by Lena Tancredi


We breathe as we live, and we live as we breathe!

Conscious breathing therapy  also known as Rebirthing breath-work is a healing therapy based on conscious and continuous breathing of vital energy.



In our Ibiza Yoga Retreat you have the opportunity to try different types of holistic therapies which will help you in the process of achieving a deeper sense of inner peace and harmony.

One of this therapies is Conscious breathing also known as Rebirthing breath-work.

During a session, Laila accompanies you to gently release physical, mental and emotional tensions or traumas locked in your system by increasing the flow of oxygen into your body in a soft way. Just by breathing you learn to expand your capacity to feel, open the heart more and widen your consciousness about yourself. Her work with breath is gentle, giving special attention and care to the integration of your experience in your life.


Although major benefits are attained better with long-term treatments, one session can bring profound good changes in life. Benefits of breath vary a lot for each person and session: it may increase vitality and concentration, bring clarity and presence, release toxins and harmful chemical substances from the body, oxygenise cells, open diaphragm, lower anxiety, increase immunity, balance metabolic system, improve self-confidence, and harmonise mental, emotional and energetic bodies.


Our therapist , Laila, is a breath-work practitioner and psychotherapist with 8 years of experience. She is also a passionate doula and conscious birth educator. Currently training in body-oriented psychotherapy at the Netherlands School of Core Energetics (NICE), she is committed to her own healing journey as well as of all human beings. By holding the space with presence and tender compassion, she accompanies you to discover and embrace more of who you really are. What inspires her work is the beauty that exists in the process of every person that wants to find truth in herself.


We offer 23 weeks retreats during the whole season.

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