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    Improvising flow

    Balance flow

    International Yoga Day

    Splits with yoga wheel

    Improvising flow: Just improvising going with the flow, when the students are all going to te hippy market and the therapy room is available for my practice. Balance flow: Lately I was adding lots of balance asanas to my flow. I like to challenge myself to be very focused and present in my body . And I love to do it at my yoga deck surrounded by beautiful trees at the retreat.
    International Yoga Day: The 21st of June is known as the International Yoga Day as it is also the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere of the earth, the day of the year with longer exposure to the Sun rays. Exceptionally this year it is also new moon in cancer and solar eclipse. The solar eclipse of June 21 is an annular eclipse where the Moon is so far from Earth that its relative size fails to cover the Sun completely and leaves the outer rims visible, thus creating a ring of fire in the sky. The June 21 solar eclipse is the first solar eclipse of the year 2020. The theme of this year, for the International Yoga day, is “ Yoga at Home – Yoga with Family”. Usually this day is celebrated with Yoga lessons for a very large number of people but this year due to the actual situation in most of the countries, It will go digital for the first time since 2015 when it began to be celebrated annually across the world.  Enjoy the solstice, the eclipse and the Yoga day! Splits with Yoga wheel: Finding different uses for my Yoga wheel and it is very effective as a preparation for splits.
    10′ full body Yoga flow: When you don’t have so much time , this flow is a workout for the entire body that you can do in less than 10 minutes. From goddess to headstand: After a raining day the sun came out and the body energy raised. Wheel flow: I finally got this toy! I was always very curious about this yoga wheel, I’ve got it yesterday and I am really enjoying it! I find it very helpful not only for back bends but you can use it for many asanas, still have to explore it. And very good for release back pain! Spiritual alchemy: The night before yesterday night I woke up 4 times because it was hot, each time I have to uncover myself, but later on I woke up again to cover myself for feeling cold. After more or less 4 times I realized that this process was not simply because it was a warm night. Being some days away for becoming 51 and analyzing that this heat was coming like a wave from inside the body, all of a sudden I thought: “shit!!!” this is one of the first symptoms of Menopause! And I know from many of my friends who are complaining so much of this heat, and immediately I came to judgment and to see it in a negative way. Yesterday night before I went to bed, I start to consciously release this judgment we all have towards this process of menopause that we all women are or will pass through.

    Menopause is an alchemic process, not only physical but also spiritual. In alchemy we say “solve et coagula”: Dissolve and coagulate. The Latin expression “solve et coagula” is derived from “solve”, meaning to break down and separate, while “coagula” describes the process of bringing elements back together (coagulating) into a new, higher form. Seeing the process of menopause as alchemy, where you are transforming into a higher form, is no wonder that the first symptom is the heat, the fire. The first stage of alchemy is called “calcination”. Calcination is the process of heating and decomposing raw matter – or in other words, breaking down parts of ourselves that are in the way of our own growth. Tonight when I woke up feeling this heat I surrendered to it imagining that this sacred alchemic fire was burning my impurities, my ego, self-doubt, stubbornness, self-sabotaging behavior, pride, and arrogance, and burning this impurities will allow a true transformation in my being. And I finished enjoying this heat!

    Juicy Flow: When you arrive home after finally being able to meet your dearest friends after lock down, but you eat too much and when you arrive home thinking that the day is over, and your Yoga mat is staring on you and you can not avoid to go on it for at least 10 minutes, had that ever happened to you? Chakrasana step by step: Chakrasana or wheel pose is a source of immense strength and power to the bones and muscles. Adding Chakrasana in the daily practice can serve you with so many benefits.The benefits of Chakrasana involve a healthy spinal cord, strong bone density along with proper functioning of nerves. Do not forget performing a spinal twist afterwords. Sunset Flow: Here at my Ibiza city home doing the best I can to spend my time inside walls! Arm balances: Today I decided to practice this arm balances that I don’t do since some time. I can feel how quickly we loose strength when we stop practicing. So I decided to teach today in my online class some preparatory asanas for strengthening arm and shoulders.


    10′ full body Yoga flow

    From goddess to headstand

    Wheel flow

    Spiritual alchemy

    Juicy flow

    Chakrasana step by step

    Sunset flow

    Arm balances

    Twisting flow

    King pigeon flow

    Camel variation

    Warriors flow

    Flow to Split

    Easy yoga flow in nature

    Bali morning session

    My first Mind Movie

    Twisting flow: This flow combines, side bend, spinal twist and balance, why not to try? King pigeon flow: The pick of this flow is the One Legged King Pigeon Pose. The Sanskrit name is “Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana”. King Pigeon is a deep back bend and shoulder/chest opener and therefore it is extremely important that you warm up the body before entering into it. This flow allow you to open back and shoulders preparing for the King Pigeon.
    Camel variation: Little tutorial for a nice camel variation. I was teaching this today online on my FB group “yoga with Lena Tancredi”. Warriors flow: This is an easy to follow warriors flow, slow and gentle but also creating strength and coordination. For those who don’t  know yet, the videos from the yoga classes I am teaching on the Facebook group “yoga in Ibiza with Lena Tancredi” will be available for those who could not join live in the morning. Hope to see you tomorrow morning, if you are not yet a member just add yourself to the group. With love and joy! Flow to Split: Preparatory Yoga flow to split , slow and easy! Easy yoga flow in nature: I love to practice yoga outside in beautiful places! Actually when I have some time and I feel strong and inspired why not to do a little flow? It only needs your own body, a bit of enthusiasm, a boyfriend who loves filming you or a very patient friend!
    Bali morning session: I feel so blessed when I have the time for my daily Asana practice, for me this is a true holidays! My first Mind Movie: Do you know what is The Mind Movie technology? It is a very simple, easy to use software program to make a movie about the future you wish to have. You start by writing your goals or affirmations, they recommend you to have around 25 intentions but my one have 42! Then you have to choose some images (pictures) which you identify with your affirmations, and choose also the music you like, put all together and make your own Mind Movie. A part of helping you to get a clear vision of your future, by watching repeatedly your movie you start to create new neural networks in your brain and to emotionally recondition your body to a new mind, changing your brain and body to biologically believe that your future is already happened. I did my first one and here I am presenting to you. This is how my future looks like!