Virginia Ardid

I’m Virginia Ardid, I´m a woman passionate about life.

I always remind me researching about the human being and its expression, about relationships and communication. For 15 years I used the theater for it, until 2006, when I discovered EIVIDA (School of intuition and life in Ibiza), which introduced me to the energy world.

Since then I’m living in Ibiza, where I began a new phase of deep process of transformation, growth and connection with myself.

I have been teaching at EIVIDA for 4 years, where I have the opportunity to continue learning and developing my internal knowledge.
And I feel happy to share it;)


Experience is an energy inner journey, an opportunity to bring consciousness about your life and reconnect with the center of your being.

In this COMMUNICATION from my essence with your essential wisdom, I will accompany you to put words to what you need to know about your growing process at the present time, to give expression to the concerns and deep desires of your soul.

This information is displayed through the reading of the ROSE (symbol of yourself) AURA, CHAKRAS.. and if you want, we can deepen read PAST LIFE, a SUBJECT that worries you, RELATIONSHIPS…

To stabilize the Reading we will finish with a HEALING, where you can RELEASE old energy, confusion, blocks, old patterns and FILL UP yourself with the bright colors of your unique way of being, recovering more space to live in HARMONY with your HEART.