by Lena Tancredi


This is so special! When she comes to the retreat, people who do not know nothing about her feel amazed with how strong is her presence!



Maria is well known and respected for her talents as a medicine woman, she has her roots in Chile, in the Andes mountain range.

The Energy cleaning she offers at the retreat is a work that uses elements of shamanism and ancient inherited traditions to access the most subtle field of people to be able, from there, to observe those aspects that must be purified to improve individual welfare.

She works with components of nature, because the main foundation is that every cure can be found in the simplest and most splendid origin of the Earth itself and in all its manifestations: plants, minerals, feathers, aromas, the voice … Through these tools (sacred chants, gem therapy, frictions prepared with plants, inhumanities, sweeps with feathers and wings of Holy birds, invocations and prayers …) it is possible to glimpse what, in the present or in the past, is hindering good flow in the different levels of Being, realigning and harmonizing it so, that the person served can continue on its path in a lighter and more resolute way and with a greater connection with the Universe and its gifts.

The whole experience is based on mystery and trust, firmness of purpose, devotion to the elements and, above all, love for Life and the Ancestors that come to visit during the cleanings to bring advice and memories of how to honor the existence and direct the personal path of each one towards a state of greater satisfaction.

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