by Lena Tancredi


The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of massage are long and powerful, especially when paired with a mindful yoga practice. here you can see a list of the top  benefits and therapies  you can expect from this yoga & massage combination.


While yoga is well-known to improve the flexibility of the body by gradually increasing the length and stretch of your muscles, it can often also cause slight muscle soreness and fatigue. Massage however does well to increase the natural lubricants in and around the connective tissue of these muscles, reducing muscle aches and pains, improving recovery time and overall mobility of the body.

Both yoga and massage are powerful tools in stimulating the flow of fresh, healthy blood through your body and stimulate the production of new oxygen-rich blood cells that deeply nourish your organs, joints and extremities. When we are turning over oxygen-rich blood and allowing that to flow around our body we are better able to regulate our body temperature, heal injury and even lower blood pressure and relieve physiological stress in the body.

For many people yoga has become a daily source of stress relief, offering the mind and body a time to be completely present and mindful. However if we are practicing more active forms of yoga such as vinyasa or hot yoga, while these practices are greatly beneficial and have many health benefits themselves such as muscle toning and cardiovascular conditioning, they can also build physical stress in the body and sometimes even mental frustration if we cannot achieve, or hold a pose like the way we think we should. Massage however offers a complete surrender of the physical body and facilitates a deep state of relaxation and self care.


Here you can see a list of some therapies that we offer during our retreats:
Deep tissue: Uses the elbows and forearms to apply deep pressure, with focus to release pain.
Relaxing/ Aromatherapy: A slow healing massage that relaxes your nervous system and delight your senses.
​Thai oil massage: Energized contact, with focus to reduce muscle tension and balance energy.
Kahuna/Loomi Loomi: Profoundly relaxing, uses continuous circulatory movements to evoke sensations of rolling ocean waves. 
Bamboo therapy: Powerful pressures and percussions to aid detoxification and circulation.
Ayurvedic Gentle massage: based on ancient techniques to relax the muscles, mind and nervous system.
Signature massage: combination of different techniques adapted to your needs.

The benefits of massage therapy after or before Yoga increase when the therapist is also a Yoga teacher or a Yogi.

Our therapist Esther Triviño for the past thirteen years, and from the magical island of Ibiza, has been empowering private clients to fully experience the sensations of profound wellness – through yoga, massage and gestalt therapy.
Both Esther’s in-depth knowledge of body and mind, and her intuitive capacity to read, understand and navigate each individual’s requirements, enable her to offer an entirely bespoke service, with every treatment and yoga session.

You can book a therapy with Esther during your stay with us