by Lena Tancredi


The energy of our Chakras can be aligned, balanced and recharged through specific sound vibrations created from Sound healing instruments which are tuned in 440Hz and bridged down to 432Hz.


The vibration of the sounds penetrate the astral body not only unblocking but also synchronizing and expanding the natural circular movements of this centers of energy called Chakras.

The Sanskrit word Chakra can be translated as wheel , and it is a center of energy created by the intersection of many or big Nadis. The Nadis are also called meridians in Chinese Medicine and the Sanskrit word Nadis can be translated as river, so rivers where the energy flows in our subtle bodies.

I like to use this metaphor to explain what is a Chakra in a very simple way.

Just imagine that this nets of astral tubes called Meridians or Nadis are rivers. Now try to imagine a very big river like the Amazonas in Brazil, and your self sitting at the place where the Amazonas river intersects with the Paraná River and the Negro River. Where these 3 big rivers are crossing each other, you can see the water turning strongly in circular movements ,using this example as a metaphor this swirls of water would be like a Chakra in our energetic bodies.

Our Chakras are deeply affected by frequencies and vibrations produced by Sounds.

Our Retreat Sound Healer, Deva Alchi, created several special sound healing sessions which can be personalised according with your needs and goals. One of this sessions is the Chakra Balancing through Sound Immersion that you can individually experience in our Retreat.

The instruments used in this session are :

 21 Tibetan Bowls, Gongs planetary and wind (from 50cm to 1,60cm), 21 Gong Bells Plates 3 octaves, 7 Crystal Bowls chakra tuner,
Solfeggio Tuning Forks, 3 Chimes frequency  tuner on earth, fire and water

Supplemented with the following music Instruments: harp, quena, native or bansuri flute, shruti, Tambura, Japanese koto, Ocarina, clay flute, ocean drum, Shamanic drum, hand pan, chakra harmonizing tools, glass xylophone.



Check our website and Deva´s website for more information or for booking your session.