by Lena Tancredi

The classes

All Yoga classes are held in English
Our yoga program includes:

4 hours of theory divided in 3 parts during the week:

First Theory class
(1 hour):

During this session you will receive important and inspiring information about the yoga philosophy allowing you to understand in a very simple and deeper way different aspects about the origin, types, and goals of Yoga. You will learn about Vedanta Philosophy, the three Gunas, the four paths of Yoga and the 8 limbs of Raja Yoga.

Second Theory class
(1 hour):
You will learn about the chakras, the etheric body and how yoga benefits not only your physical body but also your energetic body. The connections between the Chakras and your glandular system and the importance of bringing your practice to a deeper pranic level…

Third Theory class (2 hours)
You will learn about Ayurveda principles based on a correct diet and healthy life style. During this class you will receive many important tips about food combinations and personal diet according to your nature and your Dosha ( personal physical and mental constitution).

Asana and pranayama sessions:LenaScreenshot9

2 Morning sessions of 3 hours each, where you will learn the complete traditional Sivananda system which includes sun salutations, 2 different kinds of pranayamas ( breathing techniques), 12 basis asanas (steady poses) and final relaxation. The 3 hour session will allow you to receive important and specific information about the correct performance and alignment of the asanas..LenaScreenshot13

1 Additional morning session ( 1 and half hour) of Yin Yoga.

1 Additional extra yoga workshop.

2 Afternoon sessions of 3 hours each. These classes will be more dynamic and vigorous and there will be taught a large range of different asanas with many variations.

1 morning session of 2 hours of detox Yoga (Sukushma Vyayama), which is an ancient component of yoga not known to most of the schools of yoga today in the world. This is one of the few systems of exercises in the world where each and every part of the body including each organ, each joint and each muscle is taken into consideration.

1 Sound Bath session . Check the session “The Sound Bath” for more information.

1 Afternoon session about 3 hours which will be a resume about all you have learned during the week.


Guided Meditations

Each yoga session will finish with 30 minutes of guided meditation. Every time you will learn a different technique, so that you can have a better vision about the form of meditation which could be more suitable to your nature:
LenaScreenshot23 (Custom)
1 – Introduction to Vipassana
2 – Chakra Meditation
3 – Nidra Yoga
4 – Chanting
5 – Music Meditation


You can see below a summary about what you will learn during this week:

Yoga sessions:
Asanas (steady poses)
Pranayama (control of prana through breathing)
Mudras (gestures)
Bandhas (to lock and redirect the prana flow)
Kryas (purification techniques)
Dhyana (meditation techniques)
Mantras (chants and prayers)
Nidra Yoga (state of total relaxation)
Sukushma Vyayama (Subtle exercises)


Theory classes:
Introduction to Vedanta Philosophy,
The Three Gunas
The four paths of Yoga
The 8 limbs of Raja Yoga
The Chakras
Basic Asanas and their benefits
Ayurveda diet and lifestyle