Experience the Breath of Life

My name is Laila, as the song of Eric Clapton. I am passionate about discovering the true self in the human being, and about how we can truly express our beings in an spontaneous and truthful way. I studied Transpersonal Therapy and Rebirthing Therapy.

As a psychotherapist my aim is to accompany people to reconnect with who they really are beyond the ego – with their inner Love – and to awaken a sense of presence and self-observation.

When I found this breathing technique I was amazed about the capacity that breath has to awaken the life force within us and to expand our consciousness by releasing body, mental and emotional tensions that prevents us from connecting with our natural vitality, spontaneity and trust in life.

We breathe as we live, and we live as we breathe

Rebirthing is a healing therapy based on the conscious breathing of vital energy, Prana or Qi. Breath is the cord that connects us to Life. When we breathe consciously, we live more consciously as well. When we allow breath to flow into our body, we allow life energy flow within ourselves.

How does a session work?

During a session, I will observe your breathing patterns and, gently, accompany you to release breathing blocks that were created in your body throughout your life experience. By modifying breathing patterns you will release emotional, mental and physical tensions that prevents you to fully connect with the natural flow of life and your true being. At the end of the session you will experience a deep state of peace, serenity, lightness, and connection with yourself.


It increases vitality and concentration, releases toxins and harmful chemical substances from the body, oxygenates cells, opens diaphragm, restores nervous system, increases immunity, balances metabolic system, improves self-confidence, harmonizes mental and emotional bodies, realigns subtle energetic bodies, and enhances clarity and joy of life.


“I would love to say thank you again for such a great first rebirthing experience that you made possible. I still have the moment in mind from the end of the session where I felt connected, the first time, almost magical :)” (Johanna)
“Thank you SO MUCH! I still have a vivid memory of our session in Sunset Mountain and I think it will be in my heart forever :-)” (Caroline)
“I was very much impressed by the impact of the session with you, I am still thinking a lot about it!
Thank you for your kindness” (Mariska)