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Dear Lena!

I still carry the good vibes and the positive energy from the week spent
with you!

And most importantly, I feel happy and at peace!

Thank you for the journey.

Looking forward to the next one.

Form all my heart,

Dani Al-Jebouri ( Switzerland)
July 2019

Dear Lena

Thank you for the wonderful time at your retreat,
All the workshops were very interesting, the knowledge you have is
amazing ?
The yoga classes were varied and good for both beginners and experienced
I enjoyed all classes, your knowledge, your humor, your personality, well just you!
But not only that, the food was delicious. What a wonderful cooks they are.
And last but not least, the accommodation. beautiful building(s) and a nice
yoga platform
under the trees. What more could anyone wish for?
I had a fantastic week and will recommend your retreat to everyone.
Thanks again for the wonderful time ?. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Lots of love,
Heidi Heijk (Holland)
June 2019

Dear Lena,

For the second time, it was a pleasure to be in your Yoga retreat! From the first day
I felt so welcome, all the lovely people working in the house took care of us. Thank
you so much for giving us this intense moments in your retreat. I enjoyed every
Yoga class, all the instructions about Yoga and Ayurveda. And I really like your
humor! It was such a funny week with this group. We had so much to laugh but also we could talk together about very personal things. I can take a lot of love and warm
feelings back to my normal life.
I wish you a wonderful summer and send you love and warm regards from Switzerland

Daniela Bargetzi (Switzerland)
July 2019

Dear Lena and everybody who works around and with you there,

My mother said me today: you looked not the same, more open, more smiling, more happy
My husband tried to follow me! My sons are happy to see me again like years ago,
not thinking all the time, so , who helps me to find myself again inside? Lena and
also Maria
Thank you so much to have a wonderful period that changed me, I think I will come

Heleen Vervondel (Belgium)

July 2019

I do yoga every day a little bit, I meditate a little bit, I drink water,no coffee,
I stopped alcohol in the week, I swim every day, hope to do it a long time…
The friendship with the other people was fantastic, the love with my daughter
Lena, really, I will never forget you, you are so special, so amazing, so beautiful,
your smile and laugh exceptional, we love you very much
Also the view was magic, the light, the sun, the swimming pool, the food, a very
beautiful location
Later I will send you pictures and a letter..
Anne-Catherine Platel (Belgium)
July 2019


This was 6th retreat with Lena and once again it exceed all expectations. I skipped
two years and I will not do that again 😉
Beside the location and the food (that was pretty awesome), the Yoga practice and
different styles were so good and really helped me to relax.
We had a very nice group of likeminded souls and everyone was so nice for each other.
Many thanks for your energy, your kindness and your hospitality

With Love,
Chantal Musquetier (Holland)
June 2019


Choosing a yoga retreat with Lena is always a good idea! If you want to practice
yoga by Lena who is a real professional, has a sparkling energy and lots of humor.
If you also want to experience peace of mind, enjoy the delicious food, relax at the
pool and garden, book different kinds of therapy sessions and above all enjoy the
magic Ibiza you come to the right place. I had such a wonderful week with a lovely
group and really enjoyed myself. For me it was the second time I came to Lena’s
retreat and it will certainly not be the last time.
Judith de Graaf
Holland ( June 2019)


Dear Lena,

Thank you, for the wonderful week. It was a inspiring time. The yoga classes and the meditation were really great. The sound bath was a wonderful experience.
Furthermore the food was amazing and it is a beautiful place. You was always available and take care of us.
I really can recommend the retreat and will book it again.
Yvonne Munsonius (Germany)

June 2019


Hi Lena,

Thanks 1000 times for this amazing week! Lena; you rock big time. You are such a lovely, funny and devoted one-of-a kind human being! Your energy and smile are contagious.

I am gonna be honest with you: I always disliked yoga from the bottom of my heart. But after one week with you, with a different practice each day on that lovely deck in the middle of the woods, I can say that I started to actually LIKE yoga. Yes Lena, you made me like yoga and it is you who made yoga easy accessible, understandable and fun to me and of course not only me. The biggest present of this whole week, that really has been a big (re)treat to my self is, that now I feel I want to bring Yoga and its lifestyle into my life. And I can tell you; it is here to stay! And I want to thank you for that.

Your theory classes full with stories, funny examples in which you shared your passion and believe in yoga together with the dedication and love you put into these sessions, made me realize that Yoga is more than just a painful struggle on the mat. It’s a lifestyle and even though it still hurts from time to time and It feels very uncomfortable, I realize that the moment I said to myself to commit to yoga on the start of the retreat, I am feeling every day a bit better. Yoga makes me feel good. So here I am, back in Amsterdam, full of good energy and of course life is full of challenges and those challenges don’t disappear after one week in the woods of Ibiza, but I have a different view on things and I feel encouraged to start my journey. And once again I want to say thank you, but also a big thank you to all those lovely people (Edina, Nana, Jefferson, Deva ) that made this week magic to me; magic with two feet on the ground.

Big abrazo and a big beijo

Kim Borrel (Holland)

June 2109

Dear Lena,

Yesterday evening I arrived back in Holland again. During the flight and the ride by train back home, I was, as always, enjoying and observing the (Dutch) landscapes, sunset and all their colors. Very different than the Ibiza landscapes and colors, though both very beautiful
There was a difference, everything seemed much more intense. Also this morning and this afternoon everything I sense is much more intense. It is so wonderful and beautiful.

I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to join your yoga retreat. Thankful for meeting all these nice women, all their stories and backgrounds, sharing this with each other, learning from it. Thankful for the happy moments, the serious moments, the laughter, the tears, the joy…

I am also very thankful for you, for sharing your knowledge, all information, with me, with us, with others, your experiences, your humor, for your qualities, for the great team of people you have builded around you to make last week as amazing, special and beautiful as it was. I am very grateful for all that I learned, felt, observed, saw, heard and tasted last week, for all that I sensed and could sense again.
I didn’t want to go home yesterday. Now that I am home, it is also good to be back again. Realizing even more how special last week was for me.

Last night, when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I saw the color red very clearly. That was a bit surprising to me, because for me last week was about the colors green and blue (I am an ‘air’ type as well). However, I realized right away it was to tell me, to let me feel, to remind me, to let me sense, to stay grounded, to not go back to the ‘airy’ state again, to keep the bit more of grounding which I found during last week…

Thank you for letting me be able to ‘see’ more clearly.
Much love,

Martine Bannet (Holland)

June, 2019

Magical and very relaxing days in the middle of the busy island Ibiza, surrounded by sweet, friendly and grateful people at Lena’s retreat.
Lena is a bright soul, full of wisdom and does not
hesitate to share it with all of us. I enjoyed the theoretical lessons before the yoga practices. You can apply them immediately on your daily life to help you balance between body and mind.
The external therapists visiting us during our free time were all very warm and very professional in their specialization.
And last but not least some thankful words to Deva for his amazing music, our Chef Nana for the delicious food and to Edina and Rosa for the unconditional care and warmth.
See you all next year.

Esther Flores (Spain)

May, 2019

Dear Lena

We arrived save and relaxed back home after an amazing week at your Yoga retreat.
It was such a good week with yoga, wonderful women, amazing food and beautiful surrounding. It was a pleasure to be at your retreat again.
Thank you Lena and your Staff for making this place so special!

Nadine and Simone (Switzerland)
June 2019

Hi Lena!

thank you so much for a well needed week together with you and the group. I was so happy that there was a space left for me with such short notice. We all come there for a reason- and for me so many things opened up and healed.

It is pure bliss, spending time at a yoga retreat together with you. The venue in Ibiza is quiet and lovely decorated…and a perfect place for exploring your yoga practice as well as your inner self in a safe and nurturing environment. I’d love to come back again, and again.

All the best – hope to see you again!

Fredrika Erlandsson (Sweeden)
June 2019


Dear Lena

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unforgettable week I have spend with you. I have learned a lot about yoga, breathing and myself. It was a beautiful gift to myself this week. The food was delicious, everybody really kind and helpful and the group of ladies was amazing. I will recommend this retreat to anybody who wants to practice and learn about yoga in a beautiful setting at Ibiza. Till next year i hope. Love and all the best.

Ilse de Groot(The Netherlands)

June 2019

Lena makes you feel at home in a very save environment. Before you do your practice she makes sure that you understand what en why you are doing yoga. She explains that in a very funny way. I came back home and felt reborn again! The combination of relax, working out, good food! and lots of fun gives you a energy bust! Definitely will be joining her retreat again next year. Highly recommended.

Annaliza van Kuilenburg (Italy)
May 2019