by Lena Tancredi


Kobido is a form of Japanese facial massage which aims to rejuvenate the face, preventing and reducing the impact of the aging process.

It visibly improves the appearance of the skin, provides brightness and a more uniform tone,removes and prevents wrinkles, reduces eye bags and provides great hydration to the skin.


The origin of Kobido (in Japanese, 古 美 道, “ancient way of beauty”) dates back to the fifteenth century, and the legend says it was a treatment reserved exclusively for the Imperial family and the most noble and wealthy families in Japan.

According to the philosophy of Kobido, in line with the Eastern traditions, beauty is the result of a perfect balance between physical, emotional and spiritual health. Kobido’s old and refined techniques seek to maintain and restore harmony in these three branches.

The Deep massage combines percussive movements, kneading and sequences of fast movements on the surface of the skin that activate the blood circulation, oxygenating the blood and transporting other nutrients to regenerate the cells. At the same time it stimulates the collagen and elasticity of the skin in a natural way.

Lymphatic drainage in the face and shoulders: using sweeping movements and applying subtle pressure toxins and impurities are removed through the lymphatic system.

Shiatsu works with the meridians of the face and skull applying acupressure to stimulate pressure points activating the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy and restoring balance.



* Improves hydration, elasticity and suppleness of the skin of the face and neck.

* Liberates blocked tension in the facial muscles and the neck.

* Stimulates blood circulation, oxygenating the tissues that carry nutrients.

* Prevents and progressively reduces bags or dark patches under the eyes,

wrinkles and expression lines.

* Reduces age spots and thinning of the skin.

* Eliminates toxins from the face and aging of the tissues.

* Stimulates the metabolism of the cells regenerating the cells and facial tissues.

* Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

* Reduces jaw pain. (bruxism)

* Alleviates headaches and migraines.

* Provokes a state of relaxation, peace and harmony.

The result is a more bright and toned face as well as a sensation of relaxation,

balance and harmony.

You can book a Kobido session with our therapist Sabina during your stay at our retreat.



A trip to the source of your inner wisdom. The ego can be there, but you are experiencing yourself through different perspective. You observe and talk from the SuperConscious – the Higher Self.



It is always there guiding you, but not always you listen to it… So Dominika Mayer will put you into the intimate contact with it, that you can talk through it, make your vision and feeling expand into multidimensional experience.

It is absolutely life changing, and! It is different for everyone!

By finding out what was the cause of your issues, giving meaning to it, and knowing what will you do about it, makes it easy to finally process, move consciously through your life.

The session will be recorded. Together with it – your voice and the energy of the moment. That means that wile you will listen to it again and again, you will go back to the some healing, learning, and understanding as you had during the session.

It is necessary to go back on listening! You might think that you remember everything, but actually some of the important details can be missed and your subconscious mind takes a little longer to truly integrate the information.

As the result you will answer to your deepest and most important questions (which you prepare in a list before the session), giving yourself the best answers and lessons. The outcome is deep comprehension, gratitude and healing.



Most of us have lived through many lifetimes and in them have many stories. Some – might have great influence on this present life!

Obesity – because of ding from hunger, lack of desired relationship – maybe, because of the previous life vow about the celibacy.. etc.

It can be on a very positive level or on the contrary – traumatic or sad. Whatever the cease – it is influencing the path of a sicker towards peace, clarity, compassion, propose full life and healthy joyful living.

During the session you go back to that life which is influencing your present moment or maybe a whole life! and wile working on it we will transform it, heal it, bring it to the high-light of a Conscious Self.



Magical are cards of Tarot! Multidimensional space for the sicker!

There are many techniques to read Tarot deck, and ways of interpretation. The one that works best to Dominika is the progressive, conscious change by clarifying the question, guiding and empowering the person for the best possible outcome for him/herself. Sometimes you are lost or you lack the wider vision about this situation. So to change the angle of looking at it, and undressing it makes all the difference for your actions and the way you approach coming events and people.

Tarot is like a rising Sun. Together with human evolution it is transforming and empowering your growth!



Dominika has practiced this therapy for over 15 years. She will work on your organs by pressing specific points on your feet. By reading and un-covering personal story she will unlock your blockages and uncover your difficulties, also you will observe different kind of issues on the emotional and mental level. The connections to the family members and space of experiential learning.

She also uses oriental diagnosis, and read information about the organs, genetic patterns, characteristics of your temperament and tendencies.

This information is very important so you can follow with it during the session.

If needed ,in the end , you will go through food advices based on Macrobiotics.

So by eliminating or adjusting the diet you will add an amazing kick to your balanced physical and psychological condition.



As a little child Dominika Mayer thought every one is reading everyone, like a book. She did not understand why people read books if they can read each other… She thought that we all know what the other person feels or thinks, and kept on developing her skills in that believe for many years. Also from the very young age her purpose was clear to her.

Making impossible possible, bringing support, inspire and guid.

When she grew up she studied Ethnology to know human cultures and behaviours, to understand their believe system, but after all she came back to the first version of how she can contribute into the world in the best way considering her qualities.

She traveled and keep investigating ever seance – searching for the right souls and inspirations. And she is glad she keep on finding them till today!


Javi de Gabriel grew up massaging his grandma’s neck and shoulders every time she would suffer from migraines.
 He did not know then that I would end up becoming a Massage Therapist.


Javi's caring and nurturing personality makes his bodywork unique. Through conscious
touch his sessions are pure magic. He holds space for you to go through your own
process in order to connect with yourself.


The healing art of massage is in constant evolution and expansion.
He invites you to go into a deeper connection with the heart while resting in
stillness. Through all the different trainings the highest values for him have
always been the quality of contact, and the presence with which another soul is
being touched.
For him, it's a moving meditation where you can reach deeper level of consciousness
allowing a connection with your true essence.
During your stay in our Ibiza Yoga Retreat you can book a session with Javi and in case
you are in Amsterdam, Javi will be there from 23rd to 27th April, because of the short visit
there are no many spots available. 
You can book a session with him via WhatsApp: +34 656 70 76 58.



Relax into the table and allow yourself to connect with the elements (water, fire, air, earth and ether) at the end of this “dance” you will feel an overall sense of relaxation and lightness, helping you to ease your mind and let go of your body.


Allow yourself to dive into the depths of the unknown. This massage uses advanced techniques such as Deep Tissue, Trigger Points and Deep Bodywork to pay attention on specific area.

The low speed of the movements gives you time to surrender, allowing yourself to reach out the deeper layers of the body.




Do you want to try? This is a yoga sequence for releasing stress . It came out last year on the Dutch Yoga Magazine.

Click on the picture to see …







An aura is a field of energy that surrounds every living thing. It contains information regarding your present life experience, soul journey, and unique essence. In short, it’s your Energetic Signature.



Auras are energy bodies that contains loads of information about what is going on with people, animals, plants, and so forth at a deeper level.

Your aura, for instance, includes information about how you communicate, your truthfulness, your emotions, the use of your mind, your sexiness, and how you deal with power.

Temporary things show up, short-term problems, chronic complaints, and deep gifts of the soul. It’s a huge reservoir of information that anyone can access.

Aura reading means accessing that information. It means using one`s intuitive abilities to accurately connect with an Energy Signature – the electromagnetic field that surrounds everyone.

Virgina Ardid , our aura reader uses a technique for direct perception of a person’s aura, and finds a way to interpret her perceptions meaningfully and accurately.

During the session you will have the opportunity to bring consciousness about your life and reconnect with the center of your being.


In this communication from her essence with your essential wisdom, She will accompany you to put words to what you need to know about your growing process at the present time, to give expression to the concerns and deep desires of your soul.

This information is displayed through the reading of the Rose (symbol of yourself) Aura, Chakras.. and if you want, it can be a very Special Reading! where you can find more clarity at important moments of your life where there was unresolved emotions, confusion, fears … and that continue to have an effect on your life. It can be a very profound healing of those situations, finding a new understanding and releasing old memories of your physical and energetic body.

The possible topics that we can read are:

Birth of a child.

Your own birth.

An abortion.

Reading prenatal, monitoring your pregnancy.

I want to get pregnant. Why can’t I?

Female reading. Why am I a woman?

Your past life.

Your relationships.

And more…

To stabilize the Reading you will finish with a Healing, where you can release old energy, confusion, blocks, old patterns and fill up yourself with the bright colors of your unique way of being, recovering more space to live in harmony with your heart.

You can book an Aura reading session during your stay with us at www.ibizayogaretreat.com



This is so special! When she comes to the retreat, people who do not know nothing about her feel amazed with how strong is her presence!



Maria is well known and respected for her talents as a medicine woman, she has her roots in Chile, in the Andes mountain range.

The Energy cleaning she offers at the retreat is a work that uses elements of shamanism and ancient inherited traditions to access the most subtle field of people to be able, from there, to observe those aspects that must be purified to improve individual welfare.

She works with components of nature, because the main foundation is that every cure can be found in the simplest and most splendid origin of the Earth itself and in all its manifestations: plants, minerals, feathers, aromas, the voice … Through these tools (sacred chants, gem therapy, frictions prepared with plants, inhumanities, sweeps with feathers and wings of Holy birds, invocations and prayers …) it is possible to glimpse what, in the present or in the past, is hindering good flow in the different levels of Being, realigning and harmonizing it so, that the person served can continue on its path in a lighter and more resolute way and with a greater connection with the Universe and its gifts.

The whole experience is based on mystery and trust, firmness of purpose, devotion to the elements and, above all, love for Life and the Ancestors that come to visit during the cleanings to bring advice and memories of how to honor the existence and direct the personal path of each one towards a state of greater satisfaction.

You can book a session with her during your stay with us at www.ibizayogaretreat.com





The energy of our Chakras can be aligned, balanced and recharged through specific sound vibrations created from Sound healing instruments which are tuned in 440Hz and bridged down to 432Hz.


The vibration of the sounds penetrate the astral body not only unblocking but also synchronizing and expanding the natural circular movements of this centers of energy called Chakras.

The Sanskrit word Chakra can be translated as wheel , and it is a center of energy created by the intersection of many or big Nadis. The Nadis are also called meridians in Chinese Medicine and the Sanskrit word Nadis can be translated as river, so rivers where the energy flows in our subtle bodies.

I like to use this metaphor to explain what is a Chakra in a very simple way.

Just imagine that this nets of astral tubes called Meridians or Nadis are rivers. Now try to imagine a very big river like the Amazonas in Brazil, and your self sitting at the place where the Amazonas river intersects with the Paraná River and the Negro River. Where these 3 big rivers are crossing each other, you can see the water turning strongly in circular movements ,using this example as a metaphor this swirls of water would be like a Chakra in our energetic bodies.

Our Chakras are deeply affected by frequencies and vibrations produced by Sounds.

Our Retreat Sound Healer, Deva Alchi, created several special sound healing sessions which can be personalised according with your needs and goals. One of this sessions is the Chakra Balancing through Sound Immersion that you can individually experience in our Retreat.

The instruments used in this session are :

 21 Tibetan Bowls, Gongs planetary and wind (from 50cm to 1,60cm), 21 Gong Bells Plates 3 octaves, 7 Crystal Bowls chakra tuner,
Solfeggio Tuning Forks, 3 Chimes frequency  tuner on earth, fire and water

Supplemented with the following music Instruments: harp, quena, native or bansuri flute, shruti, Tambura, Japanese koto, Ocarina, clay flute, ocean drum, Shamanic drum, hand pan, chakra harmonizing tools, glass xylophone.



Check our website www.ibizayogaretreat.com and Deva´s website http://www.music-sound-healing.com for more information or for booking your session.


The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of massage are long and powerful, especially when paired with a mindful yoga practice. here you can see a list of the top  benefits and therapies  you can expect from this yoga & massage combination.


While yoga is well-known to improve the flexibility of the body by gradually increasing the length and stretch of your muscles, it can often also cause slight muscle soreness and fatigue. Massage however does well to increase the natural lubricants in and around the connective tissue of these muscles, reducing muscle aches and pains, improving recovery time and overall mobility of the body.

Both yoga and massage are powerful tools in stimulating the flow of fresh, healthy blood through your body and stimulate the production of new oxygen-rich blood cells that deeply nourish your organs, joints and extremities. When we are turning over oxygen-rich blood and allowing that to flow around our body we are better able to regulate our body temperature, heal injury and even lower blood pressure and relieve physiological stress in the body.

For many people yoga has become a daily source of stress relief, offering the mind and body a time to be completely present and mindful. However if we are practicing more active forms of yoga such as vinyasa or hot yoga, while these practices are greatly beneficial and have many health benefits themselves such as muscle toning and cardiovascular conditioning, they can also build physical stress in the body and sometimes even mental frustration if we cannot achieve, or hold a pose like the way we think we should. Massage however offers a complete surrender of the physical body and facilitates a deep state of relaxation and self care.


Here you can see a list of some therapies that we offer during our retreats:
Deep tissue: Uses the elbows and forearms to apply deep pressure, with focus to release pain.
Relaxing/ Aromatherapy: A slow healing massage that relaxes your nervous system and delight your senses.
​Thai oil massage: Energized contact, with focus to reduce muscle tension and balance energy.
Kahuna/Loomi Loomi: Profoundly relaxing, uses continuous circulatory movements to evoke sensations of rolling ocean waves. 
Bamboo therapy: Powerful pressures and percussions to aid detoxification and circulation.
Ayurvedic Gentle massage: based on ancient techniques to relax the muscles, mind and nervous system.
Signature massage: combination of different techniques adapted to your needs.

The benefits of massage therapy after or before Yoga increase when the therapist is also a Yoga teacher or a Yogi.

Our therapist Esther Triviño for the past thirteen years, and from the magical island of Ibiza, has been empowering private clients to fully experience the sensations of profound wellness – through yoga, massage and gestalt therapy.
Both Esther’s in-depth knowledge of body and mind, and her intuitive capacity to read, understand and navigate each individual’s requirements, enable her to offer an entirely bespoke service, with every treatment and yoga session.

You can book a therapy with Esther during your stay with us




We breathe as we live, and we live as we breathe!

Conscious breathing therapy  also known as Rebirthing breath-work is a healing therapy based on conscious and continuous breathing of vital energy.



In our Ibiza Yoga Retreat you have the opportunity to try different types of holistic therapies which will help you in the process of achieving a deeper sense of inner peace and harmony.

One of this therapies is Conscious breathing also known as Rebirthing breath-work.

During a session, Laila accompanies you to gently release physical, mental and emotional tensions or traumas locked in your system by increasing the flow of oxygen into your body in a soft way. Just by breathing you learn to expand your capacity to feel, open the heart more and widen your consciousness about yourself. Her work with breath is gentle, giving special attention and care to the integration of your experience in your life.


Although major benefits are attained better with long-term treatments, one session can bring profound good changes in life. Benefits of breath vary a lot for each person and session: it may increase vitality and concentration, bring clarity and presence, release toxins and harmful chemical substances from the body, oxygenise cells, open diaphragm, lower anxiety, increase immunity, balance metabolic system, improve self-confidence, and harmonise mental, emotional and energetic bodies.


Our therapist , Laila, is a breath-work practitioner and psychotherapist with 8 years of experience. She is also a passionate doula and conscious birth educator. Currently training in body-oriented psychotherapy at the Netherlands School of Core Energetics (NICE), she is committed to her own healing journey as well as of all human beings. By holding the space with presence and tender compassion, she accompanies you to discover and embrace more of who you really are. What inspires her work is the beauty that exists in the process of every person that wants to find truth in herself.


We offer 23 weeks retreats during the whole season.

Check our website for more info




venusgroet_page_2This article was published in the Yoga Magazine some years ago, the photographer is Bonitta Postman and we did this photo shooting in one of my favourite places in Ibiza, Punta Galera.

It is truly amazing the colours of this rocks formations and when you are there you can enjoy fabulous sunsets.

I did not know before that day this sequence “ the Venus Salutation” until I was asked to do it for the magazine, it seems that helps in balancing feminine energy and it is also a heart opener. In case you want to vary from Sun or Moon salutations , maybe you try this one. Open the link to see it and enjoy practicing!