by Lena Tancredi

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Testimonials 2013

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Dear Lena,

This holiday the retreat was the best gift I could give myself!
Thank you for initiating me in Yoga and learn to love myself.
Gran beso,

Katleen Straetmans (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena,
Thank you for all the things you have given us.
They are all gifts to me!
Thanks to all your lovely staff too, they are very special.
I have enjoyed every minute of m stay, finding a little bit more of me also.
I´d wish I could stay longer to find even more peace and quiet.
I will miss the good food, the quite and the ambience, this stay here will always have a special plce in my heart.
Stay as you are, all of you :)

Leonie Slond (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena,

Thanks for the beautiful week!
I very muh enjoyed your classes.
The classes brought me to myself.
The Nidra Yoga was also very wonderful!
And the food! Never eat so good in my life <3


Paulien (Holland)
October 2013

Thank you for the wonderful week, beautiful moments will give me beautiful memories!
Thank you for being you, allowing me to more being me!


Danielle Bus
October 2013

Dear Lena,
Thank you for the nice holiday!
Good food, Yoga,people… I have learn a lot!

Karin Bertels (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena and Crew,

This was the second time for me, and my experience was deeper on the whole system, I felt the benefits every day!
The combination of everything was good to relaxing and enjoy my week.
Lots of love for Lena and Marta and the cooks. See you on,

Dani Bus
October 2013

Love you all!

Margriet van der Goot (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for the wonderful experience again.
My baby likes the Yoga and the food here.
It has grown a lot which is a sign that had a lot of rest.
Hopefully we´ll meet again next year.

Lonekke Arntz (Holland)
October 2013

Marta and Lena,

First Yoga retreat in Ibiza. Which an amazing experience!
Getting clean and peaceful inside body & mind, wonderful Yoga lessons and real nice people to meet. Nice veggie food.
Maybe there could be some little more meditation exercises. Maybe Yoga exercises in which people connect physically (Yoga poses, double person).
At last very happy and good Yoga retreat.
I will reccomend to all of my friens from Holland.
Love, kind regards,

Ronald Ubbink (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Lena and dear Marta,

Again, we did not make it to the full end of the week.
So, we have to come back!
Lena, hope you are doing well during Wnter time and please come to Amsterdam. And take Marta with you!


Cati Langedijkt (Holland)
October 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain family,

Again I had such a great time here!
After the second day I was totally relaxed and I enjoyed every bit of the week.
Thank you for making Sunset Mountain feel like a home for me.
See you next year!

Jamy Mus (Holland)
September 2013

Again it was a serene an special experience to be in your place of love and kindness (and good, good food!).
Had work, fun and relaxation.
Always in my heart and on the way to a new awareness.

Mieke Houdijk (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and cooking girls

Thank you very much for the terrific week.
We spent with you in your beautiful retreat Sunset Mountain.
I really enjoyed the intense lessons and I really loved the fantastic food!
Taking home a lot of new ideas.


Josephine Brower (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and the whole crew,

Thank you so much for making this beautiful experience possible.
Thank you for all the love, warmth and wellbeing you create in this amazing place.
I´m going home with a feeling of strenght and love inside me.

Anne-Marie Bekker (Holland)
September 2013

Hola Lena, Marta and the crew,

This week was a special week for me!!!
Because of the very warm welcome I got and the strenght I gained from your Yoga lessons which both of you give with passion!
Muchas gracias y besos,

Carolien Lamers (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you very much for this wonderful week!
It was a life changing experience and I will definitely come back!
Thank you for the Yoga with personal feedback. The special meditation sessions. The food. The amazing views and specially your warmth and kindness!


Anouk de Bruijn(Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thanks for your love, stories, experiences and trust!
There are no words to dewcribe what this week means to me…

Judith van der Hoever (Holland)
September 2013

Ball of light ….with elegance
Love Ohm
Sunset Mountain
One. Smile. Divine. Being.
Breath Detox
food – food – food :

Fleur Groos (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and Kitchen crew,

Thank you for the great Yoga experience.
I learned a lot. Had a lot of fun and I´m going home feeling relaxed and with a lot of faith.
I hope to see you next year or this Autumn in Amsterdam.
I´m going miss the sunset and the lovely food.
Lots of love,

Femke Sebrechts
September 2013

Dearest Lena and Marta,

For the 4th. Time here, now together with my daughter Fleur.
It was fun and amazing as always!
Lots of love,

Marie-Katrin van Grinzen (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for this amazing week!
I really loved the Yoga classes, being with the group and of course the food.
The energy of Sunset Mountain helped me to relax and just be myself.

Annelies Nap (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and Kitchen crew and other staff,

It is hard to leave such a wonderful place… :( But I take with me a lot of good memories: great Yoga, fantastic food, a special group and also some interesting & emotional experiences. Loved it!
Thank you, take care and see you in Amsterdam…or a next retreat?!

Marjolein Okkinga (Holland)
September 2013


Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you so much for everything.
It has been amazing!

Hedwig Thyssen (Holland)
September 2013

Thank you!
I had a wonderful time.

PS: Looking forward to the Cookbook.

Lonneke Rentinck (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for all what I have learned.
It was great!

Netty Rigter (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

What a great and inspiring week.
Thanks for all the goods, nice food, etc.
I loved it!

Carolien Rigter (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Dana, Barbi, Susi and Andrea and all the people in the back.
I leave today with clouds in the sky, but I will never forget the sun inside myself and in all of you, I discovered here again!
Big hug,


Manu Wurch (Switzerland)
September 2013

Dear All,

I had an amazing time again here with all of you.
The absolutely delicious food InJoy , the Yoga, the people, the view, the place.
It was all just I needed and definitely my best last minute decision to book and come again after an amazing experience last year.
Definitely coming back to magical Ibiza.
Love, love, love

Margot van der Wal (Holland)
September 2013

Dear Lena & the crew,

Thank you so so much for this amazing experience!
It´s quite difficult to explain in words how much we enjoyed the classes, food and friendly people we met!
We are very impressed by the effect of the deep Yoga practice and meditation. We will definitely incorporate this style in our daily Yoga practice at home.
We are leaving today with a very warm and happy feeling.

Melody Malekzadeth and Tim Roubos (Holland)
September 2013

Thank you for being such a powerful woman, Lena!
Amazing energy + care for everyone.
Marta is just so sweet and full of love.
Thank you for making this place a home for us.
I released emotions , found peace, expansion and love

Marie Broad (UK)
September 2013

Dear All,

Thank you for a wonderful week learning the principals of Yoga, great food and a beautiful aura reading.
We hope come back to Sunset Mountain one day again.

Mariekke van Bommel & Tessel Kuijten (Holland)
September 2013

Dear All,

My holiday plans changed at the last minute so I had to look for something else. And then I
found this: karma had chosen :)
So glad that i turned out this way, otherwise I had never had this wonderful unforgettable experience! Thanks for the really nice yoga classes, the delicious food, the wonderful surrounding and accommodation. I will spread the word. Lena, love your smile :) and i hope to see you in Amsterdam. Namaste!

Jantien van den Vet (Holland)
August 2013

We had a lovely week at the retreat!
Intense classes, delicious food and great environment
Inspiring overall!!


Angelina & Sarshe
August 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain Retreat,

Many thx
How wonderful you are!
You filled my heart woth warmth jay
Life is beautiful with all of you
I will come back, for sure!
Xxx with love

Anna Salabi (France)
August 2013

Dear Lena and others,

Thank you si much for everything.
I had a great week, learned a lot, met so nice people, felt so much love and happiness.
The villa and surroundings are beautiful, I enjoyed it so much.
Just as the food and great Yoga lessons. This experience had a really positive effect on me. Maybe I will come back some day :)

Lots of love,

Marieke Beerda (Holland)
August 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and kitchen ladies, our cookers Princes and Princesses,

Wow! What a place! Beautiful inside and out. It was a true blessing to be here, meet the wonderful dub of people, enjoy stunning Yoga classes, be surprised twice a day by delicious dishes full of energy and love. I fell in love for Ibiza and Sunset Mountain.
You gave me the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen while surrounded by all of you.
Thank you, lets see if we can set up a Yoga workshop in Rotterdam this Winter. I might be back!

Marijn Marina (Holland)
August 2013

Posto incantevole.
Belle persona.
Esperienza fantastica.
Bye Bye

Sabrina de Mauro (Italy)
August 2013

Grazie per la bellissima esperienza che abbiemo condiviso.
Con amore, pace e nuova luce!

Raffaella Cordursi (Italy)
August 2013

Dear Lena & Marta,

Thank you so much for these 2 beautiful weeks. I had an amazing time and I will miss you alooot!!
Blessings to both of you
Peace of mind
lots of love to you

Carmen Lye (Switzerland)
July/ August 2013

Dear Lena, Marta & all the other ladies!

Thank you two beautiful weeks, for the teaching what yoga is all about :)
Lots of love to all of you!

Kim Kleinert (Holland)
July/ August 2013

Dear Lena,

You were right!! Despite of all the sinces problems on my right, this morning, I wake up and found my right nosteril to be open!
Not only my nose opened, but also my heart opened up here.
Thank you for this experience…
Lots of love to all!
Melanie Holterman (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena,

You really make me feel what yoga is about. Thank you so much for this great experience.
With love xxx

Marleen de Broekert (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and kitchen-lady´s,

Thank you so much for this beautiful week at this beautiful house. I feel my toga has been
deepened and will take this home practice in my daily life. I loved Lena´s humor and Marta
tenderness and the food…!

Martine Nijhoff & Kallista Veltkamp (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena,

Thank u for a wonderful week folked with great food, wonderful Yoga and lots of nice people in a fantastic house.
Lots of love,

Kevin Charlston (UK)
July 2013

Dear Lena and crew,

I had a wonderful week. I´m learned and cleaner
Haved the yoga food and the people.
And i was touched by the surprise night
haved it here!

Eveline ter Meer (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena,

Thank you for the yoga retreat!
I have learned a lot from you.
The lessons..It was really great!
I take this experience with me!
The food was also delicious!
A nice place, with a beautiful view!
And I loved the after dinner surprise!
Thank you! Lots of love

Kaja van Dijk (Holland)
July 2013

Hola Lena!

This was such a GREAT experience for me. The first time yoga touch by a wonderful yogi on a beautiful place with lovely people. I opened up and I know now that yoga can be the key to love yourself, to feel inside emotions.
Also I learned I´m a Pita, vata which helps me to take care of myself. The food was so tasteful and made me by lovely cooks. Resume: And experience that I will never forget, and I would highly recommend to all my friends.

Un abrazo muy fuerte! Besos!

Neeltje Mooring (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Dana, Barbie, Martha, Susanne, Andrea and Feliz,

Thank you for the wonderful week…
It´s a magical place on a beautiful island…and you guys really make it, with the fantastic food, great sense of humor and muscle bending yoga ( I still feel them all :) )
Never meet a fantastic bunch of people, plus pussy! Now have a been so emotional with in
on holiday – in a good way :) ! Shame it has to end but…
I´m already planning my return….

Lots of love,

Catherine Haller-Meyer (Switzerland)
July 2013

Thank you Lena, Marta and the great kitchen girls.
Thank you for having a fabulous time on Ibiza!
With love,

Trea Daling (Holland)
July 2013

Thank you ALL for the wonderful week!
We´ll be back!

Nina Dierssen (Holland)
July 2013

Thanx for all.

Ingrid Schoonveld & Ina Hateboer (Holland)
July 2013

My beautiful family!

You gave e one of the most magical experiences in my life. It is lifechanging.
I will miss you so so much!!
I will be back…
Have fun and stay in touch.
Million of kissens and hugs. Thank you!

Ksenia Goryainova (UK)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Susie, Dana, Barbie..

Thank you for all making this week unforgetable.
You have all worked so hard, provided so much fun, love and laughter.
The Yoga and meditation classes have been like-changing.
The food too!
Hopefully we meet again.
Much love and biggest blessings,

PS: Love to Feliz!

Sara Ward (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and all the amazing people!

Thank you so much for this holiday!
I have had such a good time and fell so relaxed! Thank you for teaching me new things and sharing your home with me!
Have learned so much and you have all made me think about now I should live my life.
The food was amazing and made me fell like I should eat like this at home! I have really loved it here and you all will never be forgotten! Thank you!

PS: keep in touch!

Anna Ward (Holland)
July 2013

Hello ladies,

I really enjoyed this amazing place, with all it has to offer.
It was the best Birthday present I made for myself.
LOVE is all we need, and we can never have enough…
Thanks for all the magical moments.
It opened my heart for the better.

Warm regards,

Sonja Sims (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain family!

I think everybody though this week was AMAZING!!!
Tank you so much for everything what I learned from you!
The food was also very AMAZING!
Thanks for that too!
Sunset Mountain family you are always in my heart. Thank you for everything.

Love and kisses,

Jacqueline Nijzink (Holland)
July 2013

P.S: I will see you in November in Holland. Please send me a email.

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for the beautiful experiences here on Sunset beach. O really come closer to myself which was the purpose of this week!

Warm regards,

Saskia Hoogenboom (Holland)
July 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

I want to thank you from my heart because after a week here I feel like I was born again, and that´s exactly what I needed.
I feel love agains and I feel myself maybe for the first time. This is amazing.
Thank you again for teaching me what Yoga is all about LOVE!!


Elena Marchetto (Italy)
July 2013

Dear Sweet people!

I had a great experience here… Thank you so much for that!
If you ever visit Amsterdam, you´re more than welcome at my sweet place called:
Human Beauty!
Big hugs, xx
Jessica Wichers (Holland)
July 2013

Same date, same place, same time, same name…
Yes! This is the other Jessica, the brunette Jessica from London. Anyway!
I would like to thank the entire crew at Sunset Mountain for such a wonderful time. I enjooyed every minute! Everyone was so kind.
Please stay in touch and let us know when you do a workshop in Amsterdam, Lena.
Namaste, U ALL ROCK!

Jessica Hartley (Holland)

Dear Sunset Mountain family,

Thank you for this great week.
What a great / lovely place and wonderful experience.
I hope to see you another time.
Here or maybe in Holland.
Lots of love,

Marielle Tates (Holland)
June 2013

Dear wonderful Team

Thanks a lot!
This is what I learned here:
You Do!

Beautiful team work
“ Obrigada Lena”

Anita Cales – Sister 2

Thanks all for bringing me in another level in life.

Mica Cales– Sister 3

Dear Lena,

You are my inspiration!

With love,

Jenny Cales (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Team

Thank you teaching me about Yoga.
It was very learning/ interesting for me.
Great energy, nice place and good food.
Will be back!

Lisette van Duuren (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Ella and the rest of your wonderful team and – last but not least – all the ladies taking part in this magical experience.
I thank you for your inspiring, energetic, caring, loving, unique and courageous ways <3
You made me feel completely welome and encouraged me to continue on my (our!) path.
I would love to come back and wish you all the best.
Lots of love, Namaste

Dionne van Dijk (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena, Marta, Ella, Andrea

Thank you for the warm welcome in your “ home”.
“ Mi casa es su casa” has a whole new meaning for me.
Lena thank you for your powerfull spirit and energy <3
Marta, thank you for your attentionness (taking care with attention).
I learned a lot in your Yoga lab. Everyday I learn more <3
Ella, thank you for the wonderful and strong experiences during your classes. You made me aware of the unconditional support of the Earth. I´m so grateful
Andrea, thank you for making me fell welcome even after the first mail-contact. You have a very warm and open heart

I lovely thank you for all the women who where preparing our food

June 2013


Katrien Soefers (Holland)
June 2013

Queridas todas :)
Llegue aquí en busca de paz interior, en busca de un alivio para mi corazon… y me llevo mucho más de lo que nunca imaginé.
Me llevo el entusiasmo, el calor y el amor que le poneis a todo lo que haceis.
Me llevo la paz fisoca y mental que buscaba y un nuevo corazon abierto a la vida.
Me llevo el conocimiento de otros corazones, otras vidas, amablemente compartidas por todas ellas que me enseñan que todos somos únicos e emprescindibles para nosotros mismos y necesarios para los demas.
Gracias a todas las pesonas que han compartido su presencia, sus expeciencias, sus lagrimas, sus risas y sus corazones conmigo.
Me llevo muchos conocimiento para trabajar con mi luz interior y hacerla brillar dentro de este cuerpo fisico.
Gracias por compartir vuestra luz conmigo.
Pero sobre todo, me llevo a mi misma que es mucho mas de lo que vine a buscar. Ahora empieza mi trabajo, empieza a resplandecer la luz… despues de tantas puestas de sol…. surge un nuevo amanecer.
Gracias y mil gracias!!
Mil besos,

Luisa Cuesta (Spain)
June 2013


We came here as a family, all tired and stressed.
Because of your beautiful spot,lovely heathtly food, amazing pool and of course the enjoyful inspiring Yoga classes.
We will leave relaxed, found ourselves again!
Hopefully we will come back, to expierience this again!
We will continue the Yoga in Hollland but will never forget your classes.
All the best and love for everyone!
Thanks Lena, Marta and the Kitchen girls.
Love from

Marja Koppen & Hans en Suzane van der Zalm (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Firstly, I fell in love with this paradise, with Ibiza, with the amazing music with the incredible good food but most of all with the atmosphere, the people who created this and you two spirits.
It´s behond my word. I cannot explain what I felt especially yesterday: the most wonderful things happened.
I feel so vulnerable and at the same time incredibly good. It´s what you did.
You are a really Teacher to me; in so many things. Not only the spitirual ones but also about your way of living: you are a real enjoyer of life. Life in it´s fuller. That I take with me home.
Thank you so much for it!
(it changed my thinking and hopefully my life too)
xxx Love,

Annette Schilder (France)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for creating an amazingly loving atmosphere on this beautiful spot.
Lena: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guidance though this Yoga experience.
Marta: You are love & warmth! Thank you <3
Thank you Kitchen Angels!
Thank you all other ladies!
I came here stressed and tired.
I´m leaving open, relaxed and feeling loved.
Thank you!

Iris Louwen (Holland)
June 2013

A special thanks to Marta!!
I love your warmth, your peacefulness, and your openness!!
Thanks for your love!!!!!

Lena, thanks for facilitating the girls and thereby magi!


Felieke Volman (Holland)
June 2013

It was a beautiful, extremely special expirience because of the lovely people working here, the nature, the lovely food, the classes that build up to the perfect ending.
I feel more open, happy & ready to start a fresch chapter in life.
The perfect setting to let go & open your heart.
Amazing ending by Lena & Marta, have never felt so much in a rarest!
Will miss you all! Muchas gracias :)
It was Magical.

Karen Verhagen (Holland)
June 2013

PS. the surprise was amazing as well!!

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you very much for this beautiful week!
I learn a lot about myself and others!
I hope we meet again!
You´re lovely people!

Monique Foy (Holland)
June 2013

3 Juni 2013
Dear Lena, Marta and kitchen girls,
Thank you very very much for this wonderful week.
It has been a journey and it was a wonderful one.
I will go on with my life in Holland but as a different person..
Growing, learning, discovering.
I will explore new sides of myself and be very happy with my family.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart .
Maybe until, again, next year.

Maartje Groenwold (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and all the others, one big family,

We would like to thank you so much for the courses every day, the lovely and delicious food, your inspirated words which I bring with me to Holland.
We try to practice the Ayurveda things every day, so I tryed my nose this morning and it works!!
Lena and Marta, lots of peaceful.
Love for you and your family here.
We come back.

Evelyne Veenendaal (Holland)
June 2013

Beautiful ladies,

Thank you for all the wonderful week!
It´s great to see how much time, and especially love, you all put into everything you do and everything you make.
Thank you for that, and keep spreading the love like you do and creating this positive energy, it´s truely inspiring!
Lots of love,

Emma Hÿnekamp (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain Family,

Thank you for creating sucha wonderful space for us to come and be part os this week.
Thank you for making us so welcome x for the wonderful classes, food and atmosphere in wich to relax x revive. I feel truly at ease and ready to move forward with a more open heart :)
Love to you all,

Craig & Victoria Field (UK)
June 2013

Obrigada Lena!

Thank you very much for a wonderful time.
It will be a fantastic memory.
Hope to see you again!
Namaste – x-

Mo van Arc (Holland)
June 2013

Thank you for the rest, Yoga and love.
It was a good week for my mind.
Good luck to all of you,

Marjo – Maartje Groenveld (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena,

This week was so much more than I expected.
To start with the Yoga classes. Until now I was only taught the asana´s and my classes didn´t integrate Pranayama and the Chakra´s for example. So that was a whole new dimension which broadered my perspective and enriched my practice.
To be honest, I never pictured myself singing Mantras. Let alone being very happy to have recorded 2 Mantras from the band and taking it back home with me so I can listen to it at home :)
The beautiful house, the delicious food, wonderful people and the options to book readings, massages and of course Marta, made it a blessfull experience. It empowered me.
To quote Dana (from the kitchen) for a summary of my feelings right now:
“ Politics is fucked, the economy is going to crash so let´s talk about our Chackas!”.
Well, you asked me for feedback. There are 2 things that crossed my miind. Firstly, a lot happened (to me) during meditation. I would have liked to ask questions about it, but I never found the time. I know this is very personal, but I´m unexperienced in this field :). Secondly, keep on goin!! :)) The second one is the most important of the two.
Now I experienced your Yoga classes I have to find a new Teacher or School in Amsterdam.
Thank you very much. I´m very grateful for this week.
All the happiness & success to you. And again, keep on going!

Love, Helena Bousher (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena, Marta and girls!

Thank you so much for the wonderful week!
It really was a great week.
I loved the Yoga, the people, the house… just great!
See you next year :)

Caroline ter Meulen (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and team,

I came here to deeeply relax and I am so grateful that you made that possible!
I relaxed physically and mentally, crating new space in my life :)
Thank you so much for the laughter, the cake, the love and the Yoga!
Take care and see you next year!

Liesbeth Hop (Belgium)
June 2013

Dear Lena & Team,

For the 3rd. Time I could enjoy your retreat.
Again it wwas an amazing week which gave me a lor of new energy and joy.
Thanks, lots of love for you all,

Kate – Marie Katrien van Grinsver (Holland)
June 2013

Om Namah Shivaya Lena,
You are wonderful.
I think you are one of the rare ones that understood the sense of Yoga and you have a great ability to live this and teach this with loving kindness.
Thanks you for being you and sharing.
Thanks a lot to your team.

With Love

Chris Schittinger (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena & Team

Thank you very much for this loving week. It was truly remorable.
Lena you are a wonderful teacher & woman. I learned so much and above all I return house regenerated & rested.
See you soon again I hope.
With love,

Carolien Pentinga (Holland)
June 2013

“Lokaha Samastaha
Sukinu Bhavanthu
Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti Ohm”
May all beings happy
May no one suffer from fear
May we always see the good in others.
Obrigada Lena
Marta: sweet gentle person
All the Cooks: muchas gracias!
And not to forget all the other ladies.

Audrey Klink (Holland)
June 2013

Dear Lena and Marta,

Thank you for the great time.
You have all been an inspiration for me!!
You are warm, lovely, authentic people.
I win take the energy with me.
Hopely will meet again.
Lots of love,


Dear Lena and Marta,

I didn´t know anything about Yoga.
It was all new for me.
I want to tell you that it was a very inspiring week.
I learned new things about myself.
The way you teach is wonderful.
Direct with humor but also with lots of love.
I will remember this week forever!
With <3,

Linda Bers (Holland)
May 2013

Last year´s retreat has changed my life for better so I came back.
It gave me what I have been looking for.
Many thanks for all your lovfe and kindness.
It is a magical place you have created.
God bless you all.

Anna Gerke (UK)
May 2013

Shining Beautiful lady´s :

Thank you dor your unconditional love.
That shines through everything & everybody.
It´s beautiful to see that everybody grows during the week and come more closer to the person they really are, yourself.
And to experience that for myself is a true blessing and the best gift you can get!
Thank you!
Love and million besos! Xxx

Anne Platje (Holland)
May 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain team,

Thank you for all your lovelyness, for the warmth and support, for the thrust (food) and safety, it felt like home!
Many many hugs & kisees
Love you all!!

Iris Premssler (Holland)
May 2013

Dear Sunset Mountain family,

Thank you from my heart for your warm welcome ans special experiences I received.
New ways to learn about myself and love.
…Love from the heart <3<3 love people and all things around me.
Thank you dearest people, wishing you beauty :)
Take care,

Linda van Bers (Holland)
May 2013

Dear loving ¨family¨,

Grateful I am I could share this week in your home and feel myself connected with you and free to be me.
In full awareness and trust again.
That life is good when you / I joy into the flow…
Thak you for making this possible.
With love,

Els de Groot (Holland)
May 2013

I wish you all the best and maybe we will meet again.
Thank you for all your presents to become to myself!!
Kind regards,

Marian van Kessel (Holland)
May 2013