Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat

5 Life changing benefits of going to a Yoga retreat…

IMG-20140914-WA0017 (Custom)The 7 day yoga retreat at Sunset Mountain Resort with Lena Tancredi
absolutely changed my life. Being a yoga novice, I was apprehensive about the potential rigor. This was not a problem at all. Lena is gifted - her knowledge of yoga theory, her ability to communicate, her captivating personality, and her masterful teaching made the week so accessible for any learner. Line upon line, precept upon precept, the agenda is crafted to build knowledge and practice of yoga concepts and principles. I was exceptionally impacted with the understanding of the body through the teaching of nutrition and learning my personal body/element type. I was also surprised at how much my body could do with Lena's gentle guidance.
The motifs of our closing circle were "safe place" and "gratitude." It seemed like a privilege to be a part of such a special transformation for each person. We all came with a particular purpose, plan, or problem and we had opportunities to reflect on our lives, connect with ourselves, and rejuvenate our spirits. Whether you are simply wanting to take your yoga practice to the next level, learn the basics of yoga, or become a more effective yoga instructor, I promise this retreat will meet your needs. And the food was amazing! I was a bit apprehensive about an abrupt change to a vegetarian diet, but this was possibly the best part for me. Never a hungry moment.
Testimonial from APA, from the last week retreat (4-11/8)
Because “selfish” needs a makeover
Yoga, at first, feels a bit strange. Those who don’t do it say the same thing to me over and over: What’s with this focus, on a mat, not looking at or talking to anyone—what is the benefit of that? When you think about it in terms of an expanded definition of selfishness, anything that charges your batteries from the inside, and connects you with your power and a sense of presence is beneficial.
When you take a holiday with yoga practice as the cornerstone, you immerse yourself in an experience that is designed to connect you with yourself and fulfill you, first. Because it’s okay, even recommended, to be the center of your own life!
Two journeys for the price of one
For those practicing yoga as a way to manage stress and enhance their health amidst a rigorous routine and the demands of life, it is an experience that offers glimpses of peace and relaxation. Yet those glimpses are like approaching a doorway, peeking inside and saying “wow, what a cool place—lots going on in here … would love to check it out.” Then you leave the yoga studio and forget about it until next class.
They say time is money. So to go into this place that you only glimpse in an hour and a half class can be expensive, time wise. Yet if you are reading this, you are likely at a point where you are looking for an experience that does something different for you. The interesting thing is that when you start to explore what’s inside yourself—i.e. the prospect of a deeper connection with your authentic self—you see that every visit into it alters all that is around you, offering you a chance to connect more deeply and directly with your surroundings.
Conscious community
The one thing that really supported my ability to integrate the knowledge into my real life most would be the people I shared the retreat time with. Seems funny to say when, as I mentioned, we all go and spend hours, alone, on our mats. But when that time is up, we are eager to connect and share experiences, helping each other process a little more, live a little more. Fulfilled. Together. When people come together in the name of balance and wellness, that “vibe” penetrates the whole experience. It’s self-reinforcing.
A long-term reset
You can travel anywhere in the world, experience the exact opposite of a stressful routine. Sink into far away and swear you will never get as stresses out as before. Three months later, you can barely remember where you went. When you take a trip that involves working on your inner world as well as your outer reality, things just start to shift. You feel like some more light switches turn on. You also develop techniques, through the immersive experience of a retreat, that you are more likely to continue to apply. Those techniques preserve that shift and carry it out into life.
To bond with your practice
No matter how long your retreat, you will go deeper than a single class or even a weekend workshop. A day-in-day out retreat will definitely help you walk through that door mentioned above—move into and get a good look around at your inner world through asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophical study, chanting. All of these activities that fall under the umbrella term of yoga are designed to connect you, first with yourself. And with that connection comes a lot of benefits you just need to experience to believe. I join the countless people who have to say it’s all worth a sincere try!
Come to join a Yoga week with us! www.ibizayogaretreat.com
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Last spot available 15% off Yoga in Ibiza…

For the upcoming week from August, 22th to 29th at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat.August 2015 317

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our retreat is designed to accommodate your level, so if you have never tried yoga do not feel intimidated, we will assist you throughout the week.
Ibiza Yoga retreat is a great option for both advanced yoga students as well as beginners; all activities are developed with personal attention to each guest’s preferences and goals.

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Chanting and meditation lessons

IMG_3069 (Custom)

Classical Hatha yoga techniques & Theory classes

foto post de hoy

Breathing and purification techniques

8 days/ 7 nights accommodation in a stunning location facing the Mediterranean Sea

Airport transfer service (round trip)

What You will learn during this week:

Yoga sessions:

  • Asanas (steady poses)
  • Pranayama(control of prana through breathing)
  • Mudras (gestures)
  • Bandhas (to lock and redirect the prana flow)
  • Kryas (purification techniques)
  • Dhyana (meditation techniques)
  • Mantras (chants and prayers)
  • Nidra Yoga (state of total relaxation)
  • Sukushma Vyayama (Subtle exercises)

Theory classes:

  • Introduction to Vedanta Philosophy
  • The Three Gunas
  • The four paths of Yoga
  • The 8 limbs of Raja Yoga
  • The Chakras
  • Basic Asanas and their benefits
  • Ayurveda diet and lifestyle

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10 Steps of Yoga Nidra…

lenascreenshot20Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that progressively releases tension in the body and mind. It has been proven effective at addressing anxiety, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

1. Connect to Your Heartfelt Desire. Bring to mind your heart's deepest desire—something that you want more than anything else in life. Perhaps it is a desire for health, well-being, or awakening. Feel this heartfelt desire with your entire body while imagining and experiencing it in this moment as if it were true.

2. Set an Intention. Reflect on your intention for your practice today. It might be to relax and rest, or to inquire into a particular sensation, emotion, or belief. Whatever your intention, welcome and affirm it with your entire body and mind.

3. Find Your Inner Resource. Bring attention to your Inner Resource, a safe haven within your body where you experience feelings of security, well-being, and calm. You may imagine a place, person, or experience that helps you feel secure and at ease and that helps you feel within your body the sense of well-being. Re-experience your Inner Resource at any time during your practice or in daily life when you feel overwhelmed by an emotion, thought, or life circumstance and wish to feel secure and at ease.

4. Scan Your Body. Gradually move your awareness through your body. Sense your jaw, mouth, ears, nose, and eyes. Sense your forehead, scalp, neck, and the inside of your throat. Scan your attention through your left arm and left palm, your right arm and right palm, and then both arms and hands simultaneously. Sense your torso, pelvis, and sacrum. Experience sensation in your left hip, leg, and foot, and then in your right hip, leg, and foot. Sense your entire body as a field of radiant sensation.

5. Become Aware of Your Breath. Sense the body breathing by itself. Observe the natural flow of air in the nostrils, throat, and rib cage as well as the rise and fall of the abdomen with each breath. Feel each breath as flowing energy coursing throughout your entire body.

6. Welcome Your Feelings. Without judging or trying to change anything, welcome the sensations (such as heaviness, tension, or warmth) and emotions (such as sadness, anger, or worry) that are present in your body and mind. Also notice opposite sensations and emotions: If you feel worry, call up feelings of serenity; if you feel tense, experience ease. Sense each feeling and its opposite within your body.

7. Witness Your Thoughts. Notice and welcome the thoughts, memories, and images that are present in your mind. Observe your thoughts without judging them or trying to change them. As you come upon beliefs that you hold about yourself, also bring to mind and experience their opposites, welcoming your experience just as it is.

8. Experience Joy. Welcome sensations of joy, well-being, or bliss emanating from your heart or belly and spreading throughout your body and into the space around you. With every exhalation, experience sensations of warmth, joy, and well-being radiating throughout your body.

9. Observe Your Self. Be aware of your sense of "I-ness," or personality. Notice this sense of identity when you say "I'm hungry," "I'm angry," or "I'm happy." Then, experience yourself as an observing witness or Awareness that is cognizant of these feelings. Set aside thinking and dissolve into Awareness, awake and conscious of the self.

10. Reflect on Your Practice. As you complete your practice, reflect on the journey you've just taken. Affirm how the feeling of pure Being, or pure Awareness, is always present as a deep, unchanging peace that underlies every changing circumstance. Imagine integrating that feeling into your everyday life, in both pleasant and difficult moments, and always reconnecting to that sense of equanimity.

To Finish: At your own pace, transition back to your waking life, reorienting to your surroundings. Come back slowly, and pause for a moment to feel grateful for taking this time for yourself.

img_2157Listen: To be guided into yoga nidra by Lena Tancredi come to join a week retreat in Ibiza with us.

More information www.ibizayogaretreat.com

Source: https://www.yogajournal.com/

Meditation in Nature is Easier…


** Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga – Garden & Pool area **

Nothing supports the opening of the heart and mind like the beauty, tranquillity, and silence of the natural world. For centuries meditators have discovered the human potential to awaken in the temple of nature; that’s why many monasteries and meditation centers are located within the depths of forests and jungles.

Sunset Mountain garden views

When we meditate in nature, we bring a receptive presence to the natural world. It comes alive—and so do we. We no longer look at nature as an inert or pretty object, but as a living and breathing world of mystery and sensitivity, a realm of wisdom and learning that is always whispering its teachings to us. By watching the resilience of pines swaying in a storm, the patience of a silkworm as it threads its way slowly skyward to a high branch, or the busy cheer of songbirds living simply in the present, we learn from nature’s innumerable metaphors about how we too can live well.

How the Outdoors Makes Cultivating Presence Easier
IMG_2752 (Custom)

** Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Deck **

Unlike our mind, our body and senses are always in the present. Being present in nature makes it much easier for us to inhabit our body and the realm of the senses. Unlike our temperature-controlled houses, the natural world entices our senses to wake up. When we step outdoors, our skin receptors enliven as we feel subtleties of temperature and breeze. Our hearing becomes sharper as we listen to nuances of birdsong, silence, and the rustling of leaves in a forest. Most of all, our eyes become captivated by the beauty, texture, and sheer diversity of color, shape, and form.


Amazing Sunset time from our infinity pool

As we learn to inhabit our body outdoors, we have greater access to joy. As John Muir, the avid naturalist, wrote: “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off you like falling leaves.”

We will be very happy to receive you for a week at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat!

Source:  https://www.yogajournal.com/

Yoga & Food…

735161_538908196131007_37041856_nAt Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat we treated the food in a very conscious way. Our catering team Sana Seeds Natural Food is looking for local, preferably organic, food and prepares two delicious delicious and fresh foods daily.
They prepare us for a balanced diet based on the needs of our students so that they can be healthy and nourished for their routine and Yoga classes.

Why vegetarian? – Yoga food is based on WhatsApp-Image-20160511 (2)the idea that foods must be consumed in their most natural forms in order to realize their true benefits. The yogic belief is that several health disorders can be traced to faulty nutrition, poor diet and difficulty in digestion. The big Idea? – In order to stay healthy and happy “food should be digested very easily”! A vegetarian yoga diet ensures that all faculties of digestion work smoothly—absorption, assimilation, and elimination. The diet also contains high amounts of fiber and antioxidants. Yoga food helps to maintain a strong and healthy body, a stress-free mind, and a positive spirituality in our complex lifestyles. The benefits of a well-balanced vegetarian diet can be powerful.

Come to join a retreat with us!  

More About Sana Seeds at:

Therapeutic Music and Sound Healing – Ibiza November 2017

November 16-21, 2017
4-5 day residential workshop in Ibiza, Spain

Facilitated by Joshua Leeds (USA),
author of The Power of Sound, and guest presenters

Therapeutic Music and Sound Healing – Exploring 21st Century Soundwork

This workshop is academic, highly experiential, and fun! Designed for people interested in the role of sound in their personal and professional lives, this is a gathering of the tribe – those that recognize music and sound as sacred and healing.

In this 4-day music gathering, we dive into Soundwork: neuroscience, music and sound therapy, sound healing, song, chant, body rhythm, history, future, spirit, psyche, and emotion – all facilitated with music and sound! 

Musicians , artists , therapeutic professionals and educators – anyone looking to define or refine their use of music and sound.

• Sound as frequency medicine
• Core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001)
• Psycho- & bio-acoustic principles
• Resonance, entrainment and pattern identification
• Frontiers of soundwork
• Research overview
• How to create positive soundspace
• Toning
• Song and chant
• Rhythm
• Vibroacoustics
• Sound and animals
• Soundwork community (Sangha)

This Joshua Leeds course offers a certificate of completion.

Mornings will be spent in academics, afternoons with experiential, and evenings in non-linear programs and networking. 

There will be body percussion and singing/chanting modules each day. 

Other activities include sound baths, ecstatic dance, meditations, nada yoga, videos, and community performance. (All activities use organic and healing instruments from around the world.) 



REGISTRATION for November 16-21, 2017

Early Bird price (registration by 31st August, 2017)  EU 870

Includes room and board for five nights
Includes optional seminar  21 november 2017   EU 1000 

Standard registration  EU 970
Includes room and board for five nights
Including optional seminar and 1 extra night lodging  EU 1100

Non-residential ( limited places /including all meals )   EU 500 

REGISTER EARLY! Seminar limited to 35 participants.

For bookings and reservations: info@lenatancredi.com


•11/16 Thursday: Registration ( any time from 12:00)
dinner at 7 pm. Workshop begins at 8:30 pm 

•11/17 Friday: Workshop 

•11/18 Saturday: Workshop 

•11/19 Sunday: Workshop 

•11/20 Monday: Workshop 

•11/21 Tuesday: Optional seminar – Psychoacoustic Music and  Recording Techniques

For further information;  contact Deva, Devayes@yahoo.it   +34 690 167 637

deva deva3

Check out this Body Percussion  link on YouTube

Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, educator, and music producer with 50+ hours of specialized soundtracks used in homes, clinics, classrooms, and animal care facilities worldwide. Since 1986, he has specialized in the fields of psychoacoustics – the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system, and bioacoustics – how human sound affects other living beings. He is the author of The Power of Sound,
Through a Dog’s Ear 
and Sonic Alchemy.

A note from Joshua Leeds:

“Soundwork is re-emerging in the 21st century. With fascinating new discoveries, there is growing cultural awareness of the power of music and
sound. To create world-class intentional music requires both science and art.

After three decades in Soundwork, I now facilitate Sound Sanghas. A Sangha (Sanskrit) is a community for practice and support. In these gatherings, we study and we make new music. We experientially practice psychoacoustic principles. We have lots of fun, too!

Within the Sound Sangha, we also explore this holistic question: Can we engage vibration and frequency without acknowledging the spiritual through
line of rhythm, voice, and the desire for union and harmony?” – JL

Copyright: © 2017 Joshua Leeds

Benefits of Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)…

asanasEnglish name: – Bow pose.

Sanskrit name: – : धनुरासन (Dhanurasana)

Pronounciation: – DAH-noo-RAH-sah-nah.

Another name: – Urdva chakrasana (Upward wheel pose).

The name “Dhanurasana” comes from the Sanskrit words Dhanura which means “bow” and Asana means “posture” or “seat”.

This body posture of this is named after the shape it takes-that of a bow. Dhanurasana is also sometimes linked with upward wheel pose or Urdhva Chakrasana. The Bow or Dhanurasana raises both halves of the body at once, combining the movements of the Cobra and Locust, and countering the Plough and the Forward Bend, same as like an archer stringing a bow. In this you use your hands and arms to pull your trunk and legs up together to form a curve. It tones back muscles and maintains the elasticity of spine, improving posture and increasing vitality.

 Benefits of Dhanurasana

  • Dhanurasana strengthens the back and the abdomen at the same time.
  • Keeps you active and energetic.
  • It helps improve upon stomach disorders.
  • Bow Pose also helps in reducing fat around belly area.
  • It is beneficial specifically to women as it improves reproductive system and helps improve menstrual disorders. .

dhanurasana benefits

  • Helps regulate the pancreas and is recommended for people with diabetes
  • Expands the thoracic region of the chest
  • Helps alleviate hunchback
  • Increases the appetite
  • Bow Pose combines the benefits of the Cobra and the Locust postures.

Balancing the weight of the body on your abdomen also reduces abdominal fat and keeps the digestive and reproductive systems healthy.


  • If a Person suffering from high blood pressure, backpain, headache, migraine or abdomen surgery should not practice “Dhanurasana”.
  • Ladies should not practice this during pregnancy and in periods.

NOTE:Do Asanas in under the supervision of a yoga expert. For doing Dhanurasana have to expert or used to simple Asanas. Do not go beyond to your capabilities. Main and most important thing try simple and easy to do Asana, once you are perfect in basics then go for advanced Asana.

                               Come to join a Yoga retreat in Ibiza!     http://www.ibizayogaretreat.com 

                                More about our teacher Lena Tancredi http://www.lenatancredi.com

Source: http://www.sarvyoga.com/

Self-Reflection & Yoga…

LenaScreenshot23 (Custom)The code of yoga is codified in ancient Indian Scriptures called the Varaha Upanishads. The code includes correct actions or practices that lead to enlightenment (Patanjali, 1999). Prior to the practice of Asana, are the practices of the Yamas and Niyamas which serve as an ethical code and foundation for the practice of yoga. There are five personal practices or Niyamas, the fourth Niyama concerns self-reflection.

Svadhyaya means self study or an understanding of the God within ourselves. Feuerstein (2001) defines Svadhyaya as study and translates it from the Sanskrit as “own going into” (p. 247). This might mean going into oneself, going into the scriptures, going into your own feeling about the scriptures or meditative ponderings. This might also mean developing your own personal spiritual practice which could include anything from reciting prayers, meditating, reading sacred texts or interpreting sacred texts. Different people respond differently to varied methods of self-reflection and spiritual practice. The Niyama does not necessarily prescribe a specific practice of self-reflection as much as encourage some practice of self-reflection.LenaScreenshot24

For the preliminary practitioner it is often helpful to work with another person who can help point the way towards truth. Nowhere is our denial system stronger than when it concerns ourselves; staring honestly at ourselves is often impossible at first. We tell ourselves stories about who we are and what has happened to us and often these stories become our reality. The mind and the ego are desperate to establish our unique importance and reluctant to understand our impermanence and unimportance.

By trying to listen to myself objectively, I may begin to know myself more honestly. Self-honesty opens the door to higher consciousness.

Even experienced practitioners will often believe their own stories about who they are, where they came from, and where they are going. Without an objective observer to see us clearly, we can become very confused. With some practice we can begin to become our own objective observer and in this way listen to our own thoughts.

Self-honesty is a very challenging practice and one that few people can ever do well. The Upanishads tell us that the truth is hidden beyond the veil of illusion (Maya) and that it is very difficult for us to see beyond this illusion. It is as if truth is camouflaged and we can only see it when we look beyond what our mind tells us we see. Seeing truth is a much more advanced practice than we might suppose and according to Patanjali leads directly to the final Niyama which is God consciousness.IMG_2597 (Custom)                                            http://www.lenatancredi.com     *       http://www.ibizayogaretreat.com
http://www.lexiyoga.com/self-reflection-and-yoga – By Laura Hansen

Yoga and Flexibility…

The practice of yoga can make your body more flexible, giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion.

A supple, flexible body is less prone to injuries because it can withstand physical stress.

DSC_3622It is widely known that the words yoga and stretching go hand in hand. Everyone should stretch regularly as part of a general fitness regime. Yoga stretches not only the muscles, but also the joints. Stretching is something that is not done for 5 minutes before another form of exercise.

Yogic stretching is the exercise, stay clear of the token type of stretching that exist out there and do some real stuff!

Yoga also helps to prevent muscle soreness and promotes faster recovery between whatever training sessions you give it. Yogic stretching is like a constant battery charger. It loosens tight muscles, which tend to trap lactic acid, the waste product that accumulates in the muscle cells during other hard training sessions apart from yoga that you may like to partake in.

LenaScreenshot13Lactic acid build up contributes to muscular fatigue, but yogic stretching helps release lactic acid from the muscle cells into the bloodstream so that it does not hinder muscular contraction.

Increasing flexibility is very important, yoga has positions that act upon the whole body including those joints that are never really on the ‘radar screen’ let alone exercised.

A body which may have been quite rigid at the beginning of learning yoga will start to experience a remarkable flexibility in all parts, even those parts which have not been consciously worked upon. Correct Yogic stretching develops the entire body.

When the entire body is trained together, it develops a sense of harmony and balance. When opposing muscle groups are trained together, flexibility will come faster as the opposing muscle groups work together not against or without each other.IMG-20160409-WA0005

Pictures: Lena Tancredi http://www.lenatancredi.com

Welcome to the new Yoga group …

We are pleased to welcome the new group at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga retreat.

We are having hot days in Ibiza this week.IMG_2606
Just perfect to join our pool area, to read under the pine trees,DSC_9060 (Custom)

to watch the sunset everydayIMG_3087 and to have fantastic vegetarian meals prepared by our catering Sana Seeds Natural FoodWhatsApp Image 2016-09-16 at 09.43.35.

More info:
Ibiza * Balearic Island * Spain

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