My name is Deva and music has been my passion for my whole life. I am a professional musician for nearly 30 years, playing several instruments in particular the saxophone, percussion, piano guitar and flutes.
I have performed in 57 countries and produced several CDs for meditation in India, Italy and Spain.
I have been playing for nearly 15 years in meditations, courses ,woMy name is Deva and music has been my passion for my wholerkshops and spirituals festivals around the world.

My meditation and therapy trainings have been the OSHO Humaniversity training at the Osho Gautama Multiversity, Italy, the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India. Sound/music healing at Auroville, India, and Vision Quest ,sun and star Shamanic process by “camino rojo”, in Mexico and Ibiza, Spain.
I am currently co-director of “Todopuedesonar” Association at Ibiza, Spain.


Sound and music were part of traditional medicine in many ancient cultures, although was forgotten in time, now a days , due through several researches done in many different areas of medicine specially in neuroscience the benefits of the using of sounds are recognized to be an effective method of healing different kinds of illnesses and disorders.
It is known that sound is a nutrient for the nervous system and the primary function of the ear is to feed the neocortex of the brain, for that reason the using of sounds in a medicinal way can promote mental health and balance, improving all kinds of mental faculties.
It is also very effective in regenerating cells, in treating sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, inflammations, sexual blockages and different kinds of nervous system disorders.
Muscles and connective tissues are gaining a deep level of relaxation as well during the sound therapy.
The session can be individualized according with your special needs and goals.
Using breathing technics , the voice and many instruments accurate tuned in 432 Hz (natural frequency of the earth and nature), the vibration of the sounds with penetrate your energetic body, balancing, aligning, synchronizing and expanding the natural circular movement of your chakras allowing the energy to flow free through your meridians.
One to three persons can participate in the session.

The word TANTRA originally comes from TATTVA + MANTRA.
Tattva in sanskrit means the science of the cosmic principles and Mantra means the science of the mystic sounds and vibrations.
This session can be directed for couples or individuals.
Using music and sound in combination with Tantric exercises like the circular energy breath, the person or couple can reestablish the natural flow of vital energy, interconnecting their biological rhythms, unifying the vibration between themselves into a loving harmonious flow.