by Lena Tancredi

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Testimonials 2015

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Dear Lena and Esther ,

You both are wonderful people.
Lena with your kindness, serenity, humor and professionalism.
Esther: helpfully, kindness, good teacher.
It felt like paradise on earth. Such a lovely place!
We would like to thank you with a warm heart for everything.
Simone Kasteleijn & Teuntje Werweij (The Netherlands)



Dear Lena & Esther,

Thank you for sharing your love, happiness and knowledge.
It has been really inspiring.
I have found a little bit of me again. Thanks!
Warm regards & love
See you next year!

Natalie Kabalt (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Nana, Ali and Sven,

Thank you for another incredible time in your house and your warm atmosphere.
I found peace and got many, many gifts.
I will remember the warm is between you’re in cold and dare times in Germany.

I’ll come back.

Gabriele Wüchner-Schmidt (Germany)


Dear Lena & Esther & Nana & Ali & Sven,

For me it was my second retreat with you AND I loved it!
What I found here with you was pure life, the present moment and pure love!
See you next year!

Nicole Rosenkranz (Germany)


Dear Lena and the whole staff,

Thank you so much for this inspiring week.
We enjoyed the Yoga session, the food (!!!) and the most beautiful
location of Ibiza!
We hope you’ll be successful in everything you do.

Lots of love,

Nadine Breure & Eveline Dirks (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther & Crew,

Thank you very much for this amazing week.
I’ve been doing yoga for quite sometime, but you surprised me with your
humorous, spiritual and thorough approach, loved it!
Same goes for the lovely place.
Tasty food and easy-going atmosphere.
Thank you!

Lotte  Huijsman (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther & the rest of the wonderful staff,

Thank you so much for a lovely & special week.
I didn’t have any specific expectations upon arrival but the week proved
above and beyond anything I could imagine.
Everything was inf great harmony: the yoga, theory & relax.
I felt very pampered and relaxed.
This week provided inspiration for my daily life and brought out the best
of me.
Except during dinner time.. I suppose, but the food was just too good!
Obrigada e até a vista!
Com muito amor

Astrid Van Wurmond (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Nana, Ali and Sven

Thank you for a truly inspiring and uplifting week.
You are special people and this is a special place.
Also a huge thank you to everyone else here, it was a fantastic, warm and
wonderful pump of people.
I can’t even remember feel so relaxed!!!
Lots of love,

Ian Haworth (England, London)


Dear Lena, Dear Esther and all the rest of wonderful crew,

I truly want to say thank you for creating such an amazing place full of
love, joy, happiness, brightness, relaxation and energy.
It has been a very special week which I’m sure never forget.
All the energy will stay in my heart for a very long time.
Lots of love,

Anne Ruehl (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and the rest of the amazing crew,

This was my second time here and I thank you again for this joyful,
inspiring yet ”funful” week like lost time, the feeling is that you
plant some seeds and now I will grow them will care and gratitude.
This is a really life changing (for the better) experience and I’m sure
this is not a goodbye, but a ”see you soon”!
From my grateful heart,

Chiara Colombo (Italy)


Dear Lena and Esther,

– Perfect start into Yoga for me
– A week with only positive things
– I will try to love myself

See you soon or maybe in our next life

Sandra Zistler (Germany)


Dear Lena & Esther,

Thank you so much for this amazing and cordially time here!
It was very inspiring and touching to me and brought me way deeps into the
philosophy of Yoga than expected.
I could really feel that you support the passion to us.
All the best for both of you!

Cornelia Bachmaier (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and the entire crew,

I really had a good time with all the chickens.
It was a magical journey from the beginning to the end.
Hope to meet you again once
Loads of love

Boa (Arie Welle – The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Edina, Sven & all other staff supporting (like the
lovely diets)

Many thanks for a great experience.
It has been a beautiful week with just the perfect mix of pranayama,
meditation, asanas, laughter, relaxation, and delicious food.
This is a beautiful location which you fill with your passion and care for
Yoga and we hope to see you again.

Camilla Udd & Peter Vorholt (Sweden)


Dear Lena and Esther

Thank you for this wonderful retreat in this relaxing place.
I really learned a lot more about Yoga.
Hope to see you sometime again.
With love,

Sabine Boellaard (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the rest of the staff,

It was a real eye-opener to realize I’m a short-armed, chicken girl
totally not sited as a crane. It enlightens my life !
Seriously. I really loved this week. It was my first real Yoga experience
and I left very very good.
I feel relaxed, light, rested and a lot more flexible. So good to not take
care for anyone else but me for a week.
Thanks for this great journey, full of laughter, exercise, breathing,
chanting and the food!
Lots of Love,

Esther Mende (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

I loved the classes.
I loved the food.
I loved the scenery.
Wow! it´s an amazing experience.
I´m sure I will be back again.
And yes ! I relaxed my egg ! Yeah!
Thank you!

Sacha Kramer (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

Thank you so much for the hospitality, your patience and all the good work
you are doing in this amazing place.
Would love to come back and sleep in one of the cabins

Simone van Hees & Marjolein Hormes(The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for the headstand.
I did it! But most of all,
thank you for everything!

Monique Kitzen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

Many thanks for a fantastic introduction into Yoga.
All the best,

Kika Kaldenbach (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & Esther,

It was a wonderful time with you at your peaceful, beautiful place.
Thank you for everything.
I keep you in my heart.

Karin Aquilino (Switzerland)


Dear Lena and Esther and Co.

I loved it all, and learn much about myself
Thanks for everything and we´ll come back to much more.
See you,

Cindy Claus (The Netherlands)


Lovely Lena, Esther & all the staff,

What a stay! My first “real” Yoga experience and first week from home alone.
But what a warm and welcoming place you have here.
I really needed a place to feel warm, loved and relaxed to think some
things over but especially to be in contact with my inner self.
And you together with Virginia and Sebastian helped me enormously to allow
me to do so. It was all so right for me.
I sled some tears but had a lot of laughter as well!!
Love you, this place and the island!
I´ll be back!


Amber van Tilburg (The Netherlands)


What an amazing place you´v created here!
It´s a real paradise.
For me everything felt in place this week.
All the Yoga experiences and the Ayurveda, the chakra´s, the pranayama´s
exercise makes more sense now!
I lost myself a bit in the Rat Race of daily life with a new business and
2 small children but here I found myself back!
What a lovely people you selected around you! Esther, Edina, Ali,
Sebastian, Virginia..they all have their unique talent and all of them
helped me to find myself again in complete relaxation.
Muchas gracias!


PS: (the coffee girl)

I will take this place and the love with me in my heart and I hope to come
back soon!

Laura Ten Bruggencate(The Netherlands)


Lena , Esther and all,

Thank you once again to help me things more clearly again.
When my vision becomes cloudy again I shall return to have another amazing
week that gives more than I thought could be given.
Love you always,

Emma Simpkins (Great Britain)


Lena , Esther, Sven, Ali, Naná and love Sebastian and other woman with the

Thank you for this wonderful week! I enjoyed working with my body the Yoga
And the massage of Sebastian…wow!
All of you know deep and well what you are teaching, thank you for that!
And what an amazing ending of the class yesterday
Thanks for everything!!!
I might be back!
The non Yoga girl

Aida Grims (The Netherlands)


Dear all,

Thank you so much for everything.
For me it was the first time to travel alone but from the first moments I
felt myself so welcome.
I hope that I have the opportunity to come here for a second time.
It was such a paradise here.
Thank you all!

Petra van der Horst (The Netherlands)


A big Yogi breath full of thanks to all the staff of Sunset Mountain for a
wonderful week!

Jacqueline Overduin (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the rest of the crew!

Thank you so much for all the good things that happen to me this week!
The Yoga practice was for me the best ever.
The food was delicious, unbelievable great!
Hope to see you soon again!
For me it was 10 points if I have to give a number.

Kitty Harmsen (The Netherlands)


To all the sweet people in this home,

I have learned Yoga here with a smile and a cry so special.
You are so special.
Words are just not there to explain.
Thanks for everything.
I will come back.
Lots of love,

Sandra Langelaar  (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Ali, Sven, Virginia and everyone else of the crew,

I am so happy to be here for a second week! This probably says it all…
Thanks to Esther I´m finally able to do the Sun Salutation and thanks to
the magic hands of Sebastian my neck is feeling much better.
I will be here til June 11th and I´m looking forward to it.
Loving you all, big hug.

Ayen  Veldhuijsen (The Netherlands)


I would like to stay all Summer…
even want to work for it, sweeping floors or something.
That says it all…

Second week of  Ayen Veldhuijsen (The Netherlands)

Dear Lena and Esther,

Thanks for opening my heart!

Anne Roberts (UK)


Dear Lena, Esther and Crew,

Many thanks for being so inspiring, you are all fabulous people.
I feel I have learnt a lot from this week, the Yoga and the theory classes
were insightful and I will take away a lot from them.
I leave this wonderful place feeling very peaceful and I hope to see you
again in the future!
Lots of Love,

Charlotte May (UK)


Dear Lena, dear Esther, dear everyone!

Our first time here, I felt so much at home already.
This week has been great , yesterday you told us to wake up grateful, with
grateful thoughts, so here I am practicing it, hell yeah!
Grateful for the Yoga lessons.
And that I now know how to contract my gluteos and how to attack people
who want to touch my buttock in the Blue Marlin
Feel like we´ll meet again.

Hanneke Last (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I loved it!

Linda Goodschalk (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I enjoyed everything very much!!

Wilma  van de Wetering (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for this wonderful week with you.
It was a real present and I go home with lots of inspiration!
I´ll definitely come back!


Simone Groenendijk (The Netherlands)


Inhale life
Exhale love
Thanks for this moments.
The best wishes,

Janina Schenke (Germany)


Dearest Lena and Esther  (2 diamonds) and great team

Thank you very much!

Anna Permilovskaia (Russia)


Before 1 week Yoga I was a  seed
After 1 week Yoga I am a beautiful flower

It was lovely, thank you!

Susie Zai (Switzerland)


Lena + Esther,

Thank you very much for what you taught me, although if I think, which
nice things in my life are on the  don’t you dare list, I will do just
It´s been a fantastic week.

Katja  Imboden (Switzerland)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for the beautiful time!
See you next year!

Maria  Pizzorusso (Switzerland)


Lena & Esther & all the Team,

Thank you for a wonderful week in Ibiza.
Was a fabulous setting  & much generous hospitality.
The Yoga practice and theory were spot in and I´m taking too much a way
into my own life and practice.
You are inspirational & fantastic teachers.
Om shanti

Fiona Shepherd (UK)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I would like to say thank you for much love and sunny days with you

In love

Isabelle Naef (France)


Dear all,

Without words…
Thank you all for everything

Ellen & Patricia Dekens (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, Ali, Sven and Edina,

Thank you for the wonderful time.
My stay is fantastic from the beggining until the end.
Yoga class 10
Atmosphere 10
Food 10
Staff 10
Location 10
Massage Sebastian 10

I´ll be back!

Esther Syberden (The Netherlands)


Inspiring Lena & Esther,

Thank you both for your caring & humorist approach.
I learned a lot about doing and being.
Thank you from the bottom of my thymus

Vanessa Heytens (Belgium)


Beautiful Lena and Esther,

Your fabulous body and happiness has inspired me to take my Yoga more
Thank you for a fabulous week and helping me to reach zen like enlightenment!
If you ever decide to visit me again call me so I can give you some of my
famous gipsy macarons!
Lots of love, Namaste

Angela Yip (UK)


Ibiza, July 2015

Thank you for the cool Yoga lesson of relaxed me so strong.
I felt like new!



Incredible good to be back at this fantastic retreat.
After my week in 2014, I knew I had to come back  and I did.
Grateful for all the love, the food and the harmony.
Love you all,

Gina Wahlund (Norway)


Dear Lena and Esther,

I really loved to be here, thank you!
I learned a lot and get really relaxed and load my batteries.
If you are in Munich phone me!
I would be happy to be in contact with you , see you again!
I loved your stories with your cats

Yvonne Mascheradu (Germany)


My Dears,

It was wonderful and really inspiring to get you to know!
I enjoyed every minute of Yoga with you and the fantastic meals cooked
with love.
I would love coming back one day.
Aa Ohhm Shanti Shanti


Daniela Dremmel (Austria)


Dear Lena and Esther

Wauw! Best holiday / experience ever!
Learned a lot, laughed, cried, relaxed, enjoyed the lovely prepared meals
who surprised me every day.
Loved the way Lena brought Yoga the way she did, with humor and very clear
and easy to follow.
My compliments to you all!
You can be proud of yourself! Good job.

Barbara Sterherburg (The Netherlands)


Lena and Esther,

Thank you so much it´s been an amazing experience. It has all worked so
new, the Yoga was fab, your knowledge, teaching methods , love ,
compassion has been this wonderful.
You are both very strong, inspiring ladies and it is an amazing gift you
share with us.
This week has had been such a positive effect on me personally.
I feel ready to face my life with a new perspective & gratitude.
Love & Thanks to you all

Louise Fulcher (UK)


Dear Lena and Esther,

What a beautiful woman are you!
Thank you for all your love,

Dear greetings,

Annemiek Gefen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you for this fantastic first week in Ibiza. Also my first real
experience with Yoga. I really enjoyed all the theory and lessons. I
really feel enriched with so much beautiful information and I can´t wait
to tell other people at home about it .
Thank you both special and lovely women (all the people at this retreat)
Maybe see you next year <3


Nerissa Schansman (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Team,

Thank you for a colorful week.

Iris & Willermien Westrik (The Netherlands)


Just saw your book at the last minute… driver´s waiting…
Thank you so much you made me feel at home!
Loved how was going, yet always “available” you were.
May the light shine on your girls!

Rahel Mbassi (UK)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the beautiful people around you,

I really enjoyed my stay here. The lessons were very good and you and
Esther are fine teachers.
You teach with joy, humor and you are very clear in your instructions.
The whole stay was like a warm bath (there is a lot of warmth and love in
this place!).
And the food was great!
I wish you all lots of love.
Warm regards,

Monique Schreuder (The Netherlands)


If someone could put a light on you, than it sure is you Lena & Esther <3
It´s not just the Yoga, but the whole atmosphere is vibrating with your
beautiful energy.
You let the love flow in & I´m sure I will lock my heart & keep this
moment forever.
I treasure the beautiful moments & the revelations you brought me.
Let there be light
Let there be love

Leni Goossens (The Netherlands)


My thanks & love to all at Sunset Mountain.
All is love and I thanks you for lighting the day for me to expand my love
from within me, to encompass the Universe.
I will carry you in my heart.

Catherine Ecob (UK)


In between history and future attacks is a little paradise where all falls
in place.
Thank you for all inspiration, lovely kindness, knowledge and humor.
This was a wonderful week that exceeded all my expectations!
I hope to come back again.

Sandra (Alexandra Veenstra – The Netherlands)


I am very grateful I could be here and experience this wonderful Yoga
Learned a lot, and take this with me in my daily life. Inspiration come to
Food was also amazing even as the garden with view and swimming pool.
Total relaxation of body and mind.
With love to Lena & Esther.

Nelleke van der Linde (The Netherlands)


To Lena and Esher,

Thank you “to the moon and back infinity, a billion” , as my (6 year old)
son would say. I had hoped to improve my downward dog here in Ibiza, and
calm my monkey mind – little did I know that you wonderful women would
unlock my lamp, not to mention my dodgy right hip!
Joking aside, your generous, kind & calm warmth and humor were like a
precious gift. This is a good place, and you do good things.
Bless you.

Belinda Stevens (UK)


Dear Lena, Esther & Team,

Thank you for my personalized teaching.
Sunset Mountain is  really beautiful !
You are amazing teachers! I really want to thank you for new positive
energy and vitality! And serene atmosphere! Good food and anything!
I would heartily recommend your place to anyone!
With a lot of respect & love
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry train or usher
storm, but to add color to my sunset sky!” Thank you ,

Danusia Glowicka (The Netherlands/ Poland)


Blue moon
Open heart
Breath in Breathe out
Food orgasm
Beauty in everything

Words tail me really, I leave with a feeling, an experience that is hard
to put in words.
Thank you for your loving care, your toughness, your friendliness, your
It was the best holiday week I ever had in my life and the best present I
could give myself.


Ikram Choho (UK)


Dear Esther, Lena, Andrea, Susana & everybody

Second time at this amazing place!!
I am so grateful I found a place where I can recharge and clear my mind.
You all inspired me to pass on the positive vibes in Yoga and in life.
Some people go travel months to find happiness and I went to Sunset
Mountain one week…
I will start my teacher training in September , passing on the light and
wisdom which I found here.
Hopefully we will se each other again in Amsterdam this winter.
Definitely coming back next summer!! (future attack )

Andrea: thank you so much for picking me up at 4AM after a 18 hour flight
Kitchen: thank you so much for the amazing food! Going to miss it for sure!!

Lots of love,

Nadine Krijnen (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Dear Esther and the whole Sunset Mountain team,

We totally fell in love with the place and all the amazing people around!
Thank you for making this experience so special and heart-opening for us
with all the warmth, positive energy and happiness you gave us.
We enjoyed every single minute of our 2 weeks stay!! All the wonderful
memories we will keep in our hearts and will take the great feeling and
spirit back home with us.
Hasta la proxima!

Andrea, Tekla & Anna- Sophie Schmidt (The Netherlands)


Dearest Esther, Lena & Staff,

Thank you for letting me come here with my daughter, I loved it here and
even she has no friends of her age, I´m sure all this positive energy also
radiated to her, even without practicing Yoga
We´ll be back in 2016


Victoria Levi & Veronique Delli Zotti (Luxembourg)


Dear Lena & Esther,

You created such a beautiful place on earth here & it has been a wonderful
The Yoga was amazing – thanks for all the laughs!
Esther – you have been a real gift to all of us this week
Sana Seeds – thank you for the lovely food, it was great day after day!

Lots of love,

Sandra Rouagha (Germany)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Thank you so much for a wonderful week of Yoga.
Great food. Laughter and fun.
I have enjoyed so much being here and learning more about myself and my
Yoga practice.
I will miss waking up every day in the woods and the beautiful view from
the pool.
You have a very special place here!

Lots of love,

Andria Hooper (UK)
P.S.: Thank you to Sana Seeds for all the Gluten free care!


Dear Lena, Esther and the whole Sunset Mountain team,

It was a great week of Yoga, funny jokes during the classes, special new
aspects for me, harmony, love and freedom.
I think I´m a bit light than before  and thank you to the Universe for the
amazing sunset every evening!!


P.S. Great food

Sandra Stoll (Colonia/ Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and all Sunset Mountain team,

Thank you so much for your great positive energy, laughter, jokes,
meditation, detox, great food, fantastic place and help in releasing these
trapped emotions in the heart chakra.
I will surely come back to practice Yoga with you again.
Lena, you are indeed an amazing woman and Yoga teacher!
This week has been amazing and I feel I have grow up much by bringing out
a better version of myself.
With friendship, light, respect and love

Valentina Santoro (Italy, Roma)


Lena, Esther y todo el equipo,

Muchisimas gracias por abrir las puertas de esta casa y sus corazones para
permitirnos recordar como lo esencial no es lo que dia a dia creemos
Gracias por la alegria que irradiais a diario y que transmitis a traves de
cada enzeñanza.
Me voy llena de energía, muy equilibrada y espero que pronto haya un
reencuentro para recordar nuestra esencia.
Besos y abrazos,

Maria del Pilar Olloqui (España/ Colombia)


Dear Lena, Esther,

Thanks for all the inspiration, good vibrations, tears and pleasure.
I didn´t expect anything …and it is unbelievable what happen to me in
your classes, this beautiful place. Going a step further!
Thank you for that

Sandra  Gschwendtner (Stuttgart)


Dear Lena & Esther ,

Thanks for all the love, peace and joy.
I think this is a really magic villa!
Everyone should come and stay here to recover itself.
Really thank you to everyone of the team to SHARE THE LOVE !

Rosella (Rome, Italy)
P.S. : The cat is something so special…who was she before?


Ha sido un retiro muy especial!
Siempre os tendremos en nuestro corazón.
Muchisimas gracias
Besos desde Madrid

Bea Valdes y Luis Soriano (España)


Dear Lena, Esther and all Sunset Mountain team,

Thank you for all your warmth, sunshine, happiness and laughter.
It has been a very special week, to which words cannot do justice.
You have a magical place here and I look forward to my next visit!


Paola Fudakowska (UK)


Dear Lena, lovely Esther & whole crew,

Thank you so much for giving me experience in what Yoga is really about…
and your love!
Found me coming here spitted up in pieces and make me leave this magic
place as a whole again.
Not yet unlighted, but on a really good way 😛

Big hugs,

Anja Leiszlig (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the Sunset Mountain crew,

This second time, again, I had a wonderful stay at this lovely place!
I loved the food, the Yoga classes, the people and this place.
Thanks a lot for everything
Lots of love,

Brenda van den Broek (The Netherlands)


Thank you for the wonderful week with lots of love and laughter.
I really enjoyed your classes and Sunset Mountain.
Big hug,

Ivanka Eijman (The Netherlands)


Thank you my dearest Lena.
Wish you all the best concerning the things happening in your life.
I had a great time and restored quite some.
Thank you & Esther for that.
Bye, bye
All the love,

Renate Lukassen-van der Weide (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and Sunset Mountain crew,

Thank you for a fantastic holiday! Thank you for bringing depth to Yoga.
At the same time, thank you for demystifying Yoga with your humor and down
to earth approach.
We loved everything!
Warm hug for everybody
We’ll see you again

Marjo van Ekelenburg & Jeroen Theunissen (The Netherlands)


… We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a

Thank you for this special & wonderful week!
I really enjoyed it!

Hugs & kisses

Nina Kotar (Austria)


Thank you Lena, for the enthusiast
& Esther, for carefulness

Katrin Leys & Leen Lagae (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and crew,

We want to give our gratitude for all we have learned, experienced,
laughed, loved…
I found the best vacation ever here at Sunset Mountain!

Sweet Lena: stay as you are
Sweet Esther: live, laugh, love, learn as you are perfect!

Till we meet again

Carolien Feyaerts – van Gorcom & Frank van Gorcom (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the Sunset Mountain team that made my Yoga week
a truly, re-laxness, inspiring & precious.
I’ll remember a lot of the tips & taught that you gave me and use the
tips/ practice when back home!
Make sure that the laughter & good vibrations are always around in Sunset
Mountain & in your hearts.
I really enjoyed the retreat & the people & the food & the view & the

Big thank you!
All the best to you!
Big hug,

Alex (Alexandra Vassileva – Bulgaria)


Lena, Esther & all the beautiful souls in this home,

Thank you for making this little planet a more beautiful place.

All my love,

Aditi Ghiya (Italy)


Querida Lena, Esther y a todo el equipo de Sunset Mountain,

Mil gracias por hacer esta semana única y compartir vuestra alegría y amor.
Me voy llena de buena energía, felicidad y grandes recuerdos en mi corazón.

Con todo mi amor…
Hasta pronto!

Mayca Hernandez (España)


Dear Lena, Esther and the team,

It was the best decision I made this year to come back to your retreat.
I loved the lessons even more and learned a lot more.
The weather was great, the food was very good.
I hope to see you again in Amsterdam or on this adorable island.


Esther Smit (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and all the others,
It was lovely to be here again, surrounded by love, joy and happiness.
The lessons were wonderful and I learned a lot more.
I enjoyed the food, it tasted delicious every day!
Hope to see you soon in Amsterdam!
Thank you for everything!



Geralde den Akker (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena and Esther,

Grateful to experience another week of love with you.
Your love and devotion is like a warm bath.
You are my home away from home!
Every time I leave this place I am a better version of myself.

Thank you!
With love,

Chantal Musquetier (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, dear Esther,

Thank you very much for this week.
You have a wonderful place here. This week was my entrance in the world of
Yoga. It couldn’t be better.
Thank you for the lessons, the laugh, the love, the lovely meals, etc.
Hope to see you again!

With love,

Nelleke Zuiderent (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena & dear Esther,

Muchas gracias once again for a wonderful week!
I feel totally re-energized and relaxed after this special retreat.
There is something magical in the way you lead us through the asana´s &
the meditation.
The flow is natural like a warm bath. Plus the explanation & the good
humor completes the experience!

And to the rest of the crew:
Edina, Sven, Naná & Andrea
Also a super big thank you for your help, service, kindness & very
delicious meals that are a pleasure for the body!!!

With love,

Brenda Smith (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and Staff,

As a beginner I felt in love with Yoga: thank you for your lessons, your
humor, your dynamic way of teaching.
I will come back! I wish you all the best in life, love and health.
With love,

Astrid Schipper (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and everybody,

We wish to see you in the cold winter in Amsterdam this year!
Thanks for everything

Cati Langedijk (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and the rest,

Thank you very much for this wonderful week!

Susan Knippenbergh (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther, staff (especially the cooking staff)

It was good to feel that I was at the right time at the right place!
You irritated me, but therefore I recognized my blockages.
You were able to open my heart, to feel space and to start to continue my
new path.
A special thanks to all staff and especially to the kitchen staff.
It was a real added value to be surprised daily by beautiful plates!
With love, namaste (and I will remember you when I sing my 2 new mantra´s)

Yvone de Bree (The Netherlands)
P.S.: Good luck with your new enterprise to write a book!


Dear Lena, Esher and the cooking ladies,

Thank you for the wisdom, warm attention, laughs, professionalism and luxury!
Now I really know what Yoga is all about!

Yosta Vos (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and the “support team”,

I came to this retreat to find peace, to be alone and to study a book,
which should help me to become clear about some important decisions for my
I found a wonderful place with wonderful people and so many advices that I
could make my decision on the way to find my way of life – without needing
the book…
I am so thankful for this experience and all this energy I gained here to
get back and take over the real life again…
Muchisimas gracias por todo,

Janine Altmann (Germany)


Dear Lena, Esther and fabulous “support team”,

What a great week I had at Sunset Mountain.
Never thought that Yoga would be so much fun.
I laughed and cried, ate & drank 10 liters of herbal tea and learned so
much about the Yoga lifestyle. Loved it all!
Thank you so much & see you in Amsterdam, I hope.


Heidi van der Zande (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and team!

I had amazing time here, thank you for all – Yoga, meditation, food,
facilities, tears and smile, and much more.
Sometimes words are not enough to describe all happiness and feelings, but
believe me I have great holidays!
Kisses and see you in Amsterdam.

Anonymous (The Netherlands)

Dear Lena, Esther, Ali, Naná, Edina, Sven,

What can I say that the whole week was so great like I said: fantastic
Yoga, amazing food, great help of everyone….and even better company!
Muchas gracias y hasta la proxima!  Besos para todos!
Thank you for the butterfly man!

Lukina van der Werf (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and Crew,

Thank you all for the amazing time I had at Sunset Mountain!
You really give me inspiration and energy to take home and practice more!
Looking forward to the advanced repeater class!

Lots of love

Jessica Bijsteveld (Austria / Netherlands)


Dearest Lena,

How can I thank you for the beauty and love that I experience every time
when I study Yoga with you.
It is amazing to have a teacher where I can lock up to.
You put too much effort , emotion and care to the retreats.
Thank you from the centre of my heart.
Much love,

P.S.: I loved the Gayatri mantra, Yoga philosophy sessions and the

Sunset Mountain:  Esther, Ali, Naná:
Much love , thank you for the lovely classes and for the BEST MEALS IN THE
WORLD! Clearly made with love.

To Edina:
Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and care

Martina Swart (USA)


I am a butterfly now!
Muchas gracias y hasta luego


Gianna Recavallo (Switzerland)


Thank you for the amazing week!

Rahel Inauen (Switzerland)


Dear Lena, Esther and others,

Thank you for a wonderful week.
I hope to come back one day.
Big hug,

Desirée van den Heuvel (The Netherlands)


Dear Lena, Esther and everybody else:

It was a wonderful week.
Lots of love,

Tanya Hautermans (The Netherlands)


Lena, Esther, Edina, Sven & Sebastian,

Thank you so much 4 everything!
I was able to reach my goal in this 2 weeks.
Become supple & strong, find my serenity &  put my mind in its rightful
You have no idea how much you all helped me.
Kind regards, love & all the best to you!

P.S.: Please come to Zurich sometime!!

Joelle Meyer Rioux (Switzerland)


One of the best mother/ daughter moments ever thanks to Lena and Esther
two devoted Yoga teachers with an open heart, understanding and empathy.
Thank you for this week.

Monique Wylock (The Netherlands)



You tell such a nice stories with a lot of mimics and visual images!
I really laughed a lot and liked listening to you!
Esther, thank you for the help and beautiful smiles every day!
It was a SUPER experience…
Enjoy your time off the coming months!

Big hug,

Helena Nilmet (The Netherlands)



It was lovely to be able to spend another week with you!
I feel at home here and really love the way that you all are with all of us.
Thank you for all your kindness, teachings, wonderful food and beautiful
Un abrazo muy fuerte para vosotros y disfruta las vacaciones!!

Suzanne Peters (The Netherlands)


Dear Esther & Lena,

Thank you for everything!
You both so much fun, but also very knowledgeable and very skilled Yoga
Food was awesome as well !
Keep up the good work :)


P.S.: I missed you to say good bye to you in person! Thank you for
everything it was a very fun and inspiring week! You girls rock :)

Kerstin Drabek (Austria)