by Lena Tancredi

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Testimonials 2014

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Dear Lena, Martha, Andrea, Esther, Kitchen girls and Guruji

Thank you for the wonderful stay. It was a good experience and I I had a super time.

Although it was my first time to do Yoga I enjoyed it very much. The theory lessons were nice and pleasant to listen to, I learned a lot. To all of you lots of love and good luck!
Lots of love,

Francine van den Brom (Holland)


Hi Chicas & Guruji

What a beautiful place you are working and living in…

Thank you for your hospitality and feeling me at home the first minute I arrived.

I came for warmth, rest and pleasure and Yoga; I found it all here.

All the best to you all!


Francesca Apeldoorn (Amsterdam)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Martha, Esther, Andrea and the whole Kitchen staff! And Guruji of course…

This is a perfect place for Yoga on this magical island, and you, Lena are very inspiring and giving abundantly your energy. Your teaching is clear, strong, precise and heart warming with devotion. And, very important, with humor!

I loved your classes with eyes closed, could feel the Chakras. And I never understood Ayurveda in confusing books, now I get it! Came here quite closed up, but I got my Vata strongly back, so glad!

The partner Yoga with Marta was very special, she is so sweet!

Thanks for the fantastic massage too.

It was great and moving experience, thanks to all of you… love and blessings.

Ieneke van Bergen (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, dear all,

Thank you for this fantastic week! What a wonderful place! I really enjoyed the Yoga classes and the warmth of all. I could recover energy and confidence… a real gift! I hope that I will come back soon!

All the best, love

Anne-Carole Dawance (Switzerland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Marta and all the wonderful women around,

This retreat was wonderful. It was my present for my 50th. Birthday.

All the women on a top of a mountain at Ibiza gives me power, strength, courage, tenderness, beauty and good vibes.

Thanks and see you again!


Josselin de Haan (Holland)


Dear Lena, Marta, Susana, Barbara, Xavi and Daniela,

When I left Holland I was really looking forward to this retreat.

Every day was very special for me and when I thought it could not get any better…it just did!

You all knowhow to make people feel at home and be one family.

Thank you so much for every thing and I bring warm feelings home.

I will not forget you all and this experience. Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hella Vroegop (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, dear Marta and all of the team which made my stay an unforgettable one.

It is beyond words and description, what I would like to say to you after this unique week.

Only I can say: Thank God, that I was allowed to meet you! Thank God for all the gifts that I found here!

May HE always guide and protect you!!

The small Guruji touched my heart as well as you did! Take care of him, please!

Love, light and peace to all of you.
Gabriele Wüchner-Schmidt (Germany)

May 2014


Dear Lena, dear Marta and the whole lovely team!

I never felt you do business. What I felt here and with you was real impression of giving hard light.

Lovely, softly, kindly and sweet atmosphere. I hope you will find someone and find also a place where you can relax in a similar way like we when I was here.

All the best! Lots of love,

Nicolle Rosenkranz (Germany)


I met this amazing woman called Lena.

She is a real latina.

She taught me about Chakras, sex and puppies.

And now I am her groupie!!!


Dear Lena, Marta & Team

I came here with an open mind and no suitcase.

You gave me clothes, wisdom, energy, beauty and so much more.

I am forever grateful.


Kathleen Lambrecht




GRATEFULL con mucho amor

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in your life. Tip if you must – but take the step.

Everything comes to you in the right moment.

Once again I found the confirmation for this…here on Ibiza with this incredible energy on the island.

Thank you… it is difficult to find words what intense and beautiful gift you gave to us, to me. I felt the sensation with all my senses – it was WHOLE LOVE

Thank you for sharing and teaching your wisdom with us, Lena. You are wonderful, funny and real. That place you created SUNSET MOUNTAIN is magic. I`m so happy I found the way to you. I felt like collecting pearls and I want to integrate Yoga in my life.

Thank you kitchen team for the unique food <3 everyday just tasteful…

Thank you for being there for all  needs Marta, Lena…

Thank you Marta for your lessons – your are like a fairy. Thank you Guru G for being here.

Thank you for this unforgettable energy experience. For me it´s life changing.

Anja Tschudi (Switzerland)

May 2014


Dear Lena,

The trip was a present to my 50th Birthday.

I feel a lot of gratitude, that I could enjoy this lovely week in your retreat. I feel like if I have won million dollar in my life! I had the feeling this was the pure, clear fortune. The best a woman in my age could do to myself her soul and her body!

Lots of love

Keep your paradise like it is.

Catharina v. Consbruch

Best regards to Marta and the rest of the team.

Send me an invitation when you come to Zurich.

May 2014


Dear Lena, Esther and the rest of the lovely team

Thank you so much for the incredible week!

You guys were impressive in every way!

An unforgettable experience!!!

Big hug,

Veerle and Annelies (Holland)



We are grateful, balanced, inspired, feeling blessed, happy and content.

Thank you for the amazing retreat, food (even for allergy), Yoga classes, clean apartment, view, positive atmosphere and energy and the love .

Astrid Koehli & Angela John (Swiss)


Querida Lena, Esther, Sue, Xavi!

Mil gracias de corazon por vuestros cuidados, vuestra hospitalidad, viesestra onda…

Me encanta este lugar, la energia, las risas y la buena compañía.

Volveré!!! Y no tardaré mucho…

Enjoy the ride

Teresa Arias (España)



Dear Lena, Esther and the other beautiful people,

Thank you for helping me to understand, experience, accept what “love yourself” truly means

Big kiss and hug

Vesna Jutte (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Esther and the others of the team

Thank you so much for this beautiful experience, the lovely care, the beautiful food, the fantastic massage (Esther you are so special!!!) and the wonderful Yoga classes, I understand so much better now! You are all very beautiful people

I will miss this special place!

All the love,

Caroline Westdijk (Holland)

May 2014


Dear Lena, Esther,

Thank you very much.

Thank you for open your house.

I learn really very much and I am grateful for everything.

Thank you

Lilyan van de Beek (Holland)

June 2014


Dear Lena, Esther, Xavi and Sue

Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

I will never forget this week and all of you positive people of the Sunset Mountain.

Lots of love,

Wendy Pooters (Holland)

May 2014


Dear all,

The way I started to follow last year after being at Sunset Mountain is getting more and more satisfying. Thank to you all.

With love,

Thea Bloom (Holland)



Dear Lena and the crew

Thank you for giving me my body back.


Martha Nor Hansen (Danish)

June 2014


Dear All.

Thank you for being.

With love from

Merete Nor (Danish)

June 2014


Querida Lena,

Antes de cualquier cosa, Feliz Aniversario.

Gostaria de dizer a diferença que me proporcionou com este tempo passado em Ibiza retreat. Na minha vida pessoal e em todos os sentidos. Me sinto mais eu mesma, de volta a mim. Tenho que trabalhar muito, continuar o que aprendi.

Muito obrigada por tudo, sua maneira de comunicar, sua pessoal maneira me admira. Amar a mim mesma é a melhor liçao.


Cristiane Vasconcelos (Brasil)

June 2014


Dear all,

What a wonderful, amazing experience again!!! When you think it can´t get better the second time, it did.

It was so lovely being here and we take home a lot of new energy and experiences and love.

Thank you so much!hank you!!

Anne Marie Dowes (Holland)

June 2014


Dear (lovely) everybody,

1 Universe

9 Planets

204 Countries

809 Islands

7 Seas

And I had the privilege of meeting you.

Namasté! Thank you!!!

Fem van Zuylen (Holland)

June 2014


We follow our heart

we free ourselves of labels

We lose control willingly

We trade o role for reality

We love the unfamiliar

We trust strangers

We own only what we can carry

We for for better questions, not answers

We thruelly graduate

Yoga is rebellion in its purest form

Thank you!

Darja Brouwers (Holland)

June 2014


Thank you for your love, warmth and very special time in your paradise.

I will never forget this beautiful week.

It´s in my heart an I will take it with me during my journey in this life.

I am sure the memories will comfort me in difficult times.

With love,

Sabine Parent (Holland)

June 2014


What an amazing week!!

Thank you for everything.

Lots of love,

Amy Bloemendaal (Holland)

June 2014


Dear Lena and team,

“ A good teacher is this who shows you where to look, but don´t tell you what to see”.

Thank you very much for the great week in paradise, for your love, the amazing food.

I will take a bit sun with me in my heart.

Namaste with love,

Catrin Grossman ((Germany)


Restored, re–energized, full of love and warmth, all to take home!

Thank you for this wonderful week and the unforgettable moments.Lots of love, luck and happiness,

Marie-Claire Krayenhoff (Holland)

June 2014


“ If you are depressed, you live in the past

if you are anxious, you live in the future

if you are peace, you are living in the present.”

With Lena and her team, here at Sunset Mountain villa you are living in the present and leave with love, happiness and peace.

Thank you for helping me transforming my life.

Lots of love, hugs & warm thoughts.

Kasia Gebala (France)

June 2014