My name is Sabina, I consider myself as one more being who forms part of the world and tries to recover the good of things that have remanined along the way…

I feel grateful for discovering this ancient way of beauty that allows me to
connect with other beings and accompaying them to upgrade their own beauty and


Kobido is a rejuvinating facial massage that originated in Japan, which literally translates as ‘the ancient way of Beauty’.

In the old times it was an exclusive massage for the Japanese Emporesses, members of royalty and also for the old Samurais to recuperate energy and maintain mental and physical balance. This massage is for men as well as women and is suitable for all skin types. It combines three techniques covering the face, neck and shoulders.

The Deep massage combines percussive movements, kneeding and sequences of fast movements on the surface of the skin that activate the blood circulation, oxiginating the blood and transporting other nutrients to regenerate the cells. At the same time it stimulates the collagen and elasticity of the skin in a natural way.

Lymphatic drainage in the face and shoulders: using sweeping movements and applying subtle pressure toxins and impurities are removed through the lymphatic system.

Shiatsu works with the meridians of the face and skull applying digipunctura to stimulate pressure points activating the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy and restoring balance.


* Improves hydration, elasticity and suppleness of the skin of the face and neck.
* Liberates blocked tension in the facial muscles and the neck.
* Stimulates blood circulation, oxyginating the tissues that carry nutrients.
* Prevents and progressively reduces bags or dark patches under the eyes,
wrinkles and expression lines.
* Reduces age spots and thinning of the skin.
* Eliminates toxins from the face and aging of the tissues.
* Stimulates the metabolism of the cells regenerating the cells and facial tissues.
* Stimulates the prodiction of collagen and elastin.
* Reduces jaw pain. (bruxism)
* Aleviates headaches and migranes.
* Provokes a state of relaxation, peace and harmony.

The result is a more bright and toned face as well as a sensation of relaxation,
balance and harmony.