by Lena Tancredi


A trip to the source of your inner wisdom. The ego can be there, but you are experiencing yourself through different perspective. You observe and talk from the SuperConscious – the Higher Self.



It is always there guiding you, but not always you listen to it… So Dominika Mayer will put you into the intimate contact with it, that you can talk through it, make your vision and feeling expand into multidimensional experience.

It is absolutely life changing, and! It is different for everyone!

By finding out what was the cause of your issues, giving meaning to it, and knowing what will you do about it, makes it easy to finally process, move consciously through your life.

The session will be recorded. Together with it – your voice and the energy of the moment. That means that wile you will listen to it again and again, you will go back to the some healing, learning, and understanding as you had during the session.

It is necessary to go back on listening! You might think that you remember everything, but actually some of the important details can be missed and your subconscious mind takes a little longer to truly integrate the information.

As the result you will answer to your deepest and most important questions (which you prepare in a list before the session), giving yourself the best answers and lessons. The outcome is deep comprehension, gratitude and healing.



Most of us have lived through many lifetimes and in them have many stories. Some – might have great influence on this present life!

Obesity – because of ding from hunger, lack of desired relationship – maybe, because of the previous life vow about the celibacy.. etc.

It can be on a very positive level or on the contrary – traumatic or sad. Whatever the cease – it is influencing the path of a sicker towards peace, clarity, compassion, propose full life and healthy joyful living.

During the session you go back to that life which is influencing your present moment or maybe a whole life! and wile working on it we will transform it, heal it, bring it to the high-light of a Conscious Self.



Magical are cards of Tarot! Multidimensional space for the sicker!

There are many techniques to read Tarot deck, and ways of interpretation. The one that works best to Dominika is the progressive, conscious change by clarifying the question, guiding and empowering the person for the best possible outcome for him/herself. Sometimes you are lost or you lack the wider vision about this situation. So to change the angle of looking at it, and undressing it makes all the difference for your actions and the way you approach coming events and people.

Tarot is like a rising Sun. Together with human evolution it is transforming and empowering your growth!



Dominika has practiced this therapy for over 15 years. She will work on your organs by pressing specific points on your feet. By reading and un-covering personal story she will unlock your blockages and uncover your difficulties, also you will observe different kind of issues on the emotional and mental level. The connections to the family members and space of experiential learning.

She also uses oriental diagnosis, and read information about the organs, genetic patterns, characteristics of your temperament and tendencies.

This information is very important so you can follow with it during the session.

If needed ,in the end , you will go through food advices based on Macrobiotics.

So by eliminating or adjusting the diet you will add an amazing kick to your balanced physical and psychological condition.



As a little child Dominika Mayer thought every one is reading everyone, like a book. She did not understand why people read books if they can read each other… She thought that we all know what the other person feels or thinks, and kept on developing her skills in that believe for many years. Also from the very young age her purpose was clear to her.

Making impossible possible, bringing support, inspire and guid.

When she grew up she studied Ethnology to know human cultures and behaviours, to understand their believe system, but after all she came back to the first version of how she can contribute into the world in the best way considering her qualities.

She traveled and keep investigating ever seance – searching for the right souls and inspirations. And she is glad she keep on finding them till today!