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    My name is Lena and my heart is full of gratitude for being able to be here and now in this body  doing what I most like to do.
    And the older I get the more I understand that quote that the body is a temple where the holly spirit lives,  and if you take care of it as it would be a sacred space it can take you wherever you need to be.

    There was a moment in my life that was a turning point in my journey and from that moment i experienced a shift in the way I perceived myself, I realized that I had found my own dharma. I found my own path.
    And I had changed, from that day the information i received through the practice of Yoga was received direct into my heart and I started to live in a different way, I started to experience  yoga as a practice of embodiment, for healing for awakening for becoming more conscious and empowered. And gradually  I changed my habits and my way of thinking.
    And the transformation occurred,  Yoga touch me how to take better decisions, to take  decisions that were more constructive than destructive, it touch me to move in a specific manner, to breath in a  specific way, it brought grace, vitality, awareness, inner peace, strength and lots of beauty into my life.
    I actually don’t believe in the idea that yoga changes you into someone better than the person you were before, but I believe that yoga helps you remove the obstacles that are avoiding you to be who you really are, that it helps you to be a full expression of your true nature.
    And through being able to fully be who you really are  you become more kind, more joyful , more real, more conscious and more loving.
    And I keep learning, studding, investigating those connections between body and mind.
    And there is always so much more to learn in life… The conscious evolution begins like a seed planted in the deepest of the heart and in the subconscious, and keeps growing and expanding eternally from individual to collective, opening from within to a cosmic realm, an endless growth in the wonderful path of self realization.