Yoga Retreats in Ibiza


Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat is a wonderful place to enjoy the sun and nature in a stunning natural environment of mountains, blue sky and sea, to relax at the pool and deepen your yoga practice together with our teachers and other practitioners.


At Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat you can definitely enjoy traditional holiday activities such as relaxing under sunny skies, swimming, taking afternoon siestas or sitting at the swimming pool and watch the world go by. You can explore the surrounding foothills and the most amazing mediterranean sites. But most importantly there is always plenty of time to relax. Here the time is just a little bit slower but no less meaningful!

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The purpose of our retreat is to assist you in the understanding of your true nature through the practice of yoga and deep immersion in a yogic lifestyle.

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Our guests range from total beginners to the experienced practitioner, from the stiff to the super flexible. Yoga is a personal journey and you will be receiving instruction to suit your current level. Our yoga retreats are a great way to experience yoga for the first time, or for the more experienced it is an opportunity to deepen their practice.
Our guests come from many different backgrounds: lawyers, doctors, teachers, mothers, students, business people, retired, in between jobs etc. What is most important is that they are all just really lovely people!
Many of our guests travel alone and some guests come with friends or partners.

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We are sure you will have a great week with us, but don’t take our word for it, read what our guests say on the testimonial page .

Our teachers have had extensive training and teaching experience. They are certified by their respective organizations. To know more about our leading teacher please check the entry about the teacher.

Sunset Mountain is a Hatha Yoga center. The classes are based on the Sivananda system. There are between 4 or 5 hour daily classes during the week (theory, asana, pranayama and meditation classes). Some of the classes are more physical and stenuous and some are more recuperative and relaxing.

All classes are optional. After all, this is a holiday, not a boot camp! It is fine if you decide to sleep or spend more time on the beach in the afternoon. A big part of yoga is listening to your body’s needs, and a holiday is also about rest and recharging.

Please check the note “ about the classes” to get more information about what you are going to learn and the daily routine.

Our kitchen is 100% vegetarian and we will provide you all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). To know more about it please check the note “ Our Kitchen”.

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It is possible to book extra massage sessions if you want to. At the retreat, we provide a large range of different therapies such as deep tissue, cranial-sacral, osteopathy, relaxing, Swedish, thai massage, heiki, sound massage, acupuncture, aura readings etc…

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We can also organize excursions to the hippy markets or to other sites of the island you wish to visit.

One of our big priorities is to make you feel at home here from the first moment!

Ibiza has a unique climate. 300 days a year of sunshine, and an average day temperature of 23°.




Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
27/04 to 04/05   1100 €   1050 €      990 €

Date     Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
 06/05 to 13/05   1150 €   1100 €    1040 €
 15/05 to 22/05   1150 €   1100 €   1040 €
 24/05 to 31/05    1150 €    1100 €    1040 €

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
02/06 to 09/06    1200 €    1150 €    1090 €
11/06 to 18/06
  1200 €   1150 €     1090 €
20/06 to 27/06   1200 €    1150 €     1090 €

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
29/06 to 06/07   1250 €    1200 €   1140 €
08/07 to 15/07
  1250 €   1200 €   1140 €
17/07 to 24/07   1250   1200 €    1140 € 
26/07 to 02/08   1250   1200 €    1140 € 

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
 04/08 to 11/08   1300 €   1250 €      1190 €
13/08 to 20/08   1300 €   1250 €     1190 €
22/08 to 29/08   1300 €   1250 €       1190 € 

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
31/08 to 07/09   1250 €   1200 €    1140 €
09/09 to 16/09   1250   1200 €    1140 €

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
18/09 to 25/09   1200 €   1150 €      1090 €

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
27/09 to 04/10   1150 €    1100 €      1040 €
06/10 to 13/10   1100 €   1050 €      990 €

Date      Double room   Triple room    Wooden bungalow
15/10 to 22/10   1100 €   1050 €      990 €
24/10 to 31/10   1100 €   1050 €      990 €

Prices are per person and per 1 week retreat, include accommodation, all meals, drinking water, herbal tea and fruits are available the whole day, 4 or 5 hours of Yoga daily, 4 hours theory classes a week, transfer from the airport to the retreat and back.

Single occupation is only possible in the double rooms or wooden bungalows, with a 50% supplement fee.

All rooms or bungalows have its own bathroom.

(All classes are optional, you choose to participate or not)

Yoga sessions:
Asanas (steady poses)
Pranayama (control of prana through breathing)
Mudras (gestures)
Bandhas (to lock and redirect the prana flow)
Kryas (purification techniques)
Dhyana (meditation techniques)
Mantras (chants and prayers)

Theory classes:
Introduction to Vedanta Philosophy,
The Three Gunas
The four paths of Yoga
The 8 limbs of Raja Yoga
The Chakras
Basic Asanas and their benefits
Ayurveda diet and lifestyle

Our retreat prices include:

7 nights of accommodation.
Between 3 and 4 hours yoga sessions per day.
4 hours theoretic lessons per week.
Transfers from the airport to the retreat and back to the airport.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mineral water, tea, coffee, fruits, yoghurt, cheese, bread, cookies unrestrainedly available during the whole day.
Surprise gift!

How to book?

We are looking forward to receiving you at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat.