing experience!
Getting clean and peaceful inside body & mind, wonderful Yoga lessons and real nice people to meet. Nice veggie food.
Maybe there could be some little more meditation exercises. Maybe Yoga exercises in which people connect physically (Yoga poses, double person).
At last very happy and good Yoga retreat.
I will reccomend to all of my friens from Holland.
Love, kind regards,

Ronald Ubbink (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena and dear Marta,

Again, we did not make it to the full end of the week.
So, we have to come back!
Lena, hope you are doing well during Wnter time and please come to Amsterdam. And take Marta with you!


Cati Langedijkt (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain family,

Again I had such a great time here!
After the second day I was totally relaxed and I enjoyed every bit of the week.
Thank you for making Sunset Mountain feel like a home for me.
See you next year!

Jamy Mus (Holland)
September 2013

Again it was a serene an special experience to be in your place of love and kindness (and good, good food!).
Had work, fun and relaxation.
Always in my heart and on the way to a new awareness.

Mieke Houdijk (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and cooking girls

Thank you very much for the terrific week.
We spent with you in your beautiful retreat Sunset Mountain.
I really enjoyed the intense lessons and I really loved the fantastic food!
Taking home a lot of new ideas.


Josephine Brower (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and the whole crew,

Thank you so much for making this beautiful experience possible.
Thank you for all the love, warmth and wellbeing you create in this amazing place.
I´m going home with a feeling of strenght and love inside me.

Anne-Marie Bekker (Holland)
September 2013

Hola Lena, Marta and the crew,

This week was a special week for me!!!
Because of the very warm welcome I got and the strenght I gained from your Yoga lessons which both of you give with passion!
Muchas gracias y besos,

Carolien Lamers (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you very much for this wonderful week!
It was a life changing experience and I will definitely come back!
Thank you for the Yoga with personal feedback. The special meditation sessions. The food. The amazing views and specially your warmth and kindness!


Anouk de Bruijn(Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thanks for your love, stories, experiences and trust!
There are no words to dewcribe what this week means to me…

Judith van der Hoever (Holland)
September 2013

Ball of light ….with elegance
Love Ohm
Sunset Mountain
One. Smile. Divine. Being.
Breath Detox
food – food – food :

Fleur Groos (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and Kitchen crew,

Thank you for the great Yoga experience.
I learned a lot. Had a lot of fun and I´m going home feeling relaxed and with a lot of faith.
I hope to see you next year or this Autumn in Amsterdam.
I´m going miss the sunset and the lovely food.
Lots of love,

Femke Sebrechts
September 2013

Dearest Lena and Marta,

For the 4th. Time here, now together with my daughter Fleur.
It was fun and amazing as always!
Lots of love,

Marie-Katrin van Grinzen (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for this amazing week!
I really loved the Yoga classes, being with the group and of course the food.
The energy of Sunset Mountain helped me to relax and just be myself.

Annelies Nap (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and Kitchen crew and other staff,

It is hard to leave such a wonderful place… :( But I take with me a lot of good memories: great Yoga, fantastic food, a special group and also some interesting & emotional experiences. Loved it!
Thank you, take care and see you in Amsterdam…or a next retreat?!

Marjolein Okkinga (Holland)
September 2013


Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you so much for everything.
It has been amazing!

Hedwig Thyssen (Holland)
September 2013

Thank you!
I had a wonderful time.

PS: Looking forward to the Cookbook.

Lonneke Rentinck (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for all what I have learned.
It was great!

Netty Rigter (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

What a great and inspiring week.
Thanks for all the goods, nice food, etc.
I loved it!

Carolien Rigter (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Dana, Barbi, Susi and Andrea and all the people in the back.
I leave today with clouds in the sky, but I will never forget the sun inside myself and in all of you, I discovered here again!
Big hug,


Manu Wurch (Switzerland)
September 2013

Dear All,

I had an amazing time again here with all of you.
The absolutely delicious food InJoy , the Yoga, the people, the view, the place.
It was all just I needed and definitely my best last minute decision to book and come again after an amazing experience last year.
Definitely coming back to magical Ibiza.
Love, love, love

Margot van der Wal (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena & the crew,

Thank you so so much for this amazing experience!
It´s quite difficult to explain in words how much we enjoyed the classes, food and friendly people we met!
We are very impressed by the effect of the deep Yoga practice and meditation. We will definitely incorporate this style in our daily Yoga practice at home.
We are leaving today with a very warm and happy feeling.

Melody Malekzadeth and Tim Roubos (Holland)
September 2013

Thank you for being such a powerful woman, Lena!
Amazing energy + care for everyone.
Marta is just so sweet and full of love.
Thank you for making this place a home for us.
I released emotions , found peace, expansion and love

Marie Broad (UK)
September 2013

Dear All,

Thank you for a wonderful week learning the principals of Yoga, great food and a beautiful aura reading.
We hope come back to Sunset Mountain one day again.

Mariekke van Bommel & Tessel Kuijten (Holland)
September 2013

Dear All,

My holiday plans changed at the last minute so I had to look for something else. And then I
found this: karma had chosen :)
So glad that i turned out this way, otherwise I had never had this wonderful unforgettable experience! Thanks for the really nice yoga classes, the delicious food, the wonderful surrounding and accommodation. I will spread the word. Lena, love your smile :) and i hope to see you in Amsterdam. Namaste!

Jantien van den Vet (Holland)
August 2013

We had a lovely week at the retreat!
Intense classes, delicious food and great environment
Inspiring overall!!


Angelina & Sarshe
August 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain Retreat,

Many thx
How wonderful you are!
You filled my heart woth warmth jay
Life is beautiful with all of you
I will come back, for sure!
Xxx with love

Anna Salabi (France)
August 2013

Dear Lena and others,

Thank you si much for everything.
I had a great week, learned a lot, met so nice people, felt so much love and happiness.
The villa and surroundings are beautiful, I enjoyed it so much.
Just as the food and great Yoga lessons. This experience had a really positive effect on me. Maybe I will come back some day :)

Lots of love,

Marieke Beerda (Holland)
August 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and kitchen ladies, our cookers Princes and Princesses,

Wow! What a place! Beautiful inside and out. It was a true blessing to be here, meet the wonderful dub of people, enjoy stunning Yoga classes, be surprised twice a day by delicious dishes full of energy and love. I fell in love for Ibiza and Sunset Mountain.
You gave me the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen while surrounded by all of you.
Thank you, lets see if we can set up a Yoga workshop in Rotterdam this Winter. I might be back!

Marijn Marina (Holland)
August 2013

Posto incantevole.
Belle persona.
Esperienza fantastica.
Bye Bye

Sabrina de Mauro (Italy)
August 2013

Grazie per la bellissima esperienza che abbiemo condiviso.
Con amore, pace e nuova luce!

Raffaella Cordursi (Italy)
August 2013

Dear Lena & Marta,

Thank you so much for these 2 beautiful weeks. I had an amazing time and I will miss you alooot!!
Blessings to both of you
Peace of mind
lots of love to you

Carmen Lye (Switzerland)
July/ August 2013

Dear Lena, Marta & all the other ladies!

Thank you two beautiful weeks, for the teaching what yoga is all about :)
Lots of love to all of you!

Kim Kleinert (Holland)
July/ August 2013

Dear Lena,

You were right!! Despite of all the sinces problems on my right, this morning, I wake up and found my right nosteril to be open!
Not only my nose opened, but also my heart opened up here.
Thank you for this experience…
Lots of love to all!
Melanie Holterman (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena,

You really make me feel what yoga is about. Thank you so much for this great experience.
With love xxx

Marleen de Broekert (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and kitchen-lady´s,

Thank you so much for this beautiful week at this beautiful house. I feel my toga has been
deepened and will take this home practice in my daily life. I loved Lena´s humor and Marta
tenderness and the food…!

Martine Nijhoff & Kallista Veltkamp (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena,

Thank u for a wonderful week folked with great food, wonderful Yoga and lots of nice people in a fantastic house.
Lots of love,

Kevin Charlston (UK)
July 2013

Dear Lena and crew,

I had a wonderful week. I´m learned and cleaner
Haved the yoga food and the people.
And i was touched by the surprise night
haved it here!

Eveline ter Meer (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena,

Thank you for the yoga retreat!
I have learned a lot from you.
The lessons..It was really great!
I take this experience with me!
The food was also delicious!
A nice place, with a beautiful view!
And I loved the after dinner surprise!
Thank you! Lots of love

Kaja van Dijk (Holland)
July 2013

Hola Lena!

This was such a GREAT experience for me. The first time yoga touch by a wonderful yogi on a beautiful place with lovely people. I opened up and I know now that yoga can be the key to love yourself, to feel inside emotions.
Also I learned I´m a Pita, vata which helps me to take care of myself. The food was so tasteful and made me by lovely cooks. Resume: And experience that I will never forget, and I would highly recommend to all my friends.

Un abrazo muy fuerte! Besos!

Neeltje Mooring (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Dana, Barbie, Martha, Susanne, Andrea and Feliz,

Thank you for the wonderful week…
It´s a magical place on a beautiful island…and you guys really make it, with the fantastic food, great sense of humor and muscle bending yoga ( I still feel them all :) )
Never meet a fantastic bunch of people, plus pussy! Now have a been so emotional with in
on holiday – in a good way :) ! Shame it has to end but…
I´m already planning my return….

Lots of love,

Catherine Haller-Meyer (Switzerland)
July 2013

Thank you Lena, Marta and the great kitchen girls.
Thank you for having a fabulous time on Ibiza!
With love,

Trea Daling (Holland)
July 2013

Thank you ALL for the wonderful week!
We´ll be back!

Nina Dierssen (Holland)
July 2013

Thanx for all.

Ingrid Schoonveld & Ina Hateboer (Holland)
July 2013

My beautiful family!

You gave e one of the most magical experiences in my life. It is lifechanging.
I will miss you so so much!!
I will be back…
Have fun and stay in touch.
Million of kissens and hugs. Thank you!

Ksenia Goryainova (UK)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Susie, Dana, Barbie..

Thank you for all making this week unforgetable.
You have all worked so hard, provided so much fun, love and laughter.
The Yoga and meditation classes have been like-changing.
The food too!
Hopefully we meet again.
Much love and biggest blessings,

PS: Love to Feliz!

Sara Ward (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and all the amazing people!

Thank you so much for this holiday!
I have had such a good time and fell so relaxed! Thank you for teaching me new things and sharing your home with me!
Have learned so much and you have all made me think about now I should live my life.
The food was amazing and made me fell like I should eat like this at home! I have really loved it here and you all will never be forgotten! Thank you!

PS: keep in touch!

Anna Ward (Holland)
July 2013

Hello ladies,

I really enjoyed this amazing place, with all it has to offer.
It was the best Birthday present I made for myself.
LOVE is all we need, and we can never have enough…
Thanks for all the magical moments.
It opened my heart for the better.

Warm regards,

Sonja Sims (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain family!

I think everybody though this week was AMAZING!!!
Tank you so much for everything what I learned from you!
The food was also very AMAZING!
Thanks for that too!
Sunset Mountain family you are always in my heart. Thank you for everything.

Love and kisses,

Jacqueline Nijzink (Holland)
July 2013

P.S: I will see you in November in Holland. Please send me a email.

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for the beautiful experiences here on Sunset beach. O really come closer to myself which was the purpose of this week!

Warm regards,

Saskia Hoogenboom (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

I want to thank you from my heart because after a week here I feel like I was born again, and that´s exactly what I needed.
I feel love agains and I feel myself maybe for the first time. This is amazing.
Thank you again for teaching me what Yoga is all about LOVE!!


Elena Marchetto (Italy)
July 2013

Dear Sweet people!

I had a great experience here… Thank you so much for that!
If you ever visit Amsterdam, you´re more than welcome at my sweet place called:
Human Beauty!
Big hugs, xx
Jessica Wichers (Holland)
July 2013

Same date, same place, same time, same name…
Yes! This is the other Jessica, the brunette Jessica from London. Anyway!
I would like to thank the entire crew at Sunset Mountain for such a wonderful time. I enjooyed every minute! Everyone was so kind.
Please stay in touch and let us know when you do a workshop in Amsterdam, Lena.
Namaste, U ALL ROCK!

Jessica Hartley (Holland)

Dear Sunset Mountain family,

Thank you for this great week.
What a great / lovely place and wonderful experience.
I hope to see you another time.
Here or maybe in Holland.
Lots of love,

Marielle Tates (Holland)
June 2013

Dear wonderful Team

Thanks a lot!
This is what I learned here:
You Do!

Beautiful team work
“ Obrigada Lena”

Anita Cales – Sister 2

Thanks all for bringing me in another level in life.

Mica Cales– Sister 3

Dear Lena,

You are my inspiration!

With love,

Jenny Cales (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Team

Thank you teaching me about Yoga.
It was very learning/ interesting for me.
Great energy, nice place and good food.
Will be back!

Lisette van Duuren (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Ella and the rest of your wonderful team and – last but not least – all the ladies taking part in this magical experience.
I thank you for your inspiring, energetic, caring, loving, unique and courageous ways <3
You made me feel completely welome and encouraged me to continue on my (our!) path.
I would love to come back and wish you all the best.
Lots of love, Namaste

Dionne van Dijk (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Ella, Andrea

Thank you for the warm welcome in your “ home”.
“ Mi casa es su casa” has a whole new meaning for me.
Lena thank you for your powerfull spirit and energy <3
Marta, thank you for your attentionness (taking care with attention).
I learned a lot in your Yoga lab. Everyday I learn more <3
Ella, thank you for the wonderful and strong experiences during your classes. You made me aware of the unconditional support of the Earth. I´m so grateful
Andrea, thank you for making me fell welcome even after the first mail-contact. You have a very warm and open heart

I lovely thank you for all the women who where preparing our food

June 2013


Katrien Soefers (Holland)
June 2013

Queridas todas :)
Llegue aquí en busca de paz interior, en busca de un alivio para mi corazon… y me llevo mucho más de lo que nunca imaginé.
Me llevo el entusiasmo, el calor y el amor que le poneis a todo lo que haceis.
Me llevo la paz fisoca y mental que buscaba y un nuevo corazon abierto a la vida.
Me llevo el conocimiento de otros corazones, otras vidas, amablemente compartidas por todas ellas que me enseñan que todos somos únicos e emprescindibles para nosotros mismos y necesarios para los demas.
Gracias a todas las pesonas que han compartido su presencia, sus expeciencias, sus lagrimas, sus risas y sus corazones conmigo.
Me llevo muchos conocimiento para trabajar con mi luz interior y hacerla brillar dentro de este cuerpo fisico.
Gracias por compartir vuestra luz conmigo.
Pero sobre todo, me llevo a mi misma que es mucho mas de lo que vine a buscar. Ahora empieza mi trabajo, empieza a resplandecer la luz… despues de tantas puestas de sol…. surge un nuevo amanecer.
Gracias y mil gracias!!
Mil besos,

Luisa Cuesta (Spain)
June 2013


We came here as a family, all tired and stressed.
Because of your beautiful spot,lovely heathtly food, amazing pool and of course the enjoyful inspiring Yoga classes.
We will leave relaxed, found ourselves again!
Hopefully we will come back, to expierience this again!
We will continue the Yoga in Hollland but will never forget your classes.
All the best and love for everyone!
Thanks Lena, Marta and the Kitchen girls.
Love from

Marja Koppen & Hans en Suzane van der Zalm (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Firstly, I fell in love with this paradise, with Ibiza, with the amazing music with the incredible good food but most of all with the atmosphere, the people who created this and you two spirits.
It´s behond my word. I cannot explain what I felt especially yesterday: the most wonderful things happened.
I feel so vulnerable and at the same time incredibly good. It´s what you did.
You are a really Teacher to me; in so many things. Not only the spitirual ones but also about your way of living: you are a real enjoyer of life. Life in it´s fuller. That I take with me home.
Thank you so much for it!
(it changed my thinking and hopefully my life too)
xxx Love,

Annette Schilder (France)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for creating an amazingly loving atmosphere on this beautiful spot.
Lena: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guidance though this Yoga experience.
Marta: You are love & warmth! Thank you <3
Thank you Kitchen Angels!
Thank you all other ladies!
I came here stressed and tired.
I´m leaving open, relaxed and feeling loved.
Thank you!

Iris Louwen (Holland)
June 2013

A special thanks to Marta!!
I love your warmth, your peacefulness, and your openness!!
Thanks for your love!!!!!

Lena, thanks for facilitating the girls and thereby magi!


Felieke Volman (Holland)
June 2013

It was a beautiful, extremely special expirience because of the lovely people working here, the nature, the lovely food, the classes that build up to the perfect ending.
I feel more open, happy & ready to start a fresch chapter in life.
The perfect setting to let go & open your heart.
Amazing ending by Lena & Marta, have never felt so much in a rarest!
Will miss you all! Muchas gracias :)
It was Magical.

Karen Verhagen (Holland)
June 2013

PS. the surprise was amazing as well!!

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you very much for this beautiful week!
I learn a lot about myself and others!
I hope we meet again!
You´re lovely people!

Monique Foy (Holland)
June 2013

3 Juni 2013
Dear Lena, Marta and kitchen girls,
Thank you very very much for this wonderful week.
It has been a journey and it was a wonderful one.
I will go on with my life in Holland but as a different person..
Growing, learning, discovering.
I will explore new sides of myself and be very happy with my family.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart .
Maybe until, again, next year.

Maartje Groenwold (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and all the others, one big family,

We would like to thank you so much for the courses every day, the lovely and delicious food, your inspirated words which I bring with me to Holland.
We try to practice the Ayurveda things every day, so I tryed my nose this morning and it works!!
Lena and Marta, lots of peaceful.
Love for you and your family here.
We come back.

Evelyne Veenendaal (Holland)
June 2013

Beautiful ladies,

Thank you for all the wonderful week!
It´s great to see how much time, and especially love, you all put into everything you do and everything you make.
Thank you for that, and keep spreading the love like you do and creating this positive energy, it´s truely inspiring!
Lots of love,

Emma Hÿnekamp (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain Family,

Thank you for creating sucha wonderful space for us to come and be part os this week.
Thank you for making us so welcome x for the wonderful classes, food and atmosphere in wich to relax x revive. I feel truly at ease and ready to move forward with a more open heart :)
Love to you all,

Craig & Victoria Field (UK)
June 2013

Obrigada Lena!

Thank you very much for a wonderful time.
It will be a fantastic memory.
Hope to see you again!
Namaste – x-

Mo van Arc (Holland)
June 2013

Thank you for the rest, Yoga and love.
It was a good week for my mind.
Good luck to all of you,

Marjo – Maartje Groenveld (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena,

This week was so much more than I expected.
To start with the Yoga classes. Until now I was only taught the asana´s and my classes didn´t integrate Pranayama and the Chakra´s for example. So that was a whole new dimension which broadered my perspective and enriched my practice.
To be honest, I never pictured myself singing Mantras. Let alone being very happy to have recorded 2 Mantras from the band and taking it back home with me so I can listen to it at home :)
The beautiful house, the delicious food, wonderful people and the options to book readings, massages and of course Marta, made it a blessfull experience. It empowered me.
To quote Dana (from the kitchen) for a summary of my feelings right now:
“ Politics is fucked, the economy is going to crash so let´s talk about our Chackas!”.
Well, you asked me for feedback. There are 2 things that crossed my miind. Firstly, a lot happened (to me) during meditation. I would have liked to ask questions about it, but I never found the time. I know this is very personal, but I´m unexperienced in this field :). Secondly, keep on goin!! :)) The second one is the most important of the two.
Now I experienced your Yoga classes I have to find a new Teacher or School in Amsterdam.
Thank you very much. I´m very grateful for this week.
All the happiness & success to you. And again, keep on going!

Love, Helena Bousher (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and girls!

Thank you so much for the wonderful week!
It really was a great week.
I loved the Yoga, the people, the house… just great!
See you next year :)

Caroline ter Meulen (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and team,

I came here to deeeply relax and I am so grateful that you made that possible!
I relaxed physically and mentally, crating new space in my life :)
Thank you so much for the laughter, the cake, the love and the Yoga!
Take care and see you next year!

Liesbeth Hop (Belgium)
June 2013

Dear Lena & Team,

For the 3rd. Time I could enjoy your retreat.
Again it wwas an amazing week which gave me a lor of new energy and joy.
Thanks, lots of love for you all,

Kate – Marie Katrien van Grinsver (Holland)
June 2013

Om Namah Shivaya Lena,
You are wonderful.
I think you are one of the rare ones that understood the sense of Yoga and you have a great ability to live this and teach this with loving kindness.
Thanks you for being you and sharing.
Thanks a lot to your team.

With Love

Chris Schittinger (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena & Team

Thank you very much for this loving week. It was truly remorable.
Lena you are a wonderful teacher & woman. I learned so much and above all I return house regenerated & rested.
See you soon again I hope.
With love,

Carolien Pentinga (Holland)
June 2013

“Lokaha Samastaha
Sukinu Bhavanthu
Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti Ohm”
May all beings happy
May no one suffer from fear
May we always see the good in others.
Obrigada Lena
Marta: sweet gentle person
All the Cooks: muchas gracias!
And not to forget all the other ladies.

Audrey Klink (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for the great time.
You have all been an inspiration for me!!
You are warm, lovely, authentic people.
I win take the energy with me.
Hopely will meet again.
Lots of love,


Dear Lena and Marta,

I didn´t know anything about Yoga.
It was all new for me.
I want to tell you that it was a very inspiring week.
I learned new things about myself.
The way you teach is wonderful.
Direct with humor but also with lots of love.
I will remember this week forever!
With <3,

Linda Bers (Holland)
May 2013

Last year´s retreat has changed my life for better so I came back.
It gave me what I have been looking for.
Many thanks for all your lovfe and kindness.
It is a magical place you have created.
God bless you all.

Anna Gerke (UK)
May 2013

Shining Beautiful lady´s :

Thank you dor your unconditional love.
That shines through everything & everybody.
It´s beautiful to see that everybody grows during the week and come more closer to the person they really are, yourself.
And to experience that for myself is a true blessing and the best gift you can get!
Thank you!
Love and million besos! Xxx

Anne Platje (Holland)
May 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain team,

Thank you for all your lovelyness, for the warmth and support, for the thrust (food) and safety, it felt like home!
Many many hugs & kisees
Love you all!!

Iris Premssler (Holland)
May 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain family,

Thank you from my heart for your warm welcome ans special experiences I received.
New ways to learn about myself and love.
…Love from the heart <3<3 love people and all things around me.
Thank you dearest people, wishing you beauty :)
Take care,

Linda van Bers (Holland)
May 2013

Dear loving ¨family¨,

Grateful I am I could share this week in your home and feel myself connected with you and free to be me.
In full awareness and trust again.
That life is good when you / I joy into the flow…
Thak you for making this possible.
With love,

Els de Groot (Holland)
May 2013

I wish you all the best and maybe we will meet again.
Thank you for all your presents to become to myself!!
Kind regards,

Marian van Kessel (Holland)
May 2013

It has been a wonderful week.

I remember the first time I saw you: there was a pretty woman walking on the parking of “bar stop”. Wind goes through the hair and dress and I forget that I was looking for Lena. I woke up when you asked me: ‘Are you Brenda?’

As of the beginning you gave me a feeling of being home, sharing love and compassion and then I love the way you teach: not satisfied when it’s nearly good. Explaining all exercises, just to let me feel how yoga can help to release tension and give awareness.

What I always will remember “food with love”. Sometimes I took a few minutes just looking at the girls: laughing, making fun and giving love to the food they prepare. The colors were so bright. It was so tasteful!

One thing that will always stay in my mind was an exercise to open the heart  and therefor I have to trust both Lena and myself bending backwards, leaning on Lena and touching the hands on the ground.

Thank you Lena and Injoy for all you have given to me the last week

Brenda Radstake (Holland)

June 2012

What a magnificent week in a wonderful place!

But most importantly is the heart and the soul bringing all this joy!

Lena, Martha, the fantastic cooks…

I could go on and on, but the taxi is here. Thank you!

Lots of love

Danielle Dekker (Holland)

June 2012

The most wonderful place in the world is Lena’s yoga retreat in Ibiza!

I came with a mind full of sorrow and pain.

I go with the sun in my heart and wisdom in my mind.

You really took good care of me and there is not enough time to thank you for that. Everything fell in its place and made me a stronger woman.

Special thanks and admiration for Martha. You are in my heart for ever.

And the girls from the catering… super.

Lena, thanks for your time and wisdom and hope to see you again.

With lots of love in my heart and my soul I say: “Good bye and God bless you all”.


Elly Bijvoet (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha, “kitchen” girlsJ & Mo,

Thank you all so much! You’re all a big example for the rest of the world. The love that you’re all spreading just by being this loving being. Respectful to all and everybody. Amazing and so nice to experience. By having experienced it, spreading these into the world will be easier!! I’ve felt so much at home, from the first second that I arrived here. Feeling at home is really easy to say, so I would like to mention it again, I felt like home in myself.

Thank you also for mirroring all this for me. Like it is said: your inner world shown outside.

The care for all around this little paradise is also amazing, care for the food, the dishes, the house, the lessons, the well being of everyone. I feel more relaxed & close to myself, realized in a smoothing, sunny & loving way.


Lots of love,

Petra Bosman (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha, Suzanna, Mo and Co.

Thank you for a great week in this beautiful house with beautiful surroundings. The organization of the week was flawless which gave me a sense of complete relaxation, stress-free. The yoga classes were heavy (specially mentally) but I learned a lot.

Thank you Lena for making all of us feel comfortable and wanting to teach us many things without imposing anything.

Thank you Suzanna for your radiant presence, your smile and willingness to help warm my heart.

This is a place I see myself coming back to.

Thank you again!

Eline Schipper (Holland)

June 2012

P.S.  Special thank to Mo too for being kind every day!

Dear Lena, Martha, In Joy and Co

It was a week! Learned so many new things about yoga. Lena, I think you’re such a beautiful person and a great, inspiring teacher… wow! But actually you are all really beautiful people!

And the food… my god, enjoyed it so much!

Thank you for this inspiring, intensive, nice, funny, beautiful week!

‘I’ll spread the word’

Hope to see you in the future someday again!


Evelijn Hekker (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha, “kitchen-princesses”, and Dominique.

First of all, what an amazing place is this: the house, bungalow, veranda to eat, pose and yoga-deck. But the place alone is not enough; the people are the most important and you were all wonderful!

Lena, thanks for your great yoga-classes. I learned a lot from you and enjoyed your clear and funnyJ explanations! You are a super teacher and beautiful person.

Martha, thanks for your food-advises and always being there for all questions!

“Kitchen-princesses”, thanks for preparing magical lunches and dinners, and the open atmosphere you created in the kitchen!

And Dominique, you have amazing, loving (and painful…) hands, thank you so much, for everything, you are very special woman!

Everything together made me feel more open and grounded, exactly what I needed at this moment.

Lena, I will recommend you to all my students and wear your lovely shirt to promote you and Sunset Mountain!

Hope to meet you all again, maybe here, maybe in Amsterdam or in Brazil…(?)

Love and hug,

Saskia Jonkers (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and the rest of the amazing crew!

Your love, hospitality, devotion is an amazing experience that I would recommend to every one without a doubt.

Many thanks for all the kind words, patience, help, rest, lovely food and so on…

Lot’s of love,

Chantal Musquetier (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena and super girls from the kitchen

Thank you all for this lovely week! Lena, we hope you solve your problems you were dealing with this week. Thanks for the great explanations about the difficult poses, you are great at it, Lena!!

Girls from the kitchen: you are amazing!

Bye and good luck to you all.

Petra de Jong and Marrit Poortinga (Holland)

June 2012

Dear amazing women,

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your hospitality, inspiration and love. I had a week full of fun, awoke the ‘Hippie Women’ in me, enjoyed the long conversations deep into the night, solved emotional burden, gained insight into my eating habits and ideas for improvement and turned into a bronzed yogini!

This week has been super healing and I made new friends!

Very sad to be leaving tonight and at the same time very happy to know that I can return any time

A toast to you and your team!

Barbara Stoerlein (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena  and  dream team,

Thank you for this great experience.

This place is a treasure.

I hope to come back soon.

Renata Kellerova (Holland)

June 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and the cooking girls,

Thank you for an amazing, beautiful, relaxing, inspiring, week!!

Gerda (Holland)

May 2012

Dear lovely ladies,

Lessons of life…

Lessons of love…

What a great week!! The people, the place, the GREAT food, the yoga of course… it was wonderful!!

I’ll be back…


Barbara Baars (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena and other ladies,

Thank you for this week, for your kindness, caring and warm hospitality, your passion in everything. The yoga was good, the food was delicious and the place looks like paradise.

You gave me a lot to think about and remember.


Josje Burghard (Holland)

May 2012

Dear beautiful women,

I came here with an open mind + heart, without expectations, and this last week I have received so many priceless gifts, I know now, thanks to you , how to treat my body as healthily as possible and give rest to my mind. I am so grateful, also to have shared this feeling with the group.

Lena, you are a strong woman, I feel your strength and  power all over. I hope to be so!

Martha, you are the sweetest person, I hope I could be as sweet as you (according to Dominique I must be sweeter in life).

Dominique, you are an angel, what you have done to my body + mind is magnificent. If I get pregnant, it will be thanks to you .

And last but not least, the beautiful woman in the kitchen, thank you for putting so much love in the food, you are wizards!

Love, kisses and hugs

Tirza Ameerali (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena & Martha

Thanks so much for the passionate yoga lessons. I have learned a lot from it!

The accommodation & the food were great. Now I can enter into the 2nd chapter of my life!

Refreshes, revives!

‘Till we meet again.

In Lakech,

Hilde Kok (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and Co.!

My aim was to be back in the ‘yoga world’ and you have definitively achieved that. I had a fantastic week and feel energized  and grounded J

Thank you so much for all your kindness.

Lena: your dedication and compassion to yoga and this retreat makes it really special and personal. I have been to many retreats but this was so far the best.

Many  thanks, abrazos y besos to all of you.

Anke Mackensen (Germany)

May 2012

P.S.  I will be back!

Dear Lena, Martha and all other lovely people

Thanks a lot for this great week.

Lena, Martha, food, bungalow, atmosphere, CLASSES! I enjoyed I enjoyed all even the wind and cold in the beginning.  It made me realize again how important it is to be kind to yourself and it opened up my heart a little bit more. Step for step I will get there…

I wish you all, all the best and hope to meet you again.


Anja van Harskamp (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and all other persons,

Thank you for creating this beautiful place!

This is the one of the most peaceful and amazing place that I have ever seen1

I have learned a lot about yoga, food and myself.

I hope I can come back one day!

I wish you all the best,

Astrid Kowalski (Germany)

May 2012

Dear Lena and CO,

Thank you for a lovely week and for giving me a great introduction to anew lifestyle in which I feel certain I shall pursue in Denmark too!

I leave this place wanting to know more about Yoga, Ayurveda, etc.

I see this week as an appetizer for the things I am looking forward now to learn more and more about. There will be for sure some new books on my shelves at home!

Thanks also for the way you are. All people here are so kind and welcoming and I really appreciated that The only thing that leaves room for improvement would be the bed, which did not work for me.

I will definitely recommend your retreat to my family and friends.

Charlotte Ib (Denmark)

May 2012

Dear Lena and Martha and the lovely girls in the kitchen.

I feel very grateful to be able to come here and to have a wonderful week with you all.

I feel also blessed to have this experience.

I think you area great team together and there for you can make the world become more beautiful for people who had choose to have that experience with you.

I hope you will all be blessed to continue this retreat to make more people happy and spread more awareness around.

You will be in my heart forever!

Thank you very much for everything I received from you all.

Henny Deckers (Holland)

May 2012

Thank you Lena for creating this very beautiful Yoga retreat. It is PERFECT!

You and your team are all amazing.

Martha, you are a beautiful person.

Dana, your creations were delicious. I have never been so excited to eat vegetarian food before.

Lena, you are beautiful, funny and very inspiring.

And a big mark to you, Dominika, for the best massage I have ever had.

This has been a very special time in my life, and that I will never forget.

This is really the most amazing place with the most amazing team people.

I am truly and deeply grateful for all your hard work.

Much love to you all

It’s been quite a journey!

Jacqui Phipps (U.K.)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and kitchen crew

We truly learned a lot this week, while singing “ This must be just like living in paradise”.

Our spiritual minds are wide opened again.

Thank you for teaching, inspiring, laughing, and for the delicious food.

And most of all, thanks for your passion and love.

Hans Adelaar and Carolien van Well (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Martha and everybody,

What a honor to write the first testimonial from 2012!

It is a shame that I have to keep it short.

I really, really loved it here! The food, the place, the Yoga, and specially you and all the people who made it a very special week for me!

Thanks a lot, I will be back


Marije Suur (Holland)

May 2012

Dear Lena, Stefan and Ela

What can I say to describe the feelings that I had here? Feeling the divine human being that I am and that you are.

I am grateful to have experienced this very special retreat for the mind, body and soul. Lena’s lessons were inspiring, challenging and gave me peace of mind, stability. I admire her mind, sense of humor and strength.

Stefan’s cooking was direct from heaven, what a great cordial warm person he is!

Thanks to Ela for the inspiring conversations. Thanks also Nathalie and Caroline for the best time we have with each other really making between us a Karmic bonding.

Judith de Neef  (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you so much for the wonderful time at Sunset Mountain Yoga retreat.

Lena, with your guidance and encouragement my Yoga practice has improved so much!

Thank you Stefan for your tireless hospitality, culinary-creations, amazing pizzas and super juices. I will never look to beetroot the same way again!

You are a perfect partnership and deserve all the success I am sure that your retreat will bring.

I will be returning to the UK with a full heart, “buzzing chakras”, and many great memories.

Charlotte Jennings (U.K.)

May 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Before this retreat I thought I knew quiet a bit of Yoga and vegetarian cooking. You have touched me so much that that I am now aware that I know so few and would love to learn more.

But, you also have shown that you do this retreat with Love and with humor.

The most eye opening for me was the Nidra Yoga sessions, and Pizzas on Stefan’s style (what you can do with pizza!)

Nathalie Mannaerts (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you very much for a wonderful week at the perfect Sunset (sorry… “Beetroot”) Mountain retreat. I will not only remember the very fine Yoga lessons from Lena and absolutely wonderful cooking from Stefan, but most of all I will remember the great hospitality, warm, and relaxing atmosphere! I really learned a lot and returned home with a full heart. Hari Om.

Josephine Haneveer (Holland)

May 2011

To Yoga-princess and cooking-prince of Sunset Mountain Yoga retreat,

Thank you so much for the inspiring and diverse Yoga lessons, every day a new surprise! It was really magic! Food prepared with lots of attention that made it taste amazing! I am feeling happy, healthy and strong after this week

Floor (Holland)

May 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I feel so happy and relaxed after this one week of the best Yoga I ever had and the most fantastic food that you will have to carry me off this mountain to get rid of me! All the effort that you have put into getting this Yoga retreat ready has paid of in one week. It is an amazing place!

Maaike (Holland)

May 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you so much for this wonderful seven days.

Yoga classes with a Sat Guru!

Delicious vegetarian food prepared with creativity and love and spectacular surroundings. Fantastic!

Ernesto Arenas (Colombia)

May 2011

Dear Lena & Ela,

Thank you, Lena and Ela, for the relaxing and joyful week with lots of delicious food, excellent Yoga classes and the feeling of being home in Sunset Mountain Yoga retreat, and lots more!

You brought me to a good start of Yoga exercise, health food and joy.

Lena, tell Stefan that you have a great talent in cooking and spoiling us girls.

Vera Sleutels (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Ela,

I had so much fun, relaxing and eating this week. I loved it!

Thank you for the Yoga lessons, they really helped me to understand what I am doing.

Lena, your place is beautiful and I hope you will have lots of lovely people this summer. Ela, , I hope to see and join your workshop in Holland.

Desiree Minnaar (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I have enjoyed so much this amazing place you have created!

I see beauty everywhere! Thank you for the space, our sharing and fantastic food. Love and Fun.

Lena, Yoga goddess, I wish your light keeps shining walking the path with your beloved Stefan!

Till next time, blessings

Veda Ela (Pachamama, Costa Rica)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

You’ve built a place for perfect relaxation and re-energizing. I loved being here, in this beautiful environment! The Yoga classes were exceptional, exhausting, fun and taught with love and devotion. Thank you so much Lena, for making Yoga easy to learn! And for your wonderful funny presence (and not to forget the insights I gained on our first talk) Stefan, your kindness and wonderful cooking made me feel at easy all the time and not think about meat anymore!

Konstance Bittroff (Germany)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Our week at Sunset Mountain Yoga retreat was way beyond our expectations. From the first moment we felt at home because your hospitality.

Lena, you are a great Yoga teacher. We didn’t know we could be so flexible!

It was for the three of us a very emotional week in a positive way.

Stefan, the food was very good and surprising.

Lena, you are a beautiful person!

Vertebra after vertebra…

Karljn Ramakers, Suzie and Maaike (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena

I loved Ibiza! I love the Yoga and the house! I loved you and your cook! I gained a few pounds, but I am leaving the retreat very happy! Big kiss for you and Stefan and hope to see you in Amsterdam!

Katja Groeneweg (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I came with an opened heart to your beautiful place and left with an even more opened heart! I learned a lot about yoga and a lot about my inner self, unbelievable that it is possible to clear your head in such a way that you only think in the “now”, all thanks to your (Lena) lessons. I will never forget this week, it is a turning point in my life, I will definitely proceed with Yoga in Amsterdam. Hope you and Stefan will be my guests in Amsterdam soon. With lots of love.

Marie-Katrin van Grinsven (Holland)

June 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you very much for the great relaxing Yoga week. I loved all the lessons and my goal (getting rested and relaxed) is reached! I will definitely recommend it to all my friends

Pauline Egge (Holland)

July 2011

Lena & Stefan,

Estoy muy contenta por haber compartido estos dias maravillosos con todos vosotros. En estos dias tan importantes para mi ha sido como un rayo de luz que ha iluminado mi camino. Gracias

Elena Lafarga Bosh (Spain)

July 2011

Lena teaches with passion and a gentle helping hand!

The food and surround are the high lights of this perfect place!

Thanks to Lena, Stefan and Sheila

Joan Cordier (U.K.)

July 2011

Dear Lena,

Thank you for helping me refinds my flexibility and confidence in the strength of my body, after having a baby at 44 and a broken knee.

Dear Stefan and Sheila, thank you for inspiring me with new recipes, amazing bread and strengthening my vegetarianism.

Loosewies van der Laan (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

It was a great week! Thank you very much for that. It feels like home here, a lovely feeling great, food and drinks, what I already miss. I am so happy that I was here! The Yoga lessons were great.

Lena, you are a really good and sweet teacher. The Yoga was really good for my body and more important to clear my mind. It made myself happy from the inside. I am ready to go back in reality and look forward to the future with new inspiration. Thank you!

Susanne Stam (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena , Stefan, Sheila & Laura

The first day we arrived we were in shock! Our expectations were different.

The longer we stayed, the more relaxed we became. We really enjoyed this week, the Yoga, the food, the rest and the island. Even the vegetarian food! We didn’t eat meat the whole week!

Lena, thank you for your beautiful lessons, they were really inspiring. Stefan, thank you for the lift, your recipes, and help when the car broke down. Sheila, thank you for your service, kindness and permanent care. Laura thanks for your cooking and great laugh.

It was life changing!

Christa Schilderink and Daphne Agtereek (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks for making me feel home here. Your place is absolutely beautiful, the food superb, and the Yoga is great!

I wish you all the best for the future and I am convinced you are on the right path!

Corine van der Meiren (Belgium)

July 2011

Dear Lena, Stefan, Sheila & Laura

I am really grateful for this amazing and wonderful experience. When I left Holland I was not able to find the peace in me and I was totally unbalanced!

Lena, thank you for the good and challenging yoga classes. I have learned a lot and found myself back.

The food was very good and I did not miss meat at all1

Sheila, thank you so much for your kindness, this retreat will not be the same without you, and I enjoyed your massages so much! I completely balanced me!

I will miss the wonderful Yoga classes with the challenges and the good and healthy food. I wish you all the best. Laura, thank you for the wonderful cooking and Stefan, I will be looking out for your cooking book.

Brenda Paling (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank for all! I loved the Yoga, the food, the surrounding and the way you made me feel at home. I wish you all the best for the future and I will recommend you to my friends.

Saskia van der Lee (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Congratulations on your wonderful work. I wish you all great success with the retreat for the future. I am sure it will be!

I had a very special week here. Thank you for everything and much love to you!

Anna Gorbachyova (Russia)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I had a great time here! Beautiful place and very relaxing! Thanks a lot for the good and challenging Yoga classes, it wasn’t always easy for someone who never did Yoga, but after this week I feel very relaxing!

Sheila thanks for your good massage, healthy fruit juices and very nice breakfast. Laura, thanks for the good food, and Stefan, thanks for the nice recipes. I am looking forward to the book.

Kirsten Wetsteijn (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena, Stefan & Sheila

Thanks very nice for a really inspiring week with lots of good food, intense Yoga and excruciating massages. With 8 totally different women, all with different stories, we had a good laugh and a good cry. I will definitely make use of some lessons in life I had here.

Good luck with your wonderful retreat. It is already a big hit!

Emilie  (Holland)

July 2011


Thank you so much!

Sarah Claassen ( U.K.)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Great experience in a very nice and beautiful place. Yoga with a stunning view. The classes were clear and went from one step to another so also for me easy to follow. It was very inspiring and I went home very relaxed.

Also the pool, the great food, and Lena’s entertainment were wonderful. I will never forget the sunrise yoga session because of the beauty of it and because I was so afraid to sit on the edge! The trips in the old car were very nice and I had some really nice massages. (No screaming for me)

Thanks for everything, I had a great holiday!

Marleen Petrers (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks for this wonderful week. It was an amazing experience finding the beauty in yourself and others and accepting things as they are. This journey was exactly what I needed in this point of my life!

“Give and it will be given back to you” (Eckhart Tolle)

Mira  (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena, Stefan & Sheila

Thanks for a lovely week in this beautiful place and for you TLC (tender loving care!). It was nice to experience another style of Yoga, the wonderful alignment in postures and be challenged to do a bit of “cirque du solei”! I loved the personal atmosphere, please don’t loose it, and keep up this wonderful spirit!

Yoga feels like silence in motion and motion in silence…

Manya van der Meijden (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (anatha chakra / thymus humorous factor) for an absolute beautiful week, where everything was simply perfect. It was an amazing healing place with unique warmth that I will remember very fondly for the next year. Stefan, your cooking book is hotly anticipated, wow! I have fallen in love with beetroot big time! Lena, your humor, inner joy, beauty, endless effort and love are a huge inspiration! I have learned so much about Yoga, life, love, laughter and “puppies” from you!

Good bless you and your wonderful team: Sheila, Laura and not forgetting, of course the “torture team”: Miguel, Domenica and Rumi. who have given me a new pain threshold!

Stefan thanks for the little Britain clips.

You are truly magical, thank you, thank you, thank you! Sunset Mountain bliss, eat, play and laugh forever! All my love

Bev Malik (U.K.)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

You are able to make people that come for the first time to stay as a guest feel like so much at home, you know you are doing it right! I had a very nice week; the Yoga was wonderful, thank you to a very funny teacher! Superb food and lots of new energy to face life again. Thank you so much!

Namaste(I don’t know if it is correct spelling, but it is coming from the heart!)

Cindy Baert (Belgium)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

We had an amazing week of good Yoga, food, accommodation, pool, beach, company, weather and meditation. And very painful but amazing results from the massages from Domenika.

Lena, I wish you all the very best in anything you do. You are great!

Pascale Catteau (Belgium)

July 2011

Enjoy, relax and breathe!

Fantastic week! I don’t want to leave this “Arbor of peace” as we say it in French!

Thank you all, Lena, Stefan, Sheila and Laura to do all the best you can for us to feel at home, it does work! I will recommend this place; it is a must at least once a year.

Aline Walther (Holland)

July 2011

You are having an amazing retreat here. Truly wonderful and healing view. It’s been a long time ago that I felt so light and calm.

Thank you for all this and for the inspiring Yoga sessions.

Carmen de Lestre (Holland)

July 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks for this fantastic experience. I haven’t felt like this since… birth?

Thanks for making us aware of the exhausting phase we force us in every day, and to point out this definitely not the path to follow. I hope I will continue living at a livable rhythm, healthier, more aware, and more loving, of course!

All the best to you all and thanks for this great week.

Audrey van der Velden (Holland)

July 2011

Querida Lena,

gracias por haberme permitido vivir esta experiencia tan maravillosa y tan enriquecedora.

Esta mañana encontré muchas cosas que estaba buscando hacia tiempo. Mis lagrimas no son de tristeza, sino de alegría. Toda mi gratitud y cariño

Eduardo Sanchez (Colombia)

August 2011

Dear Lena

Being here was a special gift for myself. It was an eye and a heart opener in every way. Meeting people and sharing made me feel closer to experience the ultimate divine, Love through connection!

Thank you for sharing and teaching. I will take it with me and try to practice my asanas and breathing. I think about this place in Sun salutations. “Miranda”

Ingrid van Camp (Belgium)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for this wonderful week! We enjoyed the Yoga lessons and are surprised about our progress during one week. Thank for the magical birthday party you arranged for me, I will never forget it, a wonderful memory forever!

The meditations were really impressive and we intend to keep on making time for concentrating at home. We feel the love in our hearts! We wish you good luck!

Lindy Hansma and Diana Broekhuisen (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks for this magic experience!

It was like coming home after a long journey. So now I move on a free spirit in a healthy body. Lots of Love

Toos, Axel and Sam (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for a wonderful relaxing week. It was a great experience! Namaste.

Merel le Conge Kleyn (Belgium)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for the yoga lessons that inspired me and made me reflect (mental and physically) on myself. All the best for the team.

Helene Hartaman (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for this week of relaxation, stretching and eating healthy (most of the time) I really enjoyed it

Roos Blok (Holland)

August 2011

Querida Lena,

Me ha encantado disfrutar de tu acogida ( también de Stefan) y de tu ayuda.

Me marcho emocionada. Avísame cuando tengas un grupo mixto!

Un abrazo

Pilar Ruiz (Spain)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you very much for everything, your hospitality, your humor, your great cooking, the yoga, the sunrise in meditation, etc.

Hope to see you again. Namaste

Martha van der Veen (Belgium)

August 2011 (Holland)

Dear Lena & Stefan,

All the good experiences of this week will be in my suitcase for good life in Amsterdam.  Thank you Lena for this.

Thank you dear Sheila for your warm and nice company. Thank you Stefan, being a vegetarian is great.

Maria Goos (Holland)

August 2011

What can I say, semana estupenda! Thank you for making this retreat what it is.

Lena, you are a firecracker, a ball of energy and inspiring teacher. You make Yoga approachable and challenging at the same time.

I am very grateful to have stumbled upon your retreat. Maybe I will see you next year again.

Vania Cruz (Colombia)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Every moment of this week was fun, was meaningful, delicious, endearing, enriching and lovely. I am so grateful.

Yvonne kroonenberg (Holland)

August 2011

What a beautiful week Laura and I had. I am so grateful that we could spend time in your beautiful yoga retreat!

We will be back, Love you

Christa van Tollingen (Holland)

August 2011

I had a wonderful first experience of Yoga and Ibiza this week! It was great and I am very happy and excited to hopefully introduce yoga to my student life in Holland. You are a great person! Lots of love

Laura (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena,

Thanks for introducing me to yoga. You are a great and funny teacher. The week was lovely, good food, good company and great fun.

Ank Deckers (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

This was so wonderful and special. I will never forget this week or you!

Anouk Siegelaar (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for the absolute wonderful time I have had. This retreat really has the right spirit!

Lena, see you in Holland for a next yoga class!

Selma Haring (Holland)

August 2011

Cara Lena, la vita ci ha fatto incontrare. Non posso dimenticare il tuo modo di spiegare lo Yoga e la philosofia che lo accompagna, spiegata da te in modo cosi semplice, diretto, molto facile da capire…

Sei una donna molto carina, una vera artista nel condurre la tua vita, influenzando tuti in modo positivo…

Grazie de tutto, con te ho capito qualche cosa in più di questa pratica che amo tanto.

Paola Allochio (Italy)

August 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you so much for a wonderful yoga retreat in Ibiza. I feel relaxed and open-minded! I wish I could come to your yoga lessons everyday! I will miss the lovely vegetarian food, the sun, the meditation and the good laugh. At home I will continue my life as a “Vata”!

Thank again, good luck with the retreats. Lots of love!

Martine van der spek (Holland)

August 2011

Dear Lena,

I have had a truly wonderful experience here. It was everything I needed and more! I feel new and more alive now! You made everyone feel very much at home here and you are a great Yoga teacher! 5 stars for your retreat! I will be back next year and I hope I will continue my Yoga journey until than…

Much love to you and Stefan! Good luck with everything. Namaste

Lucinda Bailley (U.K.)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I am truly grateful for the wonderful retreat and the amazing part that all of you have played in it.

It was a great balance between learning new things and great fun and laughter. Really amazing and a unique experience.  I wish you all the best, lots of happiness with the new retreat and strength for all the hardship that will come.

Ying Tjoe (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena

Thank you so much for this wonderful week. It has been a great first experience with yoga and life style.

Good luck to you all and be happy!

Mandy Stemerdink (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena,

When I face the challenges that the real world will inevitable present to me, I will now know there is a space I can go back to find energy and strength.

I know it exists because I have been there. It is inside myself.

Lena, you are a true inspiration. I think I am in love… with your soul!

Thank you from the bottom of my Timo!

Mauro Morando (Italy)

September 2011

Lena, this has been one of those experiences that really make the difference.

You are a source of inspiration and really made me fall in love with Yoga.

This is the challenge I needed. I will never forget you and will do my best to come back soon. Stefan and Sheila, thanks for the great food and the sweet care of us all. Keep in touch

Antonella Ponte (Italy)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

What a nice week it was! It was 10 years ago I practiced yoga last time and this was the perfect time to start again. Looking for more strength, rest and inner peace and this week brought me a lot.

The lessons were great and I am amazed what one-week can do with your body. I love Ibiza, so I will be back again.

Stefan and Sheila, thanks for the nice food. I am looking forward to the cooking book. It was all really delicious.

Leontine Denisse (Holland)

September 2011.

Lena, Mil gracias por haberme dado la oportunidad de quedarme aquí estos meses. Aunque salió todo diferente a lo que tenia pensado, la pase muy bien. Espero poder vuelver a verte algún otro ano para que me puedas transmitir tus conocimientos sobre el yoga, y aprovecharte mejor. Gracias nuevamente!

Stefan, gracias por permitirme quedarme en la cocina, con mi poca experiencia. Aprendí mucho y me sirvió para pensar. Suerte con tus proyectos! Espero volverte a ver. Eres un excelente chef.

Laura, gracias por todo Hermosa! Soys una loca linda. Te quiero mucho. Saludos a tus 2 lindas hijas.

Sheila Viscomi ( Argentina)

September 2011

Dear sweet lively Lena

Thank you for this amazing week. Everything was in perfect balance, the food, the classes and this place feels truly like heaven/paradise for me.

The most amazing thing I experienced was the meditation during the sunrise. I felt so connected with nature, with the universe and opened up a lot of energy and awareness. I really don’t want to leave.

For the first time in a long time I know what I want do and where to go. I will see and give you a big hug in my heart every time I think back or feel enlightened.

Mariska Berkhout (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you so much for this amazing week. Before I came here I was really low in energy and out of balance. I didn’t know how bad it was until I came here. I had to go through some tough emotions and frustrations with myself but it has given me unbelievable transformation. I feel relaxed, calm and ready to go further with the stream of life without frustrations! Thank you so much, not only for the yoga lessons but also for the theory classes, the wonderful food and beautiful sunrise and nature you showed us! Lots of love.

Keep inspiring people, it is a real gift!

Bianca Faaij (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for being you! Thank you for creating this place. A first time yoga experience for me has worked out amazingly well. So… I am bewitched and my back as well, yelling for more yoga. So I will continue doing yoga.

Lena, I enjoyed seeing who you are, what you know and have experienced in life. You shared it with all of us unconditionally, that is what it is all about. Love, life, joy, happiness, etc.

Stieneke van Schuppen (Belgium)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for a wonderful week here in Ibiza. A beautiful island, a lovely house on the mountain and a very good yoga teacher. I became here more relaxed, more powerful and in a good spirit after the death of my father some months ago, this was exactly what I needed. Thanks for all!

Astrid Franken (Holland)

September 2011

My lovely Guru,

From darkness to light in one week, what more can I say…

Other than Putney teacher training here I came!


Rosie Ridgway(U.K.)

September 2011

Dear Lena,

What a wonderful week! You have created such a calming, spiritual sanctuary on the top of this hill! Looking forward to come back next year. Thank you Lena, Stefan and team.

Lesley Alford (U.K.)

September 2011

Thank you so much! I had a great time here. Everybody was so nice, even the cat!

The food was very good and the yoga was excellent! Just what I needed!

Ciao beautiful people!

Simone Korver (Holland)

September 2011

Thank you so much for the wonderful week I have spent with you! For a long time I have been looking forward to this retreat, and it brought me exactly what I was looking for. The yoga classes were very good and informative. Lena, you are a very warm, disciplined and skilled yoga teacher. I hope you will inspire many people in the future. Together with the relaxed and open atmosphere in the house you feel very much at home. Stefan, I enjoyed very much your recipes and your kind and cheerful attitude towards the people you receive in your house.

I wish you both the best for the future, with many good things to come to your lives.

Warm regards,

Sophie Bruna (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

We will not forget this beautiful first experience with yoga.

Though not always easy, we have learned to appreciate yoga in its diverse forms. Keywords: balance, inner space,  & awareness. We hope to bring something home with us!

Thanks for teaching, Namaste

P.S.  The sunrise meditation was a true spiritual experience!

Tamsin Alexander & Saskia Wijtenburg (Holland)

September 2011

Many thanks for this yoga week.

I particularly enjoyed the secret beach and the meditation sessions.

Great location and I loved the tortilla!

Stuart Lewin (UK)

September 2011

Thanks for this yoga retreat,

I enjoyed the yoga very much, and also how it came together with the theory lessons.

Loved the food too!


Cornelie Cagenaar (Holland)

September 2011

Thank you very much for this wonderful yoga week!

It was the right place to stay at, at the right time; I have spent a very peaceful week at Sunset Mountain.

Hope to come back again!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Yvonne Peter (Germany)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I didn’t know what to expect when I came here, but with the warm welcome you feel home right away. I loved the classes, each of them we’re a wonderful experience. And also the food was so good every day. I really enjoyed staying here, soaking up the sun to refill the battery for the next winter. I wish you all the best with the last 2 weeks of retreats. Good luck with rebuilding / organizing the new retreat house, I am looking forward to the photos J. Hope to see you again in Amsterdam or Ibiza; I learned a lot this week

Sophie van Dongen (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Stefan & Lena,

This one week of sunshine, warmth, yoga sessions and best vegetarian food in the world felt so much longer and more than just seven days. It was my first yoga retreat and I surely want to come back to this island and to the both of you. I am going home being really relaxed – although I now always will have the bloodhound gang in mind when I see a fire!

Take care & Namaste

Maren Juggenburth (Germany)


It felt very special to stay in Sunset Mountain! A warm welcome from Stefan on the airport, healthy, but most of all tasty food of Laura and Yvonne, intense relaxation with very special yoga sessions from Lena. I learned much more about yoga. And I learned to scream / “ breath through it” in the massages from Dominque.  I feel more relaxed and hope to hold this feeling in Holland. You all have my recommendation. Thanks for everything! Take care of yourself and good luck in the new retreat! I hope to see you again…

With love

Astrid Tjao (Holland)

September 2011

Thanks for this wonderful week. The excellent lessons, the nicest food of the island and this wonderful spot are a perfect combination.

Your lessons and the food gave us an experience that we didn’t have before.

Thank you so much

Paul de Bot & Dickey Pronk   (Holland)

September 2011

Lieve Lena,

Dank voor alle lessen, het geduld & je humor !

Ik zal deze paar dagen niet snel vergeten!

Cati Langendijk (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena,

Thanks a lot, I enjoyed your yoga and ‘eat’ lessons. I am going to do yoga in winter. Hopefully I will have such a good teacher as you! Keep your good humor and mood

Lonneke Arntz (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks very much for the lovely week!

I really liked the yoga lessons, the great atmosphere, food (thanks Laura & Jolanda) nice people and everything I forgot to mention. This week felt like a month and that’s a positive thing! J

Tamara Renaud (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks for the wonderful week in your retreat!

I learned so much you Lena, finally I know how to breath!! J

I’ve never been so relaxed after a week of holiday.

I am really looking forward to see you next year in your new house,

And perhaps we see each other in Holland…

Lots of Love xx

Ilona de Neef (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

This has been a blessed, harmonic and complete experience.

I loved it!

Marina Nasi (Italy)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

So inspired and going home full of determination to make yoga a life style.

Loved the lessons, good food and the good spirit

See you in Holland. Namaste

Inge Bakker (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena,

Never experienced yoga lessons given with so much humor!  It made it light and relaxed and this made it possible for me to find and push my boundaries without even thinking about it. Thank you for making such a safe and fun place.

It was exactly what I needed, and now from here I can explore further what yoga has to offer for me.


Love, light and lots & lots of smiles

Rose Wobben (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thanks for the lessons, I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the food. I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the company. I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the walk to the beach. I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the tips. I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the smiles. I enjoyed it!

Hope to see you some time!

Marco Buitendijk (Holland)

September 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

I am not a big writer or somebody of many words, but I am somebody of deeds.

And coming back here next spring is the deed to show my happiness for having been taught & stayed here with you.


Marjan van Morel (Holland)

October 2011

Loved it!

Loved it!

Loved it!

Gracias mucho!

Monika van Dam

October 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

Thank you for being a home and for your love and care!

I cherish this place so much, it is a heaven of quiet and peace and I find your spirits such an inspiration. The yoga classes are wonderful, so is the food – thank you Yolanda- and I feel like home with a family here.

Lots of love and see you again

Caroline Chur (Austria)

October 2011

Dear Lena, Stefan, Laura & Yolanda,

When I came here I never had taken a yoga lesson in my life, and I know I will do sun salutations for the rest of my life! I had a great time meeting you all and the girls in the group. I feel very blessed to have been able to experience all the beauty of Ibiza, the wonderful yoga, the yummy food and the inner peace!

This was such a great group, all lovely people!  I had a great time with everybody.

Hasta siempre!

Vicky Kuaaitaal (Holland)

October 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

From the day that Stefan found me on Facebook, as old friends do I kept on thinking about the pictures I saw on his page and your website. It became a dream to come and to do a retreat. I checked when the last retreat of the season would be and I had only one day to make up my mind. That same afternoon I had my ticket; my dream has come true. Lena, you are such a wise and wonderful teacher. I will practice what you taught me for the rest of my life. You are also the greatest storyteller. We have had some good laughs, it was also great to see my old friend Stefan back, and you are a lucky man to have found Lena. Good luck with your preparations on the new house. I already know it’s going to be beautiful!

I love you both and you can be sure I am going to be back.

Love, Love, Kisses, Amore

Sacha (Holland)

October 2011

Dear Lieve Lena Jolanda, Laura, Stefan,

I really want to say thank you for giving me this gift, you are always in my heart.

And I will take everything I have seen and learned with me.

This was the best experience of my life. Jolanda, thanks for being here and saying the right things that I can take with me to set me free.

Laura, I love you and your food.

I will come back soon to see you all

Lots of love and peace

Dikke zoen van :

Fama Karkaje (Holland)

October 2011

Dear Lena & Stefan,

It was lovely and very insightful. My body likes yoga a lot. I knew that of course but needed the reminder. Both Dominique and Miguel opened up my true self plus made sure that I finally will start to take care of my poor body. Lot’s of bodywork, hahaha. Jolanda & Laura fed it wonderfully,

And Lena…no words to describe

Arigato, thanks, muito obrigada, dank je


Birgit Dautzenberg (Holland)

October 2011

Just thanks for opening my soul.

Thanks for everything…

I’ll be back

Vicky (Austria)

October 2011

Dear Lena, Stefan, Laura and Jolanda,

Not knowing what to expect, it was a great experience. The yoga lessons as well as the food were very good and I will advice other people to come here.

I learned about my body and myself and I got a lot of useful advices.

Lena is a super teacher and she has great humor, which is important

Thank you for everything and I hope to come back once.

Lots of love

Muchas gracias

Jetty Zwiep (Holland)

October 2011

Lenaaa !!!

Muchísimas gracias por esta semana tan especial.

Espero que tengan unas deliciosas vacaciones y verlos pronto en la nueva casa.

Ha sido una experiencia extraordinaria.

Mil besos a Laura, a Stefan y Jolanda !

Ha sido una de las mejores semanas del ano

Mariana  di Ferdinando( Venezuela )

October 2011

Lena y Stefan,

Queridos amigos,

Gracias por haber sido parte del comienzo en mi camino hacia mi relación yoguica !!

Simplemente Uds. son personas maravillosas, me voy a casa con el cuerpo, el alma y la mente rejuvenecida. Después de esta inolvidable experiencia.

Les deseo una vida llena de salud, prosperidad, felicidad y amor

Hasta siempre………..mmmm

Jasbleidy Sanchez  ( Colombia )

October 2011

El ultimo día !

Tenemos el honor de ser las ultimas que se quedan aquí en el ultimo retreat…., but it is so sad to see everybody leaving….os quiero todos !

What a week!

What a place!

What a holiday!

Probably the best I ever had as I did exactly what I wanted:

Wonderful yoga and theory classes.

(Thanks Lena, you’re the best!)

Super healthy food, thanks to Laura and Jo.

Great company (Thanks girls).

And incredible sunsets, beaches, places, plus … an amazing massage that opened my soul!!!!!  (Thanks Miguel y Domenique)

I will be back!!!


Antonella Torti (Italy)

October 2011

Grazie Lena,

Per questa bella settimana. Ero incerta su I resultati, ma tu con la tua simpatia e semplicità gli hai fatto scomparire, soffiando su quelle nuvole che offuscavano il mio spirito. Porterò nel cuore I tuoi insegnamenti, ma non ti prometto di non mangiare una bella fiorentina da 500 gr….

Ramazzai impressa nella mia mente e cercherò di ritrovare il mio equilibrio con I tuoi insegnamenti. Ci rivedremo nella tua magnifica casa nuova. Un abbraccio forte, forte

Tamara (Italy)

October 2011